Have you ever found yourself watching porn and hear one of the stars say something so ridiculous you can’t help but laugh hysterically? Well I found a bunch of those quotes that just make you go, “Wait, what did they just say?!” Then we took those quotes and put them on very stoic looking images of the stars that said them. Hilarity ensued.

Tori Black quote

This is Tori Black. She said this great line whilst holding two dicks against her face. The look of struggle on her face just fits the quote so perfectly.

Asa Akira quote

Asa Akira is one of my all time favorite porn stars. One reason is because I love Asian girls. But also because she says things like this. Seriously, can you imagine ¬†hooking up with a girl and her saying this?! I don’t even think I’d be able to finish. I’d just stand there laughing in shock.

Christy Mack quote

When I heard this one, I think I sat just staring at the screen with my mouth open for a good 5 minutes. It’s just so absurd. If you want to hear it in its original context, check out Tattooed Anal Sluts.

James Deen quote

¬†James Deen looks like he could be doing a Calvin Klein ad in this pic. However, while Calvin Klein ads can be a little suggestive, they generally aren’t quite as blunt as James’ quote here.

Lexi Belle quote

So the porn industry sometimes uses fake cum. Come on, you didn’t really think some of those guys can blow loads that big, did you? It is a little odd, though, that Lexi Belle decided to ask specifically for the fake stuff in the middle of being banged. She could at least pretend it’s real… Oh and if you want to make your own, here are a couple of fake cum recipes.

Sasha Grey quote

Last is the always wonderful, yet incredibly vulgar, Sasha Grey. She just gets so aggressive sometimes. Which I guess is understandable since a lot of her time is spent being gangbanged. She’s looking very politician-like in this picture. I think more of our political leaders should throw quotes like this one into their speeches. I bet a lot more people would start paying attention to politics.


“Luke, at that speed do you think you’ll be able to pull out in time?”

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