Apparently Camden, New Jersey is good for more than just giving Detroit, Michigan a run for it’s money every year as “Most Dangerous Place to Live.”

A study of Google Trends performed by Charlotte Markey, Rutgers University psychologist, and her husband Patrick Markey of Villanova University, tabulated porn keyword usage during the weeks before and after presidential elections in each state during 2004, 2006 and 2008. What they found was a heightened search for online porn in states voting for the winning presidential candidate after the election. Who knew voting for your perception of the lesser evil could effect your libido?

“Research has shown testosterone levels fluctuate with whether or not one wins in a competition,” Charlotte Markey said. “Even if a man is sitting in a bar and his team wins, his testosterone levels will rise.”


RNC Events Create National Republican Unrest

Club Voyeur

Reports are saying it was a lack of attention to detail that caused a recent RNC mailer to point donors to a phone sex hotline. The mailer printed the RNC’s phone number – 202-863-8500 – as – 800-863-8500 – instead.

Listen to Message Here!

Dial that phone number and you will be greeted by a sexy voice that wants your credit card number, and will solicit it as dirty as possible. MSNBC News reveals “People who tried to call the committee were instead offered “live, one-on-one talk with a nasty girl” for $2.99 a minute.”

This “mistake” comes curiously after another RNC donor event that took place at Club Voyeur in West Hollywood. Club Voyeur is, “A destination for provocative revelry that combines eroticism and nightlife exclusivity. An alluring ambiance designed with elegance and comfort while maintaining underground vitality.” according to it’s classy website.

The club is an A-list entertainment venue that is not inexpensive and the $1,946.25 expenditure at Voyeur West Hollywood is listed in the Republicans’ disclosure form as “meals.”

Apparently the RNC believes that the “Young Eagles” program should be focused on open sexuality in a new age of political party cross-over. Whatever the driving motivations may be, republican donors who followed the false phone number started a much more spirited day after reading their RNC mailing.

Jazella Moore and Husband

A Florida town manager fired for marrying a porn star has temporarily relocated to sleepy Groveland, where he has spent the past three months mailing dozens of applications in hot pursuit of a new gig.

“We wanted to protect the kids and keep them away from the media attention,” Scott Janke, 55, told the Herald yesterday. “This is where my wife is from, so we settled in Groveland.”

Janke, whose wife has 16-year-old triplets, had been town manager in Fort Myers Beach, Fla., until he made national headlines when the town council moved to oust him after he married an adult film star late last year.

Janke, who was given about $50,000 severance, said his family has enjoyed living in Groveland, a quiet enclave about 25 miles north of Boston, where the town’s 380-year-old Congregational church boasts a bell cast by Paul Revere.

Anabela Mota, a native of Portugal who goes by the porn name Jazella Moore, runs a Web site and has appeared in a few adult flicks, but her body of work is mostly online.

After her husband was fired, she was featured in Hustler magazine and shot several videos, according to her Web site. Janke said she is from the area, but not specifically Groveland. He said she has now retired from the industry.

Meanwhile, Janke is still in the running for the town manager job in Petersburg, Alaska, according to City Clerk Kathy O’Rear, who said he is among five finalists from 43 applicants for the job in the community of about 3,000.

Originally from Long Island, Janke said he was stationed in Alaska while serving in the Navy during the Vietnam War. He remained there once the war ended and began a career in municipal management that eventually brought him to Florida.

He said the couple and their kids are enjoying the area, but he doesn’t have any favorite haunts.

“My wife and I,” he said, “have always been homebodies.”

Original Aritcle

Larry Flynt calls for National strike

Hustler founder Larry Flynt has called for a national strike in an essay titled “Common Sense 2009” released Friday on the opinion website The Huffington Post.

Flynt mentions changes in securities laws that led to the recent banking crisis and says that President Obama “cannot stand up to the powerful Wall Street interests that supplied the bulk of his campaign money for the 2008 election. Nor, for that matter, can Congress, for much the same reason.”

In the essay, Flynt calls for a national strike, “designed to close the country down for a day,” to advocate campaign finance reform and restrictions on lobbying. “Let’s set a date,” Flynt said. “No one goes to work. No one buys anything. And if that isn’t effective — if the politicians ignore us — we do it again. And again. And again.”

Flynt’s original essay can be found here.

I informed ya’ll last week that Lisa Ann was cast to play Sarah Palin in Hustler’s new political porn- Nailin’ Paylin’. Now, we have some photos to ease the pain involved in the waiting game:

images: egotastic

So this is totally old news to me, because I heard this from the source, Lisa Ann, during our interview this weekend. I figured I would pass along this exciting news to all of you though.

Hustler has cast Lisa Ann to play Sarah Palin in the upcoming hit: Nalin’ Paylin’.

Nailin’ Paylin, currently in pre-production, is being directed by Jerry T. Sexy MILF Lisa Ann will be playing the role of Sara Paylin. Nailin’ Paylin will feature five hard-core scenes, including a threeway with other parodied political figures, namely Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice. Bill O’Reilly will also be spoofed as the announcer who dishes the sex scandals that will take place during the film.

When Lisa Ann announced the news in our interview I wasn’t shocked at all, She’s perfect for the role and I’m super psyched for this.

And just to get yourself re-acquainted with Lisa Ann, check these out:

-PBR Princess

PBR Princess is a twenty something living it up in this crazy city called Philadelphia. She gets into as much trouble as possible and somehow makes it home safely at night and into work too fucking early.

As we speak, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and probably my parents and grandparents are all gathered for the Democratic National Convention. The rest of us sane people are working in offices surrounded not by screaming democrat housewives but by yellow fluorescent lights and faux-wood veneer desks. The kind of office, it so happens, that is featured in this free gallery, from Office Sluts 2 (see what I did there). Enjoy.