Either he’s extremely pale, or that’s a banana?


Fellatio – From the latin ‘fellare’, to suck. Say it slowly, and out aloud with the emphasis on the ‘ell’. Felllllatio. Now that is a word that sounds almost as good as it feels; it’s almost onomatopoeic. Ask most guys and they will say that pretty much nothing could ever match the way good fellatio feels. That may be, but is it a two-way street? Do guys relish the prospect of giving oral as much as we are eager to receive?

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Tupac Sex TapeFree porn tube giant, YouPorn, has allegedly offered $150,000 as a bid for the newest hot celebrity sex tape. An anonymous adult company has also offered to pay much more for the Tupac sex tape, but only under the condition that they be able to view the celebrity sex tape first. The video is said to feature deceased West Coast rap legend, Tupac Shakur, receiving oral sex from an unidentified woman while drinking a cocktail and smoking a joint. The Tupac sex tape is also reported to feature Digital Underground member, Money B, wrapping his arm over Shakur’s shoulder in celebration of his ongoing blowjob.

Viewers of the Tupac Shakur sex tape have also expressed there may be another video connected. Many of them commenting on Tupac’s motion to continue the night’s affairs at the end of the current sex tape in question. Of course, this information has leaked very curiously. Considering a large anonymous adult company wishes to purchase the Tupac sex tape, but has not viewed it, it is difficult to understand how others have laid eyes on the footage so easily.

We’ll keep an ear to the ground and continue to update you on this story.

Dr Martyn Mendelsohn, an ear, nose and throat specialist said he would perform a surgery on a patient that entered his office after hours. Her nose was pretty damaged after having a fight with her boyfriend and the Doctor obviously felt bad for her and said he would personally take care of her. Mendelsohn claims the women was so grateful for his kindness that she then gave him head and let him cum in her mouth.

After the surgery he felt pretty terrible about what happened and told her he couldn’t be held responsible for taking care of her post surgery. I guess that pissed her off because she then had her boyfriend (who previously broke her nose which required her to get surgery in the first place) take her to the police to file a sexual assault charge against the doctor.

I’m not really sure who to believe her, but I have a feeling the lady of the night is at fault.

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The birds and the bees talk with your children just got dirtier. Chances are your kids are most likely going to already know everything you’re telling them about sex, why? because they are already doing it. According to a study conducted by the Noncoital Sexual Activities Among Adolescents analyzed the correlation between oral and vaginal sex. If your kid is doing one, he or she is almost certainly doing the other. 50 percent of the teens questioned have had vaginal sex, and of the other 50 percent that are still technical virgins, 23% of them have had oral sex. Keep in mind these teens were between the ages of 15-19 at the time of the survey.

If you’re too embarrassed to have the birds and bees talk with your kids, don’t worry- they already know it all. Nothing like some hands on learning.

Source: Slate