If you were not previously aware, the HotMovies captial of the world is located within the heart of Philadelphia. The city of Brotherly Love is known for a great many things throughout United States history, but none more currently prolific than it’s sports culture. Philadelphia has the reputation for being home to the toughest sports fans in American Football, mostly noted by the epic tale of Eagles fans throwing snow balls at Santa Clause during a game in 1968.

Much like the “Joe Must Go” era of Eagles football, when fans called for head coach Joe Kuharich to be removed, Philadelphia is calling for the dismissal of Andy Reid. 1968 Eagles QB Norm Snead was also having a horrifyingly similar season to what Michael Vick is producing this year. With all of these close comparisons to that fateful season, and 2011 inching closer to the Holiday season, HotMovies feels it should do anything it can to prevent another Santa sniping.

Luckily, we found that another Philadelphia adult industry entity has been having the same fear. The Alt Porn Network and HotMovies have teamed up to help alleviate some Philadelphia sporting angst. Photographed below is none other than the gorgeous Arden Adamz showing off the positive side of her Philly pride. When the Eagles give you lemons, say “fuck lemons” and remember the Phillies! We certainly will be after seeing this hot set of Philadelphia Phillies fan photos.

Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn
Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn
Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn
Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn Arden Adamz Philadelphia Phillies Porn

PHILADELPHIA—The last XXX movie theater in Philadelphia was on its way to becoming a part of history until, at the last minute, the city’s zoning board approved a variance to expand the space significantly. Despite continuing opposition from a neighborhood group, it now looks as if the venerable Forum Theater on Market Street will be around for years to come.

According to an article by the Philadelphia Inquirer architecture critic, Inga Saffron, the battle over the Forum is all but over, since it is very rare for the courts to reverse a zoning board decision. In March, a Common Pleas Court judge upheld a decision made in 2009 by the zooming board to allow the theater’s owner to raise the roof by three feet.

“That sounds trivial,” she wrote, “but, as theater attorney Ronald D. Patterson told me, the extra height would enable his client to insert a mezzanine and increase the operation’s total floor space by about 80 percent.”

The extra space will allow the theater to construct a new second-floor stage as well as install private viewing booths. In exchange for the variance, the theater’s longtime owner, Anthony Trombetta, said he would do away with the Les Gals, another strip club he owns on Market Street. According to Saffron, that allowance by Trombetta gave the zoning board the justification it needed as cover for its decision.

“The board’s logic, according to court documents, was that a one big porn palace was better for Market Street than two small ones,” she wrote. “In allowing Trombetta to enlarge the Forum, city planners and the zoning board went hook, line, and sinker for his argument that a consolidated porn operation would benefit Market Street.”

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Philly Porn Twins Caught in Robbery

PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) Twin porn stars can now add twin plea bargains to their credits.

Skin flick star Keyontyli Goffney, 27, has pleaded guilty to acting as a lookout while his twin brother and sometime co-star cut holes through the roofs of Philadelphia businesses to break inside. Goffney, of Arlington, N.J., pleaded guilty to burglary and criminal conspiracy.

He was sentenced to time served.

Goffney, who appeared with his twin brother Taleon in such gay porn flicks as “Marc and the Twins,” was arrested last year after police said they saw the twins breaking into a beauty shop.

Taleon Goffney pleaded guilty for his role in the same crimes in July, but he was sentenced to at least three years in prison because of previous arrests. Police say he once swam across a lake while handcuffed to evade officers.

But wait, there’s more.

The brothers have appeared in Internet porn videos under the names Teyon and Keyon, said Erik Schut, of Philadelphia-based video retailer TLA Entertainment Group. Schut has said they could have had good careers if they hadn’t gotten into trouble.

“They are incredibly good-looking, and being identical twins, it’s a novelty,” Schut said then.

In “Marc and the Twins,” the brothers offer to audition for chiseled porn star Marc Williams in a hotel room and are seen rubbing each other’s chests.

Keyontyli Goffney has appeared in porn since at least 2002 and worked as a fashion model, while Taleon Goffney got involved in porn more recently.

Taleon, who police believe is a trained gymnast and karate expert, has used his athleticism to make several daring escapes.

He was handcuffed in the back of a moving police cruiser after a 2006 drug arrest in Clementon, N.J., when he broke out the glass with his head and jumped into a lake while still handcuffed, police Chief Dave Kunkel said.

“He swam across like Flipper, taunting the officers, saying, ‘You’ll never catch me,”’ Kunkel told the Philadelphia Daily News for a story in February.

Taleon Goffney turned himself in a week later.

In January 2007, he jumped 30 feet from the roof of a Camden, N.J., liquor store and swam across the frigid Cooper River before he was caught, police said.

A defense lawyer, Jeffrey Zucker, said Goffney “should have signed up for the Olympics” and referred to him as Spider-Man.

Spider-Man with an identical porn star twin. That would be what… sixteen legs?

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Goldstar modeling has opened a new office in Miami, Florida and has also teamed up with agencies Blue Max Models and Alternative Modeling. With the combined effort they have locations in New York, Miami and LA.

Here at HotMovies we want to know what’s wrong with Philly girls? We aren’t feelin’ any love here and we know our ladies are hot.

See for yourself via Free Galleries below:
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A Newspaper here in Philly recently ran an article about a store called Home Grown. The newspaper told readers that the shop was the best place in Philly to go to dress up your dinning room table.

The readers were in for a huge surprised when clicking on the link delivered them to the Home Grown Video Video website- instead of the Philadelphia based retailer at

I bet all those Betty homemakers had the surprise of their life.

Source: AVN

HotMovies is located in Philly, so we obviously have a special place in our hearts for Rocky (no matter how bad or good for that matter you may think the movies are).

2008 marked the 5-year anniversary of ErosArts photographing the Libertine ball in Philadelphia. This year’s theme was “Pervy Pirates, Kink on the High Seas” and we haven’t seen so many pirates since Fantasy Fest in Key West. Incidentally, this year’s theme for Fantasy Fest is also pirate-based. We were excited to see that nearly every party-goer dressed on theme. In addition to swashbuckling pirates and tasty pirate wenches, we even saw a few butt pirates.

Despite a camera malfunction, we managed to shoot a small gallery of the performers and the crowd. We would like to thank Kali Morgan of Passional for allowing us to photograph these great Philadelphia charity events for the past five years. Additionally, we want to wish our friend Mimi Divine our very best wishes on her upcoming move!

Make sure you check out the whole gallery: ErosArtist

-Michael Diamond

Maxim compiled a list of 8 Reasons Why Philadelphia is Hot. The 8 they give are ok and include people like the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders and some chick from the show Ugly Betty- but I knew I had a few people that are better suited for that list.

Here are a few that Maxim looked over:

Gina Lynn– She’s super fucking hot, she does awesome porn, and she’s a god damn business women which means she has brains.

HotMovies– clearly we should have made the list. We keep the temperatures soaring in Philly. Especially when we host huge parties like our 100 Grand Gala that is coming up on August 2!
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It seems as though Philadelphia is the 3rd Most Obscene City in the Country- and we’re damn proud! Louiseville, Kentucky took the number 1 spot, and Rochester at number 2. Philebrity gave us a shout out in their recent write up of the statistic and pointed out that HotMovies is mostly likely a large contributor to our city making the top 3. And they’re RIGHT!

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