The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries movieThe Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries, the much anticipated sequel to 2013’s smash hit, The Submission of Emma Marx, was just released to coincide with the timing of the mainstream film debut of 50 Shades of Grey, the inspiration behind the series. Labeled as “Mommy Porn” by the media, the 50 Shades book series was a massive success thanks to the unexpected following of many women who may not typically consider themselves as porn consumers. Marx director Jacky St. James, who has built a reputation for having her finger on the pulse of women, taps into the female psyche and uses this distinction “to write and direct films for couples who want to watch porn together, and for women who might be a little intimidated or fearful of porn.” The Marx series, which could be considered the true “Mommy Porn,” captures this essence by targeting what truly turns women on:  the erotic and the psychological.  While men typically find themselves excited by a more visual experience, women are able to connect with the mental plot line that drives this sensual, yet kinky, film.

Boundaries is set three years after the original Emma Marx story and we find main characters Emma and Mr. Fredericks have embarked on a full-time D/s relationship. While the first film focused more on Emma coming to terms with her own fantasies and desires, the sequel finds a more experienced and confident Emma embarking on a journey of self-discovery while pushing the boundaries of her own sexuality.

For fans of the original, The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries will certainly not disappoint!

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The Sex Awards is an upcoming consumer-voted adult awards show sponsored by HotMovies. The show is going to take place in October and air on TV in January. However, the voting ends on August 25th. So until that date, I thought it’d be a cool little project to feature some of the nominees here on the blog to give you a better idea as to who you might vote for. This is going to be a really cool event. I suggest you all to take part!

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Today’s star is Riley Reid! Riley is fairly new to the scene, having started her career in 2011. But don’t let her youth fool you. She’s racked up some big time experience in the awards area. At the 2013 XBIZ Awards she won Best New Starlet and was nominated in several other categories.

riley reid

Ms. Reid is a great follow on Twitter as well (@RileyReidx3). A lot of the stars can sometimes disappear on there or not be too interactive with their followers. That is definitely not a concern here! She’s super active on there which is always a cool thing to see. And also, like many other people in her field, Riley is really in to Vine. What makes her Vine videos so great, though, is that you have a very high chance of seeing some boob action.

Vine examples for those curious…

Seriously, she’s so frickin cute! How could you not vote for her?! I know I will be.

riley reid cute

If you want to check out Riley Reid in action, I definitely recommend watching Bitter Sweet. It was just released on the HotMovies site yesterday. The film opens with a great scene featuring my new favorite lady. I think what I enjoy so much about her work is that it just seems real. She’s never over the top but at the same time always has just the right amount of passion.

To paraphrase the words of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Calvin Candie, in Django Unchained… Riley, you had my curiosity. But now you have my attention.

calvin candie