PornWikiLeaks-Closes-AIMDiane Duke explains the adult performers’ 2257 information on PornWikiLeaks, and AIM Healthcare’s closure.

During the first part of April, the Free Speech Coalition began to receive calls from worried industry members about the existence of Porn Wikileaks.

At that point, it was still unclear from where the information came, as there was what looked like medical information as well as 2257 information. Soon we learned that it was likely that AIM’s database had been hacked and that some 2257 records may have also been compromised.

Almost simultaneously, I learned, from a conversation I had with AIM CEO Sharon Mitchell, that AIM’s clinic “temporarily” was closed due to a “paper work issue.” Apparently, L.A. County had closed the clinic based on a filing technicality. I was assured by Sharon that the paperwork issue would soon be resolved, that the database was still up and the draw stations were still active. Sharon assured me that the AIM clinic would reopen.

Almost immediately thereafter, AIM was sued by two individuals for breach of medical records. I learned that the litigation expenses for individuals suing AIM were covered by AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

AHF has been attacking the adult industry with frivolous lawsuits, Cal/OSHA and labor complaints as well as protests and misleading inflammatory press conferences for the past two years. AHF has been especially relentless in their attack on AIM.

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Triangle Films - Boundaries 7Philadelphia, PA – Following on the heels of four Feminist Porn Award nominations and a win in the Hottest Lesbian Feature Film category for Justine Joli Lost, Triangle Films has released its latest movie, Boundaries 7, for Internet streaming. It is now available exclusively on

The Boundaries 7 release marks the continuation of a history of close cooperation between Triangle Films and Every major release from Triangle since its acclaimed first major feature, River Rock Women’s Prison, including Justine Joli Lost, originally made its streaming internet debut on

“When sponsored the release party for River Rock, that really showed us how much they value what we are doing,” said Triangle’s Shoosh. “I really enjoy the relationship we have with them and they continue to do great things with our titles. I know their viewers are going to love Boundaries 7, which might be one of the best in the series.”

Featuring an all-star cast of Kimberly Kane, Asphyxia, Justine Joli, Bobbi Starr, Sammie Rhodes, Gracie Glam, and Ariel X, Boundaries 7 comprises four smoking hot scenes, each an intimate encounter between two women. Director Kathryn Annelle is in top form, coaxing maximum heat from every pairing to create a video sure to please the most diehard lovers of women’s erotica.

“When it comes to lesbian movies, Triangle Films is at the top of our list,” said J.D. Bauchery of “Along with bringing intense authenticity and real passion to the screen, Triangle always offers up beautiful production values and stars that keep us coming back for more. We look forward to featuring their movies on the site and really can’t say enough good things about Kathy and Shoosh and the partnership we have with them.”

Boundaries 7 is available for streaming on starting today.

The HotMovies studio team can be reached at 1-800-611-MOVIE.

Dave CummingsDave Cummings – Porn Star, Producer, and Director

MAY, 2010

I’m often asked what it’s like to be on a porn shoot; and, lots of folks ask me to arrange for them to get on a set (something I can’t do!) so they can “just” watch.

Well, I think innovative Director Bobby Rinaldi of Wildlife Productions has created a way for folks to feel like they are/were actually on set. Employing multiple cameras, he’s adroitly and uniquely captured the actual happenings of a typical day on a porn set from start to finish, and has begun releasing 3-hour DVDs of live and uncensored looks of the original version of each of the last four shoots of his ongoing and acclaimed “Screw My Wife, Please” series. Last week, he filmed Volume 72 of the series, and yes there was extensive all-day filming for a “Live and Uncensored” DVD of it, and what it’s like being on a porn shoot. Keep an eye on to see when it’s released—and, if you want to experience being a live set, enjoy all of these sex-filled and informative releases from Wildlife (even though I was in the filming, I found the DVDs of the shoots interesting and sexually exciting). I’ve always felt like Bobby Rinaldi was a super Director, and his latest creation is further proof of it.

Last week’s shoot of Volume 72 was super-enjoyable and naturally pleasant, due in part to the beautiful scenery of the mountains and hills of Calabasas, an upscale community west of Canoga Park, California. Of course, the scenery of five beautiful wives being separately filmed in various sexual positions also was “enjoyable and pleasant”. There’s always fun kidding and laughter on Bobby Rinaldi sets, and a sense of “family”. And, yes, even though my main function in the series is to perform as “Host” for the shoot, a couple of the wives gave me head, both in the Behind-the Scenes (BTS) footage and in the actual sex scene filming. God bless them!

Speaking of “family”, my son turned 43 recently, and in addition to the normal family birthday cake, ice cream, and presents on his actual birthday, my grandson (age 13) and granddaughter (age 7) cooked up a scheme to kidnap him and release him in the kid’s area of the nearby Chuck E. Cheese, just like he was still a “kid”. I was designated as the getaway driver. My grandkids put a lot of planning into the family fun, and made numerous phone calls to “Grandpa Dave” chuckling over their latest idea for the event. Unfortunately, on “kidnap” day, it rained so hard that we unavoidably went to their “plan b” which called for diverting to a local brewery and grill for pizza. The giggling as the kids talked about their master plan between bites of pizza was constant; we were all laughing so hard that tears were plentiful. Other families sitting nearby became extended family as they overheard the kidnap plan, and came by to visit a bit. Family fun rocks!

I attended a “theme” swinger party/Barbeque at a private estate two weeks ago, this one centered upon the Kentucky Derby. The women wore fancy hats (but not much else) while we guys kept them supplied with fresh mint julep drinks. We ate, drank and even watched the actual race; then, like a floodgate, everyone started having sex! The patio and large hot tub was alive with swinging “action”, as was the massage table, the den chairs and couches, and the group room. After an hour or so, we gathered around the bar near the pool, only to have sex break out all over again. I love being a porn star, but I also enjoy the “family” of swingers, a group of fun loving real people who enjoy sex and the friendship of swinging! Going to a swing party reminds me a bit of church fellowship and ice cream socials.

Enjoy your upcoming summer, and your family and friends; use sun block, drive safely, and celebrate sex and life.

Dave Cummings


Philadelphia, PA – It’s not every day the average Joe gets his chance to chat with a porn star or a living legend. This Friday, both opportunities will be on the table at once. As goes behind the scenes for the making of Screw My Wife Please! #68 from Wildlife Productions, viewers will have the additional option to chat live with none other than the first lady of porn, Nina Hartley.

“It was the natural thing for this partnership,” said HotMovies director of business development, James Cybert. “We are excited by the unprecedented success of the first live feed we did with Wildlife and we felt like we wanted to take the interactive element to the next level. Getting Nina to sign on is obviously a huge coup.”

Wildlife’s Screw My Wife Please! series ignited the condoned infidelity reality genre. These and other cuckold movies are consistently some of the most popular on Cybert said it was an easy choice to partner with CED to begin showcasing all the behind the scenes action on set.
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Philadelphia, PA – National A-1 Internet, owner and operator of and, is excited to announce that they have partnered with ZFX Productions, the masters of high intensity bondage drama, to exclusively offer their first release in three years, Goon Squad.

Iconoclast director Rick Masters’ latest masterpiece is being pre-released on exclusively starting Friday, May 8th.

“ZFX films are the ultimate expression in the female submissive genre and we’re incredibly excited to make this amazing movie available to the fetish community,” says James Cybert, National A-1’s Director of Business Development. “I think they’ll agree it was worth the three year wait!”

The first release, in what promises to be an outstanding series, paints a vivid picture of a dark world in which government corruption has replaced democracy:

“After a devastating terrorist attack, the United States is plunged into a perpetual state of conflict by corrupt leaders with the ambiguous goal of wiping out world terrorism. The real agenda is much darker. This was THE moment that the power hungry opportunists had waited for. Since Colleges are home of the liberal intellectual elite, or as the H.A.T.E. squad call them, “The Enemy”, they are the primary places used by the Goon Squad to gather information and to choose targets for abduction and torture. This is where our story begins…”

For more information, visit or

Philadelphia, PA – Antigua Pictures is the latest company to take advantage of Internet video on demand to premiere its hottest new title, giving viewers the rare chance to preview Christy Canyon: The Lost Footage a week before it hits the street on April 7.

Christy Canyon: The Lost FootageThe movie is a four-hour ultimate tit-lover’s fuckfest, jam packed with highlights of the sexy adventures of Christy Canyon, the original queen of big natural breasts. The footage has never been released on DVD in America and promises to be a goldmine for fans of the star, who made hundreds of movies during a career that stretched between the mid-1980s and mid-1990s.

“We are excited to dig into our classic library of content that we have not released here in the United States on DVD,” said Todd Blatt, CEO of Antigua. “HotMovies has been a great working partner. We wanted to give their customers a little something special here, and we absolutely look forward to providing more special titles to them in the future.”

Antigua, one of the oldest and best-known names in Porn Valley, shot Canyon over and over again during her heyday. Primarily known for its incredibly hot starlets doing all kinds of nasty things with other incredibly hot starlets and leading male talent alike, Antigua recently dipped into its archives to find the best rare footage and re-release for a new generation of porn lovers.

“This is an exciting time for our customers,” said HotMovies Director of business development James Cybert. “The relationship with Antigua has always been very strong and we are certainly honored to be their choice as a primary on-demand partner. Our customers always appreciate having the first look at great content, whether it’s new or rare classic footage like this.”

Sales manager David Peskin added that lovers of such footage will be excited by Antigua’s next release as well, another four lost hours of porn’s greatest male hero, Ron Jeremy. “That one’s amazing,” he said. “Look for it to be featured on and in the coming weeks.”

For further information contact HotMovies at (800) 611-MOVIE.

Philadelphia, PA – Long before the economic downturn, back when DVD sales were still fairly consistent, Bob Alexander foresaw a trend. So, little by little, he began to tweak his business model. While many of his competitors continued to resist for months and even years, Alexander took advantage of video on demand and embraced the digital revolution.

Bob’s Videos, Alexander’s label, was one of the first companies to use a variety of pay per minute sites to boost revenues. Then, in April of 2007, Alexander became the first producer partner to debut two new releases, Clear Evidence of Global Warming and Bob’s Line, Volume 201, on the site prior to the DVDs hitting the street.

Now he’s doing it again. Looking to build on the success of his first VOD debuts, Bob’s Videos will premiere both (Stories About) My Slutty Sister and What Girlfriends Do Best weeks ahead of their scheduled street date on and its affiliated sites. Webmasters should be ready, HotMovies representatives said, to promote these titles to their VOD viewers.

“I’m doing some of the best work of my life right now,” agreed Alexander, who produces, directs and films all of his titles. “This is such a creative time, and people are simply tired of feeling down and depressed by the constant assault of bad news. It just seems like things are changing everywhere in the country. What better time to put your nose to the grindstone and make your work really matter?”

Bob’s Video is well known for turning smoke fetish, nylon fetish, masturbation and lesbian films into masterpieces of mood, production and powerful erotica.

“In these two newest platinum edition titles, I wanted to capture some joy and fun in girl/girl erotica. I utilized some of the best models I’ve ever worked with old friends Goldie, Tanya Danielle and Celeste Star. I also persuaded super-hottie Cassia Riley to do some of the most daring and explicit girl/girl video she’s ever done. For variety, I added the passion and sincerity from three newcomers, the stunning Veronica Ricci, awesome coed Erin Avery and the very steamy Lana Lopez.”

HotMovies reps said they love premiering the movies online. “As the video industry continues to transform around digital delivery, content producers are on the lookout for new angles to promote and sell product,” said HotMovies director of business development James Cybert. “We enjoy assisting them in maximizing their online presence and we believe Bob’s got a couple of winners. A movie about a slutty sister who happens to also be a provocative lesbian, especially, would tend to appeal to many of our customers.”

For further information contact HotMovies at (800) 611-MOVIE.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, February 17, 2009 – The adult Internet’s popular VOD company has signed on to be a Corporate Sponsor of Cybernet Expo, which returns to San Francisco this June.

“We’re excited to sponsor the 2009 Cybernet Expo,” says Monica Jean, Marketing Department Manager for “Cybernet has always stood out to us for the people and companies it attracts and its business focus. The intimate atmosphere of the show is great for building strong relationships within the industry. Having the show in San Francisco is great, it’s an awesome city and home to many companies who are fantastic hosts.” Cybernet Expo, now in it’s 12th year, will return to the Golden Gateway Hotel in San Francisco, California, from June 25th – 27th.

The show is designed specifically for the adult Internet business and will focus exclusively on Internet distribution of adult content. The schedule of workshops and seminars will be announced by YNOT later this year, as will key parties and events.

For more information about available sponsorship, please visit the website at Discounted “early bird” registration is set to open later in the month.

At long last, the work of heralded European director John Thompson will be available online in America, thanks to one of the industry’s biggest names.

Fresh off its special XBiz award for Global Branding,, the most widely known name in adult Internet pay per minute, announced this week a long-awaited new partnership with Eurorevenue to bring Thompson’s special brand of eurosmut to its users.

“We couldn’t be happier,” said HotMovies director of business development James Cybert. “The demand for these movies is obviously incredibly high. It’s been a top priority for many years to form this relationship and we are positive our users will get off time and again watching these crazy hot titles.”

Thompson’s indelible dirty work includes several studio lines, including John Thompson Productions and the verboten-in-America 666. HotMovies users will enjoy the popular GGG series – well-known to bukakke lovers everywhere – as the site will begin by rolling out 100 titles from that line over the next several months.

Following a fortuitous meeting in Amsterdam between HotMovies representatives and Joe Holm of Eurorevenue, the two companies agreed to a special licensing arrangement that will ultimately bring hundreds of Thompson’s movies to HotMovies for years to come. Holm’s company enjoys the exclusive right to negotiate all online distribution deals for Thompson’s incredibly popular content.

“There is an unrelenting demand amongst adult consumers for John Thompson Productions content. Every VOD company knows this, and they have all been courting us for years for the licensing rights,” said Holm. “In HotMovies, we have finally identified a partner we can trust to disseminate this unique brand and movie library safely, securely and, above all else, profitably to an ever-broadening, online consumer-base.”

HotMovies is set to do a special premiere of 20 titles from the Thompson’s library this week, with many more in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

For further information about maximizing Video on Demand for your production studio, contact HotMovies at (800) 611-MOVIE.

Philadelphia, PA-, the most widely branded name in adult Internet Pay-Per-Minute, has teamed up with studio partner PIJ Inc. on a revolutionary project which will stream live porn shoots straight from the set to customers’ home computers.

The first live streams aired on Hotmovies Friday evening, February 6, and Saturday, February 7. The next scheduled shows will be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, February 11 through February 13, between 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm Pacific each day. The live streams will be on a regular recurring basis thereafter.

“We are really excited to offer this groundbreaking new feature to our customers,” said James Cybert, director of business development. “We love giving fans what they want and this feed gives them a very intimate and honest look at what goes into the making of a porno.”

With streams running five hours or longer, there is perhaps some added pressure on the producers to keep things action packed and fun for a viewing audience. So far, Cybert said, they have done a stellar job. “I have been watching the feed all day,” he admitted. “I am very impressed with both the quality and entertainment value of the live feed so far.”

The show uses multiple cameras that cut between the on-set action and the production team, with various people from the set also providing a comedic but sexy running commentary. One segment from the first day featured a starlet grabbing the camera and shooting an exchange where she helps her newbie co-star find and engorge her clit.

“That’s the magic of a live feed,” said Cybert. “You never quite know what will happen.”

Listed on HotMovies as Porn Set Live, the feed is the creation of Pete Cash and Louis Deville. “We are bringing our viewer the ultimate interactive experience of what it’s like to be on a porn set,” said Cash. “The filming of a scene is captured and broadcast live from beginning to end, from trying on clothes to the post-coital shower. The main attraction of course is the sex that can be viewed unedited as it’s happening. During down time, a charismatic porn star host takes the fans on a behind the scenes tour, interviewing and playing around with the performers, until every little secret about them is known. With PornSetLive, you are not just watching porn. You are in it.”

The producers and Cybert agreed that another positive aspect of the project is the opportunity to show fans the light-hearted nature of the set and how much fun everyone is having just doing their jobs.

For more info, contact at (800) 611-MOVIE