Reality Kings has produced some incredible organic material. Check that, they filmed some incredible organic boobs produced by a generous Mother Nature. Today, I’d like to spend a few moments discussing the benefits of an organic lifestyle. Specifically, I’d like to point out how organic racks rocks. Rather than giving you a windy, meticulous breakdown of why organic is such an awesome lifestyle alternative, I decided to go with a picture chart with only a few of my comments following. Today we will be discussing 100% organic boobs, using Reality Kings’ (an awesome studio we seriously love) Big Naturals Volume 7.

1. Organic is a natural lifestyle, and very healthy for the consumer.

Samantha 38 G

 Thoughts: Nature meant them to be that delicious looking! No wonder Samantha is sporting that cup size!

2. Organic can, and should be locally sourced.

Evie Delatosso and Rucca Page

Thoughts: Let’s be honest, you probably can’t just walk into a local supermarket and find these on the shelf. However, these are known to occur naturally in the wild around the globe. You just have to have an eye for them in their natural environment. We suggest combing the local beaches for potential habitits habitats.

3. Organic boobs look and taste better than genetically modified boobs.

Amy Valor

Thoughts: Drool.

4. While organic boobs are usually attached to people with more expensive tastes, the good feeling that playing with them provides is more than worth the upkeep.

Ivana Branchi

Thoughts: Where’s the closest jewelry shop?

5. An organic lifestyle is good for the environment.


Thoughts: That shirt contains says a mouthful.

6. My final point? Organic boobs let me get paid to blog about them.

Alanna Ackerman

Thoughts: As a purely altruistic gesture, I hope this series goes to about 2,000 movies.

So, as you can see, an organic lifestyle can make you healthier, happier, and if the Vatican is right – judging by my reaction to proofing this post – can potentially cause blindness. Of course I’m hoping that science is right, and these beauties just keep evolving and getting better!