Generally when it comes to pictures, people try to make themselves look as good as possible. Maybe it’s sucking in your gut and flexing a little if you’re a dude. Or perhaps it’s popping out your boobs and choosing the best “Myspace Angle” if you’re a gal. Whatever the method, people always want to look their absolute best when being photographed. Well, that is, most people. You see, there’s this fairly new trend that involves girls (and sometimes guys) taking a normal picture of themselves followed by a photo of them making a hideously disturbing face that makes them appear incredibly unattractive. It’s called Pretty Girls Ugly Faces, and it’s really quite hysterical. So today we’re going to take a look at some of the best examples.

This first picture is one of the best. The subject involved does such a great job that it’s difficult to tell if it’s even the same person. But it is! Here’s the proof if you don’t believe me.

pretty girl ugly faces

It’s just absolutely stunning what this gal is able to do with her neck. She is truly very ugly in that second photo. Which, in this case, I suppose is the best compliment one could give.

Speaking of the neck… That seems to be the key when taking part in this trend. It’s all about making the chin and neck appear much larger and scrunched together than it does normally. This girl does a great job showing the transition from pretty to ugly at step by step basis.

pretty to ugly step by step

You really get to fully appreciate the transformation from attractive girl to hideous monster with this breakdown.

If these photos haven’t been frightening enough for you, don’t worry. Some people have taken this trend to GIF format to make the experience even more startling. Like this next girl for instance. She seems so sweet and innocent until well…she doesn’t.

innocent to scary

¬†That is true talent right there. A lot of people are only able to achieve a weird, dumbfounded kind of ugliness. But this chick! No no. She’s able to harness the evil of a thousand demons in that ugly face. Job well done.

And last, it’s only fair to show that guys can be just as grotesque and odd as the ladies above. The dude in this example seems to be just an ordinary, attractive guy, right?

normal guy

WRONG! He’s actually capable of becoming quite disturbing. I think I’m going to be seeing this in my nightmares for a while.

ugly guy

He went from  looking Don Draper-esque to a total creep in no time at all!

Well I think that’s enough of that for now. But don’t panic! You can find more Pretty Girls Ugly Faces pictures here to occupy yourself for a while.