The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards were this past Sunday. And if you haven’t heard, Miley Cyrus made some people headlines with her performance. Can you feel a rant coming on? Because I feel a rant coming on.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the performance, check out the video below. Miley started out herself and was then joined by Robin Thicke, singer of “Blurred Lines”. That’s when things got interesting.

So everyone got all up in arms at the fact that Cyrus was wearing a ridiculous outfit and was seductively twerking all over the stage. Seriously? I don’t even know if this qualifies as twerking. She certainly isn’t going to fit in with these twerking women.

Now I’m no Miley Cyrus fan, but how is this any different than what so many of these other pop stars do? I mean, the music video to “Blurred Lines” alone features mostly naked women dancing all over the place. So why does Miley get the hate?

Do people not remember that Christina Aguilera went through a ridulous slutty phase?

christina aguilera

But now look at her. She turned out just fine. She does things like work for NBC’s The Voice, and in 2009 she even became a spokesperson for World Hunger Relief. So before we start demonizing Miley Cyrus, who is just 20 years old after all, let’s give her some time to figure things out.

I don’t think it’s fair to criticize one person in pop culture for being slutty or crazy when we so often embrace and crave it. And you know who agrees with me? Jon Lajoie. The comedian/singer/actor even put up a song on YouTube defending Miley.

As funny of a guy as Jon Lajoi is, this video makes all too much sense. We’ve become a society where sex sells in popular culture. And it doens’t get much more pop culture than the MTV VMAs. So whether you have a problem with the way society sells entertainment now or not, that’s just the way it is. Instead of blaming Miley Cyrus for simply exploiting it, blame yourself for constantly obsessing over celebrity culture and drama. We crave celebrity downfalls. We love when Britney Spears goes off the deep end. So if you’re going to embrace it in most cases, don’t be surprised when some young girl tries to exploit it and profit from it.

We’ve all been 20 before. And we’ve all done stupid things that we regret later in life. The only difference is that most of us aren’t famous and put on a stage at 20. What Miley did at the VMAs is not a big deal and she shouldn’t be criticized for it. If you want to complain about her music or pop culture in general, fine. But the outrage over this MTV performance is completely unjust and unnecessary.

I think this may be the first time I’ve ever defended Miley Cyrus. But this situation called for it. Stop caring about pointless crap, people. She didn’t hurt anyone. If she wants to dance around like a jackass on stage, who am I to stop her?

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