I just read an article claiming that women prefer straight up, no nonsense intercourse rather than foreplay + intercourse.

I’m a woman, and sure, I enjoy a quicky here and there. Like morning sex right before work or before you go out is great, but nothing beats some good ol’ fashion touching and kissing. I agree with the ‘study’ only under the circumstances that you are super fucking horny, thinking about sex all day and all you want to do is rip off your partners clothes the minute you walk in the door. Your vagina just can’t fathom waiting another few minutes and wants something in it larger than a few fingers. Working in porn, I can definitely relate to that.

However, I would definitely not say that’s how I prefer my sex to be.

So I’m giving this ‘study’ a big, long drawn out thumbs down.

So watch some porn that takes a while to get to the penetration:

O’s For Obama Site Launches
Orgasmic Energy Directed Towards Political Transcendence

(San Francisco, CA) – When it comes to showing his support for Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama, San Francisco-based Certified Somatic Sexologist Destin Gerek has taken a unique approach – he’s harnessing the power of the orgasm. Gerek, a growing internet icon who embraces technology, spirituality, and sex, believes the time is right for this kind of change and that Senator Obama is the perfect man for the job.

Destin has created the O’s for Obama campaign, a web driven movement based on his sexual philosophy. The O’s for Obama campaign is a two-part series of events located in San Francisco, California, and streamed globally to the online community. Gerek plans to guide participants into a group energetic “breath-gasm” that will happen simultaneously around the world, using breath, sound, and movement to access their erotic energy, raise its vibration, and circulate it throughout their entire bodies. The first event is scheduled to take place at the world-renowned nightclub, 1015 Folsom.

“It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind Obama rally as only San Francisco could produce,” the erotic rockstar promises. “We are throwing in everything from top-notch DJs to all-night dancing, from sensual & political performances to an O’s for Obama guided breath-gasm. If you care about the future of this country and this planet you won’t want to miss this!”

“This is about more than Obama becoming the next president of the United States,” Gerek explains. “On his website Barack Obama assures us that he is asking us to believe not just in his ability to bring about real change in Washington but ours. I agree with him. This is our time to create change.
This is our time to create the world that we want to be living in. Barack Obama is a piece of the puzzle. WE are the rest of the puzzle. Change is coming, so let’s come together.”

Alright, you heard the man. Go orgasm to the thought of Barack Obama [I already have! I couldn’t help myself, he’s so sexy]

If you need a little help getting the juices flowin’ here ya go [thank me later]:

Men living on the island of Mangaia, somewhere in the South Pacific between Samoa and French Polynesia are living the dream. When the guys are between the ages of 13-14 they are taught the ‘erotic arts’ by older women. There teachings include cunnilingus, breast sucking and how to bring their partner to orgasm. They also learn they should make their partner orgasm 3-4 times before they are allowed to orgasm.

“Perfect sex on the island consists of . . . five minutes of foreplay, followed by 15 to 20 minutes of energetic thrusting, with active female participation. . . . The female’s final orgasm should coincide with the man’s. The typical 18-year-old Mangaian couple make love three times a night, every night, until their 30s, when the weekly average drops to a mere 14.”

If only Americans would stop being so uptight and relax a little about sex.

I’m moving to Mangaia immediately. Sorry HotMovies!

Source: Radical Left

Girls have a lot of complicated shit going on down in the vaginal area. Honestly I don’t have the time or energy to deal with a girls emotion fueled, boring ass, roller coaster ride to an orgasm. This handy device gets a chick to the edge of orgasm and keeps her there. All I have to do is reach down, give her a little touch, and bam!! My turn.

read the article here: BBC.co.uk

The Voice Activated Rabbit is fresh on the market and I think it’s awesome. It’s perfect for when a chick is having sex and she can yell out her boyfriends name and she gets buzzed because you can program your own commands into the vibrator.

I guess that would suck until you forget his name and then you don’t get the BZZZ, or you could program both your current and ex’s name into it- that way it’s win, win.

Source: The Sun

I don’t even know how I’m going to manage actually dedicating an entire entry to this topic because it grosses me out, but people actually believe that:

“the pathways that are involved in sexual pleasure are in fact stimulated by birthing a baby, and when you can allow yourself to open in the same way that you open to orgasm, the exact same experience is possible.”

I don’t think they could possibly be talking about physically opening up your body- because that’s going to happen whether you like or not and it’s probably going to open way more than you could ever imagine.

This gives a whole new meaning to the term Squirting so I guess we’re in luck that it’s Squirting Week here at HotMovies.

Source: Orgasmic Birth

I would think the first question/startling realization to a women finding out about this procedure would be ‘You’re going to be What, What?’. Who know that injecting silicone into the tissue that is the G Spot could basically guarantee a women an orgasm every time she has sex.

“GSA is a patent pending method of amplifying or augmenting the G-Spot with a human engineered collagen, which is FDA approved. To make this collagen, it is carefully treated and preserved, and is then supplied to physicians in a form that can be injected. The collagen is a natural, biological substance.”

Instead of buying your chick jewelry for her next birthday, just buy her a G-Shot so she’ll shut up for about 4 months.

Source: G Shot