Boss Fantasies from New SensationsI just watched the New Sensations’ film Boss Fantasies, a movie that portrays illicit office sex from award-winning writer and director Jacky St. James. It’s the second title  in the Tales from the Edge series, a series meant to explore sexual ideas and situations that are often taken to the extreme-like the boss/employee relationship, for example. It’s a fantasy that many possess, but few follow through with. James shows us what can happen when you allow yourself to be bad.

“There’s something inherently exciting about the forbidden territory of sex with one’s boss,” Jacky St. James said. “There’s all this baggage that comes with that…what your coworkers might say if they find out, if you’ll get fired, promoted, etc. The risks are what make it exciting. If a sexual attraction already exists, it can be dangerous and explosive. This movie captures the very essence of sex with one’s boss and the different dynamics at play within it.”

The movie features four individually themed scenes that manage to fit together nicely into one sordid tale of office politics and underhanded tactics. From cheating executives with sexy assistants to a power hungry boss that uses her employee’s job to lure him into bed, this movie depicts the extreme end of sexual office adventures. Appearing in the movie for your viewing pleasure are Skin Diamond, Chanel Preston, A.J. Applegate, and rising star Karla Kush.

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Today we have a guest post from my co-worker, @emmmmja. It’s a continuation of my post yesterday and gives you a look into a few more of the  nominees for the Hottest Sex Scene category at The Sex Awards. Enjoy!

Ahhhh, my favorite category of the Sex Awards list — The Hottest Sex Scene. I will tell you now, friends, THAT this was a blessing of a post to take on. In fact, I’m going to skip the written verbiage and just jump right into the reviews and snippets, and let you decide for yourself which is the best. Click on the name to get to watch the whole thing, or go to this theater, and watch all of them.


Then, exercise your right to vote and GO DO IT.



Asa Akira Is Insatiable 3

Asa Akira, Brooklyn Chase, James Deen

The film in its entirety is so dirty, raw, sweaty, and pretty populated. So if you know that before you click on the preview above, the warning is this threesome is nothing short of all those adjectives. This was, admittedly, the first time I saw James Deen in a threesome. And there’s a whole lotta anal.



Kaylani Lei, Xander Corvus

Alright so first off, if you’ve seen this movie, you know I’m kiiiinda cheating you with this preview. It is not, actually, the sex scene that is nominated. But I really liked it, because it actually shows the chemistry and sweetness between the two characters. However, the sex scene is pretty real as well. It’s nighttime, and they lay a Mexican blanket on the hood of a red convertible, and fall into each other. It’s night-time-desert-hood-of-a-car-sex. You know, we’ve all been there. It’s worth watching. Especially because it’s XANDER EFFING CORVUS.



jessica drake, Julia Ann, Brad Armstrong

This scene is great because, duh, I love threesomes and I love strap-on action and I’m really digging the DP idea. It’s hot. And because this showed jessica working with real-life partner Brad, it still carried this sultry sensuality to it. Plus, there was all that dirty talk demanding, which was iconic in a 50 Shades sort of relevance.


Immoral Proposal

April O’Neil, Mr. Pete

And you know what’s hot about this one? The April O’Neil part of it. Her boobs. How intense Mr. Pete can fuck. Can you imagine being on the other side of that wall and listening to that? Well, I have masturbation material for later on. In this scene you watch him at his best, just…like a damn hammer. And they pretty much fucking break the table (not really) and end up on the floor.


The Submission of Emma Marx

Penny Pax, Richie Calhoun

I’m hoping you’ve seen my review of this movie, because it’s been my favorite so far. I describe why exactly it is, in my review. So go read it. But anyway, there is so much sex between these two the whole movie through that I just threw this clip into here, to show how desperate she ends up wanting him to boom boom her bum bum. It is such a seductive set of scenes between them. Always pushing into further limits but preventing them from falling completely into it. It’s such a damn tease, and you always want more.


Meet Bonnie

Bonnie Rotten, Skin Diamond, Asphyxia Noir

Welp. I’ve found my Hottest Sex Scene. And it’s pretty much because Bonnie Rotten just knows how to fuck with a strap-on. This is pre-boob job, so if you’re looking for gigantos, then, NO WAIT WATCH IT ANYWAY. Because it’s three gorgeous girls who just like it really rough and dirty from time to time, and the ladies know how to please each other. It even starts out by turning you on. This melodic music plays as Bonnie looks innocently enough at the camera, and then Asphyxia and Skin come into the picture kissing her neck. Strap-on, double-ended dildo, vibrator, whip, tongues…oh God. I watched this scene so many times and it still makes me hot and leaves me biting my lip. Hard.



Want me to review a few more? Let me know at @emmmmja which ones you need reviewing and/or compared. You might see some later this week…..

Revision3 is a television network for the internet generation. They create and produce all-original episodic community driven programs watched by dedicated web surfers.

What seems to be just another iPad promotion, is actually a 70’s pornographic concise review of Apple’s newest personal computing device. Looking past the obvious advertisements for, this review touches on the main points of interest for the iPad.

Revision3 notes how the iPad is basically just a giant iPod. Out of the box, the iPad still needs to be synced in order for it to become active. The solid LED screen, lol, also lacks the ability to multi-task, a camera and Adobe Flash support. Sorry gentlemen, that little blue building block is all you get to tug to. Maybe if we dressed it in some lingerie…yea I’ve got nothing.

Since Stoya was talking about video games, it sort of reminded me of when I was little and played them. So let’s remind ourselves of when Stoya wasn’t such a huge movie star:

I really should have started my weekly reviews with PBR but for some reason I was trying to be a little classier by starting with my second favorite beer, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.

I need to stay true to my name and review PBR this time, especially because I’m listening to NWA and I feel like it’s par for the course at this moment in time. A lot of people give me shit for drinking so much PBR but I really don’t see what’s so wrong with it. Sure you can go to any bar and the most you’ll ever pay for a can of pbr is 2 bucks- but does that make me a bad person for liking that? If a beer tastes good and doesn’t break the bank then it’s fine by me.

I don’t really ever drink PBR in the bottle (unless it’s a 40) because the cans are always the perfect size. I prefer the 16oz can because then you don’t feel like such an alcoholic when you have to keep reaching for a new can, but that’s not my whole reason for preferring a can. The thickness of the aluminum makes it pretty good for shotgunning and it’s also good for painting (yes, sometimes you just gotta paint your cans for certain events).
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Ok ok, I guess this post will be my official introduction to all of you meatheads! It’s about time there’s a woman’s perspective around here and who better to write for the HotMovies Blog than a chick who loves getting into trouble, getting drunk and watching porn. Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than that. So far I’ve only dug my nails into a few subjects; Paris Hilton Wants to be Stripperella, No More Playboy Mansion Parties= My Life is Over, $2,000/hr Hooker, I’m in the Wrong Field, and Michael Phelps Can Bang Anyone He Wants. There’s plenty more where that came from, folks.

With that said, I feel it’s only natural that I put my brain to use by reviewing beers on a weekly basis and hopefully turning you onto something new (besides me of course).

So the first beer I chose to review was Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. Reasoning: 1- I already had it at home in my fridge, 2- Pay day isn’t for a few more days so I didn’t want to go pay $10 for some over priced locally brewed ‘lager’, and 3- The Olympics have been on and gymnastics is clearly way more important that socializing with people in the outside world.
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This week we featured the Amy Fisher Caught on Tape as our The Hot Movie, and now Hot Movies For Her has a review for you.

In case you want to check out the Full Movie or the Free Gallery first, there ya go!

Otherwise, see the Amy Fisher Caught on Tape Review at Hot Movies For Her

ron jeremy Hotmovies the blogNo, its not the title of a popular Ron Jeremy skin flick from the 70’s – featuring righteous arpeggios from Black Sabbath – but that’s a solid guess.

Iron Man is the latest super-hero blockbuster to hit the silver screen. It features bad boy actor Robert Downey Jr. as bad boy inventor Tony Stark. Stark is a super genius who bangs reporters that look like super-models and secretaries that look like super-models. When he’s not trying to get into someone’s pants he’s building metal ones of his own and fighting against the military industrial complex.

Not usually impressed with the super-hero flicks. It’s usually just paint by numbers Joseph Campbell style and that can get kind of boring. Fortunately Iron Man avoids the genre pitfalls with some clever flash back work across act one and a few twists in the third. The movie has just the right amount of techy nonsense, political intrigue and special effects to keep you engaged for 2 hours.

Don’t take my word for it. Iron Man grossed over a hundred million domestically this weekend and Universal already announced a release date and spin-offs for 2010. If you can’t trust the wisdom of a studio executive then who can you trust?

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy is the All Time King and Class Clown of pornography. Having stared in over 1,800 films AVN Magazine named him #1 among the “100 Top Porn Stars of All Time” and he wants to be your MySpace friend.