Rob Ford is the gift that keeps on giving. The Toronto Mayor is now well-known for his crazy antics and crack smoking. I could not be happier about it, in all honesty. The faces this dude makes, alone, are reason enough to want to keep him in the news. Just check out those crazy eyes. You know this guy is down to party with a face like that.

Rob Ford

Well, Ford is back in the news, and this time it’s not drug related. See, the mayor has been offered a couple gigs to make appearances in porn videos. Sure he’s kind of creepy looking, overweight, and just generally an unattractive individual…but I still hope this happens! There’s even a female counterpart lined up for it. Brandy Aniston has come out and said that she would indeed co-star in the porn flick with Ford.

Yeah, that’s right. Brandy Aniston. This smokin’ hot chick right here.

Brandy Aniston

And for those curious, Brandy has already appeared in a ton of movies that you can go watch now to check out just how great she is. Which makes you wonder, why would she want to be in a movie with a nut job when she’s used to doing high-level porn? Well, apparently Aniston was quoted as saying…

“He’s kinda cute, in a big, teddy bear kind of way.”

Sure, cute. You know, if you find crazy-eyed fat guys who smoke crack cute, then yeah. But hey, who am I to judge personal preference? Everybody’s got something they’re in to. And like I said, I would still gladly watch. Because at the very worst, this movie would still be absolutely hilarious even if it wasn’t arousing.

So keep your eyes open for further updates on the possibility of this movie actually happening. And until such news breaks, keep the Rob Ford hilarity alive in you with these ridiculous quotes by the mayor.