So this is totally old news to me, because I heard this from the source, Lisa Ann, during our interview this weekend. I figured I would pass along this exciting news to all of you though.

Hustler has cast Lisa Ann to play Sarah Palin in the upcoming hit: Nalin’ Paylin’.

Nailin’ Paylin, currently in pre-production, is being directed by Jerry T. Sexy MILF Lisa Ann will be playing the role of Sara Paylin. Nailin’ Paylin will feature five hard-core scenes, including a threeway with other parodied political figures, namely Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice. Bill O’Reilly will also be spoofed as the announcer who dishes the sex scandals that will take place during the film.

When Lisa Ann announced the news in our interview I wasn’t shocked at all, She’s perfect for the role and I’m super psyched for this.

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