I just watched what is perhaps the most unintentionally funny documentary that I’ve ever seen. Every Young Man’s Battle, based off of the book of the same title, is a Christian anti-porn film about the perils of pornography and sexual temptation in society today. And because they are so vehemently against sexually explicit images, I think I’ll just throw some into this post randomly just for fun. Wow do I love tights.

The movie gives you a good indication of how terrible it’s going to be right from the beginning when one of the interviewees makes this statement.

Once you get on porn boulevard, the end of porn boulevard you crash and burn.

Not only are the messages they give in this film completely absurd, but they can’t even say them in a clear manner. Aside from that, though, I really wish that porn boulevard was an actual place. Because it’s glorious to think of street lined with naked women just waiting to try and seduce you. Forget driving down it, I’m going to build a frickin’ house on this street.

Perhaps the most ridiculous statement made in the entire movie is when one of the guys speaking compares the battle the youth of today faces in sexual temptation to the battles of war in past generations. Are you kidding me? So risking your life is now equivalent to resisting the urge to look at boobs online. Yes, that is a perfectly logical way to think.










I mean, just look at these two images next to each other. The dangers are clearly the same in both. /sarcasm

Another interesting theme throughout this documentary is that they seem to indicate that watching pornography not just can, but will lead to a lifetime of bad choices and decisions. In fact, one of the people even goes so far as to say this.

The person you are as a young man is the person you’ll drag into adulthood.

Right. Everyone knows that it is impossible to change things about yourself from the time you are 13 to the time you are an adult. They use the example of serial killer Ted Bundy to further explain their point. Are they trying to insinuate that if you watch porn that you will become a serial killer? I really hope not. Because it’s absolutely absurd to use a select few extreme examples to try and argue your point.

Countless times throughout the film they mention various statistics indicating the profitability and prevalence of the porn industry. So if it is so widespread and common, then why are there so few Ted Bundys? Perhaps it’s because looking at boobs and naked people as a child isn’t the real cause for violence as an adult later in life.

Let’s do a little test. Here’s a picture of Asa Akira. Now here’s a chance for you to go watch any number of Asa Akira films and see her do a plethora of sexual things.

 Ok, so let’s see what happened. Maybe you saw the picture and wanted to check out some of her videos. Then you watched one or two and perhaps even jerked off. You know what you’ll most likely do next? Whatever the hell you were going to do before you saw that picture. I highly doubt I just sent someone into a spiral of darkness and ruined their life because I just posted a picture of a porn star.

That’s about all I can say in regards to this documentary. Overall, I thought it to be an absolute piece of garbage. And it wasn’t just the content or message. The terrible soundtrack, the awful camera work, and the just horrendous writing all helped to contribute to making this movie a disaster. Nonetheless, I found it to be incredibly entertaining, albeit unintentionally. So give Every Young Man’s Battle a watch below if you have nothing better to do for an hour and see for yourself.

In case you haven’t heard, David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has been on a mission lately. On the surface, his mission to “protect” children seems like a noble cause. Mr. Cameron thinks it is necessary to have search engines like Google and Bing come up with a list of certain illegal search terms regarding things like child abuse and pornography depicting rape.

Check out the BBC video here.

The only problem is that Cameron goes much further in his attempt to limit pornography. Another part of his plan is to have people request to gain access to legal pornographic material. The default would be a sort of family friendly internet. My question to David Cameron is, when did the responsibility of our children switch from the parents to corporations? It is not, in my mind, Google or Bing or Yahoo’s place to tell me as an individual what I can and cannot view when it comes to 100% legal content. And that is the key here. This is legal content. We are no longer talking about child pornography or images of rape. We are talking about the normal, everyday porn that millions of people enjoy.

I have no problem with people like David Cameron trying to make stricter laws and restrictions on accessing illegal materials. However, this is a slippery slope. We need to stop grouping these illegal things in with completely acceptable adult content. You are taking away legal content from people all in the name of child safety. But where is the line drawn? When does it go from helping our youth to restricting our freedoms as members of society?

If we’re going to talk about restricting pornographic content that is safe and legal, what about other graphic material? Does this mean that David Cameron will now go after television shows depicting guns and violence? Will all of our TVs come with simply PG rated shows until we opt in to a more adult package?

For more reasons on why this movement is completely absurd, check out this article from The Next Web.

The point is, while Cameron and others who have made similar suggestions may have the right intentions, they have no idea what they could be starting. By accomplishing the things they want to do, they are setting a precedent for a world in which we are limited and restricted as a society to things that should not be restricted.

Naturally I decided to go to Twitter to see what the world had to say on the matter. I think you may have made a few new enemies, Prime Minister.

.@David_Cameron You can’t keep my filth out of your country.

12:02 PM – 22 Jul 2013

. @David_Cameron Hey Dave, can I have a wank? Probably some MILF on MILF action. Cheers

1:28 PM – 22 Jul 2013

@David_Cameron More internet censorship? Surely parents are responsible for setting up parental controls at home?

1:25 PM – 22 Jul 2013
So what are your thoughts on the matter? Are these proposals simply protecting children to keep them out of harm’s way, or are they an unnecessary step that’s taking away freedoms from the public?
And remember…
And to both honor Dr. Cox’s wise words and give a nice “screw you” to David Cameron, I think I’ll spend the rest of the day watching this Scrubs porno.

If you haven’t featured Sunny Leone yet this year, you may want to rethink your webmaster strategy. Since becoming a part of the hit New Dheli reality TV show, Big Boss, traffic to SunnyLeone.com now makes up 0.01% of all internet users in the world.

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Free Speech Coalition on HIV Positive Adult PerformerFree Speech Coalition (FSC), as administrators of the Adult Production Health & Safety Services Program (APHSS.org), would like to address recent reports that an active performer may have tested positive for HIV.

FSC was made aware of the purported incident on Saturday by a reliable industry source. Most importantly, FSC would like to make clear that these reports were not involving APHSS.org testing facilities. This fact has limited the information gathered by FSC/APHSS.org and we can neither deny nor confirm specific facts about this incident. Due to legal issues concerning patient privacy, FSC/APHSS.org, as of yet, is unable to implement exposure protocols and procedures.

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