You can feel it in the air. Fall is here. The leaves have turned, the air is noticeably cooler and that means that Halloween is just around the corner. Beyond that, the long cold winter awaits. Have no fear, Tera Patrick is ready to add some heat to the increasingly nippy season.

Tera is set to return to Las Vegas Nevada where she will host the gala Taolloween party at Tao inside the Venetian Hotel. This marks the third time Tera has posted the hottest Halloween party in the city of sin and she is looking forward to making it bigger and better than ever.

“Tao is the perfect place to have a major party like this,” Tera says. “Taolloween is the place to be and the place to be seen every Halloween. It is where the hottest people come to dance, drink and have a blast. Huge celebrities from Taye Diggs to Paris Hilton have come to celebrate with models, strippers, porn stars and the hottest people from all walks of life.”

Tera is the Mistress of Ceremonies for Taolloween and will perform a special DJ set at the number one grossing nightclub in the world, Tao Las Vegas. DJ Reach and DJ Hideo will also be on hand to entertain the party-goers.

Join Tera Patrick and a host of the hottest people in Las Vegas for Taolloween 2008.

DATE: October 31, 2008

LOCATION: TAO Nightclub at The Venetian Las Vegas

TIME: Doors open at 10pm

German Police are issuing their lady officers Bullet Proof Bras. The women were complaining that the conventional Bullet Proof Vest was pushing on the under wire of their bras and causing pain and discomfort.

There prayers were answered and they have now been issued three bras each. The bras are super official with ‘POLICE’ written on the front of them in an effort to deter any “kinky” use.

I would think the ‘POLICE’ would be more of an encouraging factor for people to use them during their sexual encounters:
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A week ago I read that Paris Hilton said she wanted to have a baby.. NEXT year. I guess it’s normal to pencil child birth into your busy schedule. As if that’s not bad enough, Jenna Jameson has jumped on the band wagon and is claiming:

“”I think I’m gonna stay unmarried, and just go for the babies!.. We’re trying for a baby, so hopefully in the next couple of months!”

GREAT! That’s all we need is a little alien porn spawn roaming around. Too bad she doesn’t do porn anymore or we could catch it on video…

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Apparently many people are connected to Paris Hilton is some form, and I’m not talking about just having the same STD.

John Holmes is connected to Paris, and so is Prince Charles.

Check out the other stars that have access to Paris Hilton’s Vagina.