NBC’s new series “The Playboy Club” hasn’t even aired its first episode, and some people already want it off the air.

First, NBC’s Salt Lake City, UT affiliate, KSL-TV, refused to air the show, saying that their station is “completely inconsistent with the Playboy brand.”

Now an anti-porn foundation is determined to shut down the show completely

“What’s shown in ‘The Playboy Club’ is not real—Playboy definitely damages people. It’s pornography, it’s sex trafficking and it exploits women,” the founder of Pink Cross, ex porn actress Shelley Lubben, tells FOX411.com. “The series looks like it’s all cute, taking place back in the old days—it seems harmless, but then they show a quick clip of three people going at it in the bathroom. NBC is breaking the law with this show—they’re not meeting FCC standards.”

The nonprofit group Morality in Media agrees.

“We’re launching a big effort with our web site, closetheclubonnbc.com,” Dawn Hawkins, executive director, Morality In Media, tells FOX411.com. “We’re asking supporters to sign the pledge to and to contact their local NBC affiliates and ask them not to air the show. And as soon as we discover who is sponsoring the show, we’ll ask our supporters to contact them as well.”

Hawkins charges that “The Playboy Club” glamorizes pornography. “We know now, years later, that pornography is very harmful to society. It leads to addiction in children and adults, increased sex trafficking violence against women—and ‘Playboy’ is really the root of all of this. We just don’t want to see it glamorized any further, which it will be if it’s aired on NBC.”…….

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Playboy will be releasing all of its issues, from 1953 to 2009, on an external hard drive for the Holidays. The hard drive, much like Felshdrive’s USB Flash drive full of porn, contains 250 gigabytes of Playboy for $300. Which isn’t such a bad deal for dedicated Playboy collectors.

Since the announcement, many bloggers and writers who follow the adult industry have spoken up in dismay. Noting that much of Playboy‘s allure was the tradition and class involved with Hugh Hefner‘s publication. To this, I would ask just how many cheese orders we’re gonna need for this whine party. I, just as much as any other adult male, will mourn the glory days of dirty magazines. This doesn’t mean that Playboy‘s decision to take another step in the digital direction is a negative one.

In the history of any long-standing successful enterprise, you will find innovation. Time simply does not allow for media monoliths to exist without adaptation. Culture changes and new generations demand massive modification to the consumer market. These are just as much time honored traditions as passing a Playboy with select pages mysteriously glued together down to our pre-pubescent little brothers.

I, for one, applaud Hef’s willingness to provide alternative options for Playboy collectors. It may be easy to collect baseball cards and keep them in mint condition due to their two sided format, but what does a Playboy collector do if they want to read an old issue? Now, Playboy issues can be kept sealed away to retain value, and the countless articles written by Playboy journalists such as Updike, Cheever, Nabokov, Joyce Carol Oates and Anne Sexton can be enjoyed right on the computer monitor.

If there is a special someone in your family that loves Playboy, this is one holiday gift they can enjoy forever.

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PLAYBOY Magazine Now with HD iPhone App

News of this interesting adult tech twist has me wanting to shake Steve Jobs’ hand and say, “If you build it, porn will come.” The world renowned adult magazine, PLAYBOY, has decided to join the mobile game with a brand new app for the Apple iPhone.

The new app is actually a high definition mobile edition of PLAYBOY Magazine, but without any tits or ass. In order to be approved by Apple’s puritan regime, Heff’s dream needed to keep the nudity out. So, if a friend of yours has this app…he can truly say that he reads PLAYBOY for the articles. This comes as a confusing decision by Apple after wiping their application store clean of any and all sexual content earlier this year. A purging that included apps featuring not only nude women, but women wearing bikinis and lingerie as well. Since Steve Jobs’ moral iPhone and iPad crusade, many public out-cries have been made concerning the blatant censorship. None have been more influential than that of the disapproval of a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist’s application.

Mark Fiore is the cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle, and an application featuring his work was created for the iPhone and iPad. Apple initially disapproved the app for Mark’s satirizing of people within his comics. After a large media out-cry, Apple was forced to approve the app and avoid further negative press. It’s interesting how a satirical comic strip requires a social movement in order to receive approval, but a magazine based solely on the male libido can waltz in by cutting women off from the shoulder down. Steve Jobs, your morals are about as solid as the silicone you strive to never support.

The idol of millions of male libidos, Hugh Hefner, made a rare media appearance on ABC’s “Nightline.”

Hefner‘s message, “I think that retirement is the first step toward the grave.”

Hugh, now 87, broke the news of his decision to refuse retirement from his 57 year old adult magazine, PLAYBOY, to ABC news correspondent Jon Donovan Thursday night. In the rare main stream news appearance, Hefner expressed concern for PLAYBOY‘s future in the current world economy. “The company in this particular economic climate isn’t being properly dealt with. Our greatest successes as a company came when we were privately held. Maybe I need to recapture my youth.”, said Hefner. Although it may seem like Hugh has taken a back seat and let PLAYBOY try fending for itself, it is still widely known that Hefner chooses the covers, pictorials, the Playmates, and even continues editing the letters as we speak.

“I have strong views about magazine publishing, I think a magazine is like an old friend and what you try to create with a magazine is like an old friend visiting with something new.” – Hugh Hefner

Marge Simpson Poses in Playboy

One of the most prolific media icons ever conceived has decided to pose for a spread in Playboy Magazine. This blue haired beauty has graced our television screens since 1989. She’s a loving wife, responsible mother, and a long respected Springfield community member. Marge Simpson will finally show off the color of her “hair down there.”

The three page pictorial will be featured in the November issue of Playboy, along with an interview and data sheet. Don’t worry Playboy fans, Marge will not be booting the regular “real life” model featured every month. Marge’s skin and lingerie display is in tribute to “The Simpsons” having it’s 20th anniversary. The show has been renewed for two new seasons, which potentially will make it the longest running prime-time TV series after “Gunsmoke.” This Playboy issue will also include a tribute to Farrah Fawcett, an interview with Benicio Del Toro and a feature about “30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan.

TMZ has obtained a copy of the issue’s cover. Click here to check it out.


It seems that the adult industry is feeling a bit “recessed” along with the rest of the country. Playboy Enterprises Inc. has been open for sale since February. But now Hef and the gang at Playboy have a price tag over their heads, to the tune of $300 million dollars! The legendary Playboy magazine and its adjoining companies will run you a pretty penny and we doubt if those busty blondes from The Girls Next Door come with the deal… or maybe they do.

“School of Sex” gives me an opportunity to share my sex secrets with viewers, from swinger etiquette to intimate details on how to please your partner- and I don’t expect any complaints about doing homework,” said Tera Patrick. “Playboy TV played a huge role in helping me cross over to a mainstream audience, and I look forward to continued success with them.”

Well that certainly sounds interesting, doesn’t it? I really fucking hated school which is probably why I’m putting off going back as long as possible, but with a teacher like Tera Patrick and the subject being fucking- I’d have straight fuckin’ A’s.

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Picture: Guanabee

Apparently it’s not a very good idea to pose with a crucifix in Playboy; Carol Castro is certainly feeling the heat because of it.

At Hotmovies, and really the entire porn industry we don’t think it’s a bad idea at all. In fact, porn and religion go pretty well together:

It’s a good thing Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilson is kinda ghetto and loves Olive Garden.. if it weren’t for her, we’d never be able to see our favorite server’s naked:

See the full collection of Playboy Girls of Olive Garden

I’m sure real Italian women aren’t going to Olive Garden to nosh on pasta and bread sticks, but real Italian women do love sex:

Picture Courtesy of CO-ED Mag
I’ve read some heartbreaking news- Hugh Hefner is no longer going to be hosting huge Playboy Mansion parties anymore. Clearly he didn’t realize that I’m new to the biz and sometimes it takes a little while to work up to Playboy Mansion style internet fame. I’m working on it- if only he would have given me a little more time.

I feel like all of my dreams have been crushed. I’ve always wanted to get sloppy drunk and do dirty things with someone in the std infested Playboy Grotto (even though they make it seem much more glam in those Playboy soft-core movies).

Apparently the reasoning behind Hugh crushing my ultimate party fantasy was to save money. I’m not really sure how that’s going to be saving him money because sometimes the parties are for charity. Example: the Carnival themed party at the Mansion this past June was to raise money for the It’s All About the Kids Foundation and charged 10,000 for a table of 8 people. And Ron Jeremy was there, so you know it was a real party. I met him at the HotMovies 100 Grand Gala and let me tell you something- he’s still got it. Girls were swarming around him to get their tits signed. And no, I was not one of them. I was too busy feeling up Flower Tucci.

Either way, Hugh must have a trick up his sleeve because I don’t see anyone being happy about this no more parties business.

I need a drink now.

-PBR Princess

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