I bet when Julian Assange created he hadn’t thought of his platform being used in the Adult Industry. Personally, neither did I. None the less, it seems someone has taken it upon his/her self to publish is a database of porn star stage names being linked, to what is rumored to be, each actor/actress’ personal information. I suppose in an electronic era where sites such as and paid consumer background checks exist, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“PornWikiLeaks has combined high-end security technologies with journalism and ethical principles. Like other media outlets conducting investigative journalism, we accept (but do not solicit) anonymous sources of information. Unlike other outlets, we provide a high security anonymous message board fortified by cutting-edge cryptographic information technologies. This provides maximum protection to our sources. We are fearless in our efforts to get the unvarnished truth out to the public. When information comes in, our journalists analyze the material, verify it and write a news piece about it describing its significance to society. We then publish both the news story and the original material in order to enable readers to analyze the story in the context of the original source material themselves.” – PornWikiLeaks About

Just as other free personal information indexes have begun to rub mainstream internet users the wrong way, is sure to meet opposition from adult industry actors, actresses and the agencies who manage them. If a cease and desist letter has not already been sent, I’m sure it’s in final draft on someone’s desk this morning.

Dave Cummings and Aurora BBQ

BY: Dave Cummings – Porn Star, Porn Producer & Porn Director

I’ve never been a “writer”, per se, even though I’ve been publishing a monthly column these past 10+ years for the members of my site and for others who might be interested in reading about happenings in the porn world. My past school teachers would probably laugh their butts off if they ever read any of my columns, not because of what’s written, but rather because I simply can’t “write”, PERIOD! So, I’m gonna (see what I mean about me not being a “writer”, not by any possible stretch of the word?) experiment this month by just jotting down stuff that has come to mind as a result of happenings and opinions that I had during the past month. Buckle up, ‘cause what follows ain’t gonna be pretty or up to even average 8th grade “writing”!


Against my better judgment, I recently returned to a swinger’s pool party that in mid-summer attracted quite a few older and heavier than average women. Now, I can still enjoy such swing parties, but the previous one at the same home seemed to be more of a meet-and-greet-and-gab-and-visit happening than the “sex party” mode that people like me prefer. This one, however, was almost non-stop sex from noon to midnight, and there were some very sexy younger females who seemed to have a lot of sex needs to satisfy. I am so lucky to be a porn star and have the women wanting to see what it’s like to be with a porn guy, which often results in them approaching and hitting on me; sometimes their guy watches or participates, or he heads out to pool to try and snag a girl for himself while his woman and I “play”. Candidly, I’m not all that special, but even at 70 I do seem to have the “functionality” and stamina to please almost all the swinging wives/women. It’s comical how they end up needing a “rest break” after only 30-45 minutes, and how one or more of the other women who were watching us go at it volunteers to take me on. Since baby-wipes and condoms are plentiful at swinger parties, I usually try to freshen up between women while explaining how important I think it is to clean off the scent of the condom before a woman goes down on me; it also gives me a chance to “preach” that condoms should be changed from time to time during prolonged sex, and definitely after being in a previous vagina.

** Health Hint: if you don’t routinely do the aforementioned, I recommend it to you.

The party had approximately 23-24 couples and was constant sex except for potty/shower/pool/food breaks, which gave me the opportunity to have sex “sessions” with seven horny and attractive women (one of whom I played with late afternoon, and again just before I left for home around midnight). I learned that day not to pre-judge parties at that couple’s home ever again; in fact, there’s another one there in two weeks that I definitely plan to attend. As an aside, one of the couples has since come to my condo so the girlfriend could “play” with the “porn star” while her guy snapped photos of his sweetie. I’m going to dinner in a few days at the home of one of the other couples—she’s particularly hot, so I’m hoping I get to have a sex session with her again, too! She’d make/be a tasty after-dinner treat.


The groupie college coeds, at least those who didn’t graduate last June, are returning this weekend for the start of their Fall semester classes. I’m hoping that they take a heavy class load so that they have to study hard (I love that word, “hard”), thus stressing them and their personal time-management skills so that they’ll want to stop by my place and satisfy their sexual needs — and then get back to their dorm with a clear head, less stress, and clearer focus to study some more. A number of them seem to be into the “daddy” thing.


In spite of the copyright infringement slowdown of new productions, the folks at booked me to host their “Screw My Wife, Please, Vol 73” a couple of weeks ago (I’ve hosted the last 68 volumes of that popular series). Yes, besides having to hover in or around the set like a good host, and having to get “hard” at a moment’s notice for wives in a couple of the sex scenes who wanted a penis in their mouth while one is already in their vagina, I lucked out when a crew member had one of his girl-friends stop by the set. During a break in the video for photos to be shot, he had her take me into a nearby bathroom for fellatio (notice how I’m using words like “vagina” and “fellatio”? That’s just in case one of my ex-school teachers sees this so-called writing). She fingered herself while giving me head, something I find exciting, and when she announced that she was going to cum, I simultaneously unloaded into her mouth. As I was handing her some tissues, I heard Director Bobby Rinaldi calling “Dave Cummings to the set, please”. Apparently, we both had sheepish looks on our faces, as a number of people smiled and nodded as we entered the room where the sex was about to resume.

Miscellaneous Complaint

Speaking of “tissues”, a personal irritant to me is those darn tissue boxes where the tissues sometime don’t pop-out and I have to dig down past the plastic opening to carefully snag the next tissue and try to get the others lined up to automatically pop-up the next time I reach for one. It’s a pain! Kind of reminds me of having to dig in and fish out a condom from a vagina where it had slid off during some sexual pounding (I guess I need smaller sized condoms).


Last item, I promise–Female newscasters and weather “girls” on television; it’s bad enough that some of the women on the news sets give me a semi-erection just from watching them read the news. But, when the weather girls start moving around their maps, I seldom even see the maps or what they are pointing toward, because my eyes are glued to their bodies (something which gives me a “hard” situation, usually requiring masturbation). I hope I’m “normal” and that some of you experience likewise when checking out the weather forecast!

Take Care,

Dave Cummings

Pornstar TweetUp Changes to Bigger New Venue

LOS ANGELES, CA – The highly anticipated 2nd Annual PornStar TweetUp has met with an overwhelming response – so much so, that King Ryan Events, Inc and The Naughty Tweet Network have decided to move the event to a larger venue to accommodate the unprecedented demand.

“King Ryan, Lexi Love and I were getting concerned at the size of the original venue as RSVPs continued to roll in,” said Naughty Network CEO Pete Housley. “We were faced with the dilemma of limiting the guest list or changing venue; at the end of the day, how could we possibly choose who could and couldn’t come – so we selected a larger venue. The R Lounge was very excited to host the party!”

The R Lounge in Studio City will be the new host of the pornstar-studded event, which will be hosted by a bevy of Twitter-addicted pornstars, lead by “The Hardcore Hottie” herself, Lexi Love herself. Sponsors for the event include Exotic Interludes: The Swingers Board Game, Desire Street Productions and Panty Droppers Wine.

Prize giveaways from all three sponsors will be offered all night long; NaughtyTweet and NaughtyPR will also officially announce the details of a giant Twitter-based giveaway in conjunction with the upcoming AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in January 2011 in Las Vegas.

The 2nd Annual PornStar TweetUp will be held on Thursday, September 9, at R Lounge, located at 11608 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604, with a red carpet reception at 9pm.

To be placed on the ever-growing guest list, email or

One of our favorite Adult stars and budding cross-over talents, Sasha Grey, will be appearing on the smash hit HBO series Entourage August 1st.

Sasha made her first cross-over move last year in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience. A drama set in the days leading up to the 2008 Presidential election, and centered on a high-end Manhattan call girl meeting the challenges of her boyfriend, her clients, and her work.

In the Entourage story arc, Sasha Grey will be playing herself. The golden boy himself, Vincent Chase, picks up Sasha at a bar and reportedly is not a fan of her chosen profession. Vince is said to try keeping her from shooting Adult content, and even brings her to a meeting with the legendary Stan Lee in a later episode. Sasha is rumored to be a part of the Entourage story line into the next, and final, season of the show.

Entourage creator Doug Ellin comments on Sasha Grey‘s addition to the cast, “I think Sasha’s going to have a very successful transition. Sasha’s the biggest porn star in the world right now. I wouldn’t have done this storyline if Sasha passed. Luckily she was okay with doing it.” – AVN

As a fan of the HBO blockbuster series, this makes for an interesting twist at this point in the show for me. Vincent Chase has gone from the boyish hippie star child to a much more wild and edgy character since performing his own car stunt against Ari Gold’s wishes. As a reborn thrill seeker, Vince’s antics with Sasha Grey have a lot of potential. I’m looking forward to seeing Sasha seduce Aquaman and make another positive female influence on Turtle, Drama, and Eric.

Sunny Lane Interview

Our good friends Pornstar Airlines had the rare pleasure of running into one of what we like to call the “chameleons” of porn. These are the girls who can pull off both ends of the “Hot” spectrum. One second you’re staring into their big doe eyes, watching them give the most innocent and adorable pigtailed blowjob of all time…and the next you will find them in a ripped set of “fuck-me” stockings squirting all over a big cock like a true professional.

Sunny Lane Videos on DemandSunny Lane was born in Georgia and raised in Florida, she has been an entertainer close to her entire life. Natural and charismatic, Lane hit the stage in 2004, winning Deja Vu Showgirl of the Year and began her ascent into world of adult entertainment. After attending an industry awards show, she felt herself gravitating towards adult celebrities and industry insiders.

Known as a relentless self-promoter – the “Energizer Bunny” of porn – Sunny Lane appears at every opportunity and event, smiling, enthusiastic and ready for action. As an entertainer, she lights up the screen with sexy-sweet looks and a charisma that recalls the Golden Age of porn. Onstage, her showgirl style illuminates her abilities as a singer and dancer. On-camera, she displays the sexual prowess that any legendary adult performer would be jealous of.

Sunny-Lane-HotmoviesPornstar Airlines: What are you currently up to?

Sunny Lane: It’s my first time in Europe! I really have a good time with It’s a great company, and they take care of my VOD website so people can see all the movies that I’ve shot for every studio. Right now, I’m working on my website, shooting, and directing. I won “Boobie Girl of the Year”, I’m very pleased. It was an interesting contest.

I have a new movie called “Flight Attendants” and I was very excited to shoot it. When I m on a plane I always fantasize being one of the stewardesses, so It’s really nice being one of them. I got to do all my scenes on the plane, my airline is bigger than the other ones. It was a fun sassy role.

After Berlin, I’m going to New York for the premiere of “Naked Ambition: An R-rated Look At An X-rated Industry”, the book from Michael Grecco. It’s gonna be at the museum of sex. He also put out a documentary in which he followed me around for 40 hours at the AVN Awards with Joanna Angel.

Pornstar Airlines: What are your websites?

Sunny Lane: &

Pornstar Airlines: Which achievements are you proud of?

Sunny Lane:
– I’m Deja-Vu’s first-time-ever contract featured star.
– I’ve been a professional ice-skater for the majority of my life.
– I’m Deja-Vu’s one and only contract star that was on tour last year.
– I was on ABC prime-time back in 07.
– I won 5 awards at AVN. I’m very stoked about that.
– Being in Playboy. They found ME. That’s amazing in itself.

I get to do a lot of fun things that are crossing over. Like doing adult to mainstream, TV, radio. I’m the girl next door gone hardcore.

Pornstar Airlines: Have you ever had sex with a famous person outside of the porn-biz?

Sunny Lane: Yes, on a few occasions, but I don’t kiss and tell. I’m fortunate to have had the encounters.

Sunny Lane spread eagle in pigtailsPornstar Airlines: Would you give some advices to newbies in the adult-industry?

Run it like a biz, biz is biz, you gotta make money. It’s a different industry than it was when I started 5 years ago. Own your name, trademark, copyright, get your domain, and just own it!

Pornstar Airlines: What’s the story behind your name Sunny Lane?

Sunny Lane: I was trying to find something that’s my personality. Something that’s me ’cause it can’t be something I’m not. First it was Sunshine Lane, but when I came into the porn-industry it got changed to Sunny Lane.

Pornstar Airlines: What kind of tattoos do you have and what are they symbolizing?

Sunny Lane: None! That’s why Playboy likes me. They are the girl-next-door type of company, but now they re getting risque. I know some people who have funny tattoos. I used to have a radio-show known as rude-TV. I had Adrenalynn on my show before she was a contract star to Digital Playground. She had “Jared’s Little Fuckdoll” tattooed on her asshole! No lie! On her ass-HOLE!!!!! I dunno who Jared is though. Whatever. I like other people’s tattoos and talking about them… 🙂 All I have is my belly-button pierced.

Pornstar Airlines: What s a turn-on in guys for you?

Sunny Lane: Big character, strong, but not egoistical or condescending. A man that can be real, that spoils a woman, and treats you like a princess.

Pornstar Airlines: What comes to your mind when you hear the following names:

– Jesse Jane –

Sunny Lane: Sweet girl! Absolutely love her. We really connected! We have a great personality together. “Dark Angels 2 – Blood Line” was one of the milestones that put me on the map in the adult-industry. I was her go-to-girl. Good people. I wish we could get our own show together. That would be a lot of fun.

Sunny Lane and Ron Jeremy– Ron Jeremy –

Sunny Lane: I love him! He’s my mentor, godfather, and my friend. I’m very fortunate to have him in my life.

– Vicky Vette –

Sunny Lane: I love her. Wonderful! Vette-nation all the way! That’s who my website is with. She designs it and makes it happen. We didn’t get to do a full scene yet, but I think it’s gonna be extremely hot when we do. Good people.

– Alana Evans –

Sunny Lane: Wonderful! Those people are all my friends! I love her dearly. I’ve known her from the beginning as well.

– Sara Jay –

Sunny Lane: Love her. She’s real, great personality, and has BIG natural boobs.

– Nina Hartley –

Sunny Lane: Love her! She taught me a lot sexually. She taught me that I can be a switch…that i can be submissive. She also passed the torch from her ass to my ass. She mentioned that on AVN. She’s showing me the way in some areas.

– Vince Neil –

Sunny Lane: Dear friend of mine. He’s very good. I do his charity every year for the Skylar Niel Foundation, I help people to spend money for it. It’s a lot of fun. Good people. He has been on AVN prime-time with me. He supported me a lot in a lot of different areas and I ll do anything for him.

– Bret Michaels –

Sunny Lane: I’ve never met him, but he’ll be fun to hang out with. He’s a wild child.

– Paris Hilton –

Sunny Lane: I met her at a club in Miami. We were there to sign for the book from Michael Grecco. I was blown away how much time she spent with me, because I guess usually she’s not like that. We took a picture. That was before her bff-show. She’s cool and very nice. We’ve fucked some of the same people…

– Jenna Jameson –

Sunny Lane: She’s definitely iconic and a great woman. I’ve known her personally. She said, “Sunny Lane, you’re already a star.” She very much respected me, she supported me, and was very friendly. Last year at the AVNs they asked me, “Who s your mentor?” I said, “Ron Jeremy, ’cause he’s really made it happen and brought me to the next level.” Jenna was sitting right in front of Ron, and he told me after wards that she turned around and said, “That s so sweet, she truly loves you and I love her too.”

That was actually when she said that crazy-ass comment about spreading legs for the industry, right before the award-show started. She was sitting in the front row. I went up and said “hi” to her, gave her a big hug, and she said, “Not matter these fuckin people do to you, no matter what they say, it’s all about you. You’re a star, you’ll make it happen. Then she walked up there and said what she said… Pretty intense.

– Snoop Dogg –

Sunny Lane: He’s cool. I’ve hung out with him on a few occasions. I was at some of his concerts, and I like his music. I’ve seen him fucking in front of me. I didn’t fuck him, but I’ve seen other people fuck him…

– Tommy Lee –

He had sex in front of me as well. Not with me, but with somebody else. I just enjoyed it. I’m a visual person. He’s a good guy, and he knows some of my girlfriends very well. He’s fuckin sick, man. He loves being a DJ.

– David Chapelle –

Sunny Lane: Very funny. I wish he was still on the air. I really enjoy him. It would be great if he hosted AVN…

Pornstar Airlines: Do you have any mottos?

Sunny Lane: Go big or go home. Fuck the bullshit, if you re gonna do it, give it 100%!

Watch Big Wet Asses! 13 Right Now!

Pornstar Airlines: Whose face would you like to slap ?

Sunny Lane: I plead the 5th…

Pornstar Airlines: Any bizarre or funny stories?

Sunny Lane: What was the name of the club we were at last night, that looked like a castle?

Pornstar Airlines: Adagio..

Sunny Lane: Oh yeah, right. It’s so funny here in Germany, they use…like…no ice in their drinks! In America we love ice! Here they don’t very much. They told me, “It s not needed.” So when we walked in there yesterday, there was this girl on stage with a bucket full of ice. She takes it in her hand, rubbing it on her pussy, warming it up, dripping it into her mouth, going back to her pussy, and is throwing it out to the people in the audience. “This ice is not needed”?

Funny as hell! Spitting it all over them and taking the ice again, into her pussy and dripping it into people’s mouths. “Not needed.”??? “They don’t use ice here.”??? And we wanted it for our drinks, dammit!!!!

Pornstar Airlines: Where is an unusual place where you’ve had sex?

Sunny Lane: A lot of places. I’ve had sex on Disney s Splash Mountain Ride. Well, not really sex, but I got fingered and i gave a hand-job.

Pornstar Airlines: Well, that’s sex as well!

Sunny Lane: Ok, and we sneaked off to the side so we really had sex at Disney World, Orlando. I had sex on airplane. I’ve done blow-jobs, hand-jobs, and sex with feet in public restrooms. Did it in a big sports forum down in Tampa while a big hockey game was going on. That was cool.

Pornstar Airlines: Would you tell me the story of your first blow-job?

Sunny Lane: It was by a lake in Tampa, and we were sitting on the picnic table feeling sexy. I did a lot of dry-humping and caressing before we went on to the next level. So I was giving him a hand -job and he instructed me what i should do. He had a very nice penis and I blew him right there by the lake. I didn’t know exactly know what I was doing, but he taught me. I’m very thankful. It was very romantic and we still talk to each other today.

Read More HERE!

Tiger Woods & Holly Sampson

Tiger Woods’ humiliated wife has bought herself a little island hideaway as reports swirled that she’s moved out on her sex-crazed hubby.

Elin Nordegren’s real estate purchase in Sweden fueled speculation she might take the kids back to her homeland to start a new life far from her transgressing Tiger.

“The official story from her family is that she bought the place with her twin sister, Josefin, not with Tiger,” said Poppe Linge of HPG, a Swedish news agency.

The fetching blond spent a little more than $2 million to buy Faglaro Mansion, Swedish newspapers reported.

Nordegren, 29, has not been heard from since the scandal broke. reported Monday she has moved out of the couple’s $2.6 million Windermere, Florida, home and is bunking at another house nearby.

Her Swedish getaway is located on some prime Scandinavian real estate – a small, secluded island reachable from Stockholm only by ferryboat.

“It belonged to a professional soccer player who wanted privacy,” Linge said. “I heard she started looking at it last summer and bought it two weeks ago.”

That would be around the time Woods plowed his SUV into a fire hydrant outside his Orlando-area mansion – reportedly after Nordegren caught him texting New York party girl Rachel Uchitel.

Uchitel, 34, was the first of at least seven reported mistresses (and counting) who have surfaced since then.

Woods escaped with just facial cuts and a $164 ticket after totaling his truck. He was not tested for drugs or alcohol despite claims from a witness who “stated that the driver had consumed alcohol earlier in the day,” according to a Florida Highway Patrol subpoena request.

The witness, who was not named in the document, also told troopers that Woods had prescriptions for the sleeping aid Ambien and the painkiller Vicodin.

Woods, 33, publicly apologized for his “transgressions” a few days after the wreck and reportedly offered Nordegren millions to keep her from walking out on him and taking the kids.

Meanwhile, Woods was reportedly being courted by yet another woman, talk show queen Oprah Winfrey, who has offered the golfer an outlet to tell his version of the tawdry tale – if not a shoulder to cry on.

In addition to Uchitel, a New York party girl, Woods has been linked to six other hotties:

– Cori Rist, 31, a divorced mom and a former dancer at the Penthouse Executive Club in Manhattan.

– Orlando waitress Mindy Lawton, 33, who lived a little over five miles from Woods’ home and who told London’s News of the World that he “wanted to spank me and loved pulling my hair as we had sex.”

– Los Angeles-based porn star Holly Sampson, 36, the star of skin flicks like “Cheating Housewives 6.”

– Jaimee Grubbs, 24, a cocktail waitress and former contestant on VH1’s “Tool Academy” who has admitted to an affair with Woods.

– Kalika Moquin, a 27-year-old Las Vegas nightclub executive, who denies a relationship with Woods.

– Jamie Jungers, 26, a Vegas cocktail waitress who allegedly had an 18-month fling with Woods.

Original Article

Scandlous Stars

By Bunk

Sure, we’re in the small window of the calendar year when all four major professional sports are in progress, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a quick break from the World Series, early season games in the NBA and NHL, and of course the middle stages of the NFL year to hear from one loquacious and buxom porn star Mary Carey. The one-time candidate for Governor of California was in Sacramento promoting an appearance at a strip club, so she spent some time on KHTK in studio with Carmichael Dave to kibbitz. And man, she talked and talked and talked. This was easily the hardest interview to transcribe, but it was also very, very entertaining. Take a listen yourself to her Carey talk about how she thinks Republicans can party just as hard as porn stars based on her experience at a National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner, why she thinks she’d do even better than she did a few years ago if she were to run for Governor of California again, how Melky Cabrera’s inability to understand a word she said derailed their relationship, and how Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard once pulled down his pants while in a bathroom with her – at the home of former N’SYNC singer Chris Kirkpatrick’s house, no less. You can’t make this stuff up. (Editor’s note: Deadspin wrote a story about Carey and Howard back in 2007, but it mentioned they were hanging out. This is the first report that I’ve been able to find of Howard showing her his Magic wand.)

On her run for Governor of California during the recall a few years back:

“Well you know, I thought it would be fun. And it was actually – the owner at my porn company Kick Ass Pictures – they came up with the idea. They were like, do you want to run for Governor? And I was like, can I? I thought you had to go to an Ivy League school or something. And they were like no, it’s a recall, you only need 65 signatures and $3,000 dollars so if you want to do it…So I did it and I paid the money, and it just kind of like took off. I started getting on news shows, then I did this game show called Who Wants To Be Governor of California – and the winner got $21,000 and I won the game show. Yeah, it was fun. And it was funny, it was the first time I ever got to vote, because I never registered to vote before. I got to vote for myself, so it was cool!”

On if she’d accept the job had she won:

“I think I could do it, definitely. My English is better than Arnold’s. I think I’d get more people to watch and listen to my speeches.”

On the video floating around out there involving her and Melky Cabrera:

“Yes, the video that’s out there, you know it’s funny, a lot of people thought it was a sex-tape of us, but it’s not. It’s just us in a hotel room and I’ve got this cool little phone that I make videos on. And I made like three or four little videos where I interviewed him, and it’s funny because he speaks like no English. He’s really nice, but like the way I met him was his sports agent was like hey, this porn company was like do you want to go to a Yankees game, free tickets, go out to dinner with some players afterwards. I was like sure. So I met up with the agent, Wilson Betemit, Melky Cabrera, Robinson Cano I met, but didn’t come to dinner. But couple players, we all went out to dinner. And then Melky and I hit it off and we were hanging out and you know, it was really hard because the agent couldn’t communicate, he spoke Spanish, and I speak English. But when we were just the two of us, and we’d just sit there, I would text the agent and be like how ‘como se dice’ which is how do you say, so I was constantly like Melky, ‘como sedice’ I do a shot for Playboy. Or like, I went to his computer..he was funny because he showed me these little videos on YouTube of like, we went back and forth showing each other videos on YouTube of ourselves. He showed me these videos that his fans did of him making catches, and I showed him clips of me running for Governor. But I don’t think he understood a thing I ever said, even the video where I was asking him these questions like, ‘do you like living in America?’ And he was like ’seven years.’ And I’d be like, okay, great. He never really understood what I was saying, ever. And you know, we tried talking, and like a week after I was talking to him, he got moved down to like the minor leagues. So then it was like a whole bunch of people saying it was my fault.”

And then on a far more comical note, her relationship with Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard:

“Yeah, Dwight and I met at LAX. I was like, you’re a basketball player, and he was like, I’ve seen you at Magic games, so he recognized me from games. I used to always get written up when I went to games for causing distractions and stuff.”

After a brief digression to talk about her nails, Carey continued on about Howard:

“Dwight’s a cool guy. For a month, we like talked on the phone, and he was always trying to give me prayers to get me out of porn and give me Bible verses to read. So then, I was going to go visit him when I was in Orlando, but I went over to this other guy’s house instead, Chris Kirkpatrick from N’Sync. And then Dwight started calling, and calling, and calling me, because he knew I was with Chris Kirkpatrick, so eventually at 3 in the morning, Chris was like don’t answer Dwight’s calls. I get a text from Dwight at 3 in the morning – I’m outside Chris’s house. I’m like oh my god, what do I do? I was like, I got Dwight here and I got Chris in the other room and I’m talking to them back and forth. So finally I had to just pull Dwight in the bathroom and tell him he needs to go home. I was like I’m really sorry, I really like you, but this isn’t the time or place. When I pull him in the bathroom, he pulls his pants down, I was like, whooa. Yeah, and so I ran and started screaming…Well if it wasn’t for the Chris thing at the time, I really liked Dwight and maybe I would have furthered this. But I was at the guy’s house I was dating so it was inappropriate. So he totally thought he totally offended me. So I saved – he and I used to talk on instant messenger, on AOL – so he was apologizing; sorry, that was out of character for me, blah blah blah. I saved all the instant messages and I’ve been putting them all in a book. So I’ve got a lot of evidence. I’ve got an evidence file.”

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Alexis Golden Business Suit w Logo

Alexis Golden to appear on Dirty Divas and Playboy Radio

Bicoastal Bombshell Hitting Porn Valley with a Vengeance

After spending the summer on an island, East Coast MILF Star Alexis Golden will be returning to Porn Valley September 14-28.

“A girl can only lay on the beach so much”, the business woman gone bad said.  “I’m anxious to re-connect with my friends in the Porn world and get back to it!”

An infrequent visitor to LA, Alexis will appear with Porn Legend Ginger Lynn on Rude TV’s Dirty Divas on Tuesday, September 15 at 8 PM PT.  Alexis has much to tell Ginger, including the launch of her “Double Digit Dick” series and her ongoing “Travel MILF” POV Swinger/Fan Meet Series.   She will also appear on Playboy Radio with Christy Canyon and Nicki Hunter on Thursday, September 17 at 5:30 PM PCT.

Alexis differs from a lot of girls in the business in that she is a real life MILF/Cougar/Swinger and is not role playing.  “I am an active swinger and do tend to hunt down the young, hardbody dudes in the cities I visit.  If that makes me a Cougar, then so be it!”

Alexis is known for her energetic, true to life shoot style.  More often than not, leaving her swinging partners and porn co-stars exhausted. Read the rest of this entry »

Stormy Daniels

TAMPA, Fla. — Florida prosecutors have decided to drop a misdemeanor domestic-violence battery charge against adult performer and director Stormy Daniels.

A spokesman for the State Attorney’s Office of Hillsborough County declined to comment further except to say that “the state decided not to prosecute” Daniels.

Daniels was arrested in late July for domestic violence when she allegedly battered her husband because she was “upset because the way the laundry had been done.”

Daniels, who was charged for striking her husband “Michael [Mosny] on his head with her hands several times,” said she did not intentionally hit her husband but acknowledged tossing a potted plant in the kitchen sink, throwing the couple’s wedding album on the floor and breaking some candles, according to a Tampa Bay Police Department report.

After spending a night at Hillsborough County jail, she was later released on $1,000 bond. That bond has been deactivated as a result of the Daniels case being dropped.

She had been scheduled to face arraignment Sept. 3.

Article courtesy of XBIZ

As you might have heard. Porn starlet Eva Angelina went and got herself all preggers and has taken a leave until Summer ’09.

Here at, we believe in children…children are our future, so good on Eva. But even better for us is that Eva herself has said that this is in no way the end of her illustrious porn career. Not even the beginning of the end.

Anyway, while we patiently await her return here are some of our favorite Eva movies to keep you fapping.
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