Kendra Sex Tape Released Yesterday.

One of only two things could possibly be happening here with Miss Wilkinson.

One, she really is being honest about not wanting this sex tape released. Although, Kendra has already reportedly recieved a $680,000 paycheck and 50 percent of all profits made from Vivid. So, I really don’t think she cares to be honest. There are going to be some really awesome Christmas gifts for her kids this year.

Kendra Sex Tape - Leaked picturesKendra Sex Tape - Leaked PicturesKendra Sex Tape - Leaked Pictures

“Kendra’s lawyers are evaluating the situation and also fighting for others involved in the suspected sale, reproduction or distribution of the video.” – Kendra’s Representative

Two, these images were snagged from Vivid’s website yesterday after the tape was released. Mass media promotions have been utilizing controversy since the dawn of communication. Most likely, Vivid Entertainment and Kendra Wilkinson are pulling our legs while you are pulling on something else. In true Madonna and Lady Gaga fashion, they are using the media to create a buzz around the “Kendra Sex Tape” to boost awareness and eventual sales.

Now let’s look at what we know is real.

That IS Kendra Wilkinson and she IS at least naked straddling a naked man. The quality of this tape seems to be somewhere between watching Paris Hilton’s lackluster performance through night vision goggles, and the porno home movie of Pam and Tommy Lee getting it on vacation style. Apparently, the tape is fairly old and Kendra’s husband was made aware of it’s existence before their marriage.

“This happened when she was young. He already knew about this. She told him about this before they got married. She was young and was in love with her boyfriend and thought she was going to marry him and it just didn’t turn out that way.” – Unnamed source, RadarOnline

It will be interesting to see what Kendra can do on top. Being a Playboy model and co-star of “Girls Next Door” lays down a heavy shadow to fill when it comes to sexual performance. If Kendra can even come close to fulfilling the fantasy her fans have created in their dreams, this tape will be wildly successful.

I’m not really big on writing porn reviews, even though I’ve been thinking about doing weekly reviews here. anyway, I came across these pictures from Kimberly Kane‘s movie Live In My Secrets and I think I might actually watch it now. It’ll help me kill an hour or so at work and there’s nothing better than getting really grossed out thinking Kimberly Kane is licking a shit ton of blood out of Sasha Grey‘s cooch (it’s actually strawberry syrup).

Live In My Secrets:

There have been a shit load of rumors about a Britney Spears sex tape and I just want it to surface already- I heard that the paparazzi dude that she was banging asked her to take off her pink wig during the tape and she goes “what wig, I’m not wearing a wig”- priceless.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Slutney masturbating with bath water:

If you like Britney Spears, peep this:

Leah Luv may not be the REAL Britney Spears but who can really tell the difference with all the different wigs the real Britney wears?

More pictures of Exxxotica NY provided by Backseat Conceptions. We love those Burning Angel Girls and you should too:

I just blogged about the Laure Manaudou nude picture scandal a few days ago, but now I’ve actually found the scandal online- and I see what all the fuss is about.

Source: NSFW Celeb

Vanessa Hudgens did some Disney shows/movies and was in the movie Thirteen. She’s trying to do this whole ‘I’m sweet and innocent’ thing and it’s just not working for her, especially after these were leaked a while ago:



I prefer then, which is why you should probably click here to see more of Vanessa Hudgens nude photos.

Apparently Misa Campo is a 19 year old model that has graced the pages of Maxim Magazine as well as Fashion Magazines. She’s doing pretty good for barely being legal- which almost makes you feel kind of dirty for loving these pictures so much.

Click the picture for more.

Source: Ask Men

This week, we unveiled two new additions to!

We now have Image Oriented Browsing at HotMovies. Users can now search for their favorite stars by image. Users can also search for movies by viewing larger pictures of the front and back box covers.

Now when you see a hot chick that you want to see get fucked, you can just search for her picture instead of having to get confused by names.

Also, we’re doing the same thing with box covers. See a box cover and can’t remember the name- just browse our box cover images to find the one you want.

We did this because words are overrated and no one masturbates to grammar. We can’t make porn any easier for you folks.

She’s at it again folks, and they seem to get better and better each time.

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Maybe I’m not too familiar with the couples swingers world, but apparently your picture on the internet is of very high importance and it’s practically an art.

“1. Do not post only photos of one half of the couple. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen couples profiles which only have photos of the women. Unless you are a couple only interested in girl/girl play, it’s a good idea to show off the male as well. Sure, the woman is usually the more photogenic half of the couple, but if the male is mysteriously missing from all the profile photos, many people will assume that he must look like Quasimodo.”

But what if your partner really does look like Quasimodo? What do you do then?

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