Ron Jeremy, infamously known for unlimbering his timber in over 1,700 adult movies, keeps his money maker dry docked in the new release, “Beaches, Buns and Bikinis.” This festive, quirky, risqué and fun film is an environmental comedy that is an offbeat salute to the beach movies of the 1960’s.

This epic tale about love, hot dogs, sand, and a little magic is set in an industrial seaside town. Surfside music and carefree dancing emanate as CRAB SHACK SAMMIE (Ron Jeremy), a wise mystical beach sage and owner of the coolest hotdog stand on the sand begins his day. However, when the music stops and chaos begins, he knows what it will take to get magic back on the beach.

Opening a treasure from the past, he asks one of his employees (Adrian Jordan) to wear a beachin’ good luck charm, a magical hot dog suit whose presence will bring love and posterity to the beach. Then peace is again in turmoil when an unknown thief steals the suit, and their sandy universe is no longer, as they know it. As one of the effected beachside residents, CASPAR (Doug McAbee), discovers he has lost his one true love, RUBY (Aneela Qureshi), to his nemesis LITTLE BIG MIKE (Ty Smith.) Upon realization of the suits powers, Caspar knows he must act quickly to recover the hotdog suit so good fortune will return to the beach and get his girl back.

Ron Jeremy commented on the film, “I think it is very quirky, a very unusual storyline. I haven’t seen this kind of storyline before, it is what usually seems to sell well today, something much more creative, something out of the ordinary. “

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Cecil Howard's "Scoundrels"PHILADELPHIA – Two days after ABC debuted a new hour-long weekly TV show by the same name, will premiere the original, award-winning Scoundrels starting today for a limited window. Thus, 27 years to the month after its original release, Cecil Howard’s legendary masterpiece of adult cinema will make a new kind of history.

For the first time since the advent of Internet Video On Demand, a movie will run on planned limited release. Scoundrels, which won AVN’s first ever Best Film Award in 1983, as well as Best Director and Best Editing, will be available to the popular website’s viewers for one-month only, with no further distribution plans in the hopper.

“It’s an historic deal in so many ways,” said HotMovies director of business development James Cybert. “Here is the first movie to win the porn equivalent of a best picture Oscar, with a living legend in his first serious starring role, by the greatest adult director to have ever lived. Then, you take all that, and you have 30 days to watch it. You may never have this chance again. It’s a whole new way of doing things but we believe it’s worth it for this man and this movie.”

The movie – shot, like all of Howard’s earlier works, on 35MM film – stars HotMovies spokesman and porn all-star Ron Jeremy is his first non-comedic feature role, as well as Hustler covergirl Copper Penny in her lone foray into adult movies.

Jeremy said he relished working on Howard’s ambitious films because they aimed to be more than just porn flicks. “Back in those days, when you worked on his films, you worked maybe 10 days as an actor and then maybe one day of sex,” said Jeremy. “Wake up in the morning and feel like an actor that day…. That’s why it was called the golden age of porn—the early ’80s.” Read the rest of this entry »

You may remember our original posting on Vivid’s Batman Porn Parody from a little while back. Originally, Nick Manning was slated as the caped crusader, but it seems some changes have taken place since then.

Director Axel Braun (This Ain’t Beverly Hills 90210 XXX, This Ain’t Saved by the Bell XXX) chose comeback performer Dale DaBone to play Adam West’s version of Batman. From this trailer and early reports, this may be the Adult Performance of the year. Dale DaBone not only remarkably resembles Adam West in the original 1960’s pattern Bat Suit, but his mannerisms and delivery are spot on as well.

“It was so important that the costumes were right and that the casting was right. I could not just replace people,” Axel Braun told Comic Book Resources. “I found the original fabrics used, I found the original patterns used, I found the people who made the costumes and the cowl… it’s like, there’s a lot of effort that went into this.”

Axel spared no effort in rounding out the rest of this star-spangled cast. James Deen plays Batman’s trusty sidekick, Robin, and sultry seductress Tori Black scratches her sex kitten claws into the role of Catwoman. Wait, there’s more! Batman just wouldn’t be the same without his fun-loving female counter-part, Bat Girl, played by the beautiful Lexi Belle. Not to mention the cackling evil duo of The Riddler and The Joker, played by Evan Stone and Randy Spears. Rumor also has it that the legendary Ron Jeremy may have a cameo as the Penguin in “Batman XXX“.

This is building up to possibly be Axel Braun’s most impressive parody to date.

Tia Brodie performs Burlesque on Britian's Got TalentIt appears that Ron Jeremy has created enough ripples with his 9 inch wonder in the world that he can even be connected to the wildly popular television show, “Britain’s Got Talent!”.

This year “Britain’s Got Talent” has voted a budding burlesque performer through to the second round. With her new possibilities of success, Tia Brodie’s colorful past has been brought into the spotlight with her. “There was a time when I did the more hardcore stuff. The money was better but I stopped getting a lot of work when I decided I no longer wanted to open my legs for the cameras. I used to do a lot of that stuff.”, said Brodie to News of the World. One may not find a Tia’s dabbling in the adult world a shock when currently performing almost completely naked for millions, but my head turns when Ron Jeremy’s name is mentioned.

Tia Brodie has performed in a small spattering of porn during her adult travels, including a film with the Hedgehog himself. I wonder how many other girls have found some sort of stardom after mounting Ron? At this point, could we presume Ron Jeremy deals out fame by injection? Wins XBIZ Award

Philadelphia, PA –, the colossal Video-On-Demand website, capped off an amazing year by taking home the 2010 XBIZ Award for VOD Company of the Year.

This is the second time the crew at HotMovies has been recognized at adult’s biggest business awards show, they also brought home the hardware in 2008.

“We’re really honored to be recognized by XBIZ again this year,” says director of business development James Cybert, who was on hand with the legendary Ron Jeremy to accept the award. “XXX fans will be glad to know we’re not letting up as we quickly approach 150,000 movies on the site.”

When asked about teaming up with HotMovies, Jeremy, of course, had plenty to say.

“I am pleased as punch to be part of such a successful company. They have had for over a year now, and I couldn’t be happier with the arrangement. It isn’t just me. Everybody I talk to, no joke, tells me that is one of the best VOD companies around and they are really nice guys. Stop playing violins in the background, I know I’m corny.”

HotMovies has more than 130,000 movies from over 2,300 hot XXX studios. The website allows users to watch what they want, when they want it, without memberships or monthly fees.

For all the hottest adult videos on the web, there is only one place to go, For more information, visit or call 1-800-611-MOVIE.

Venus Berlin 2009 Brings the Stars To Venus

Philadelphia, PA – National A-1 Internet and, the internet’s largest video on demand website, is preparing for a major heavenly convergence in Berlin this weekend. The 13th annual Venus Berlin International Trade Fair will be held this weekend, October 15th – 18th in Berlin, Germany.

“It’s going to be quite a rush to the senses having all this legendary talent assembled in one place,” says director of business development, James Cybert. “But we just couldn’t go small at an event like Venus Berlin.”

Bringing American stars Ron Jeremy, Sunny Lane and Jenna Haze to Venus, HotMovies will be bringing a salacious heaven to hall 20, booth 14. Ron Jeremy, is a legend in his own time, listed as performing in over 2000 titles, director of over 280 films and a capable of switching back and forth between the world of adult an mainstream seemingly at will. Sunny Lane is a coquettish strawberry blonde with over 140 titles to her name. While Jenna Haze is a smoldering brunette with over 400 video credits of her own.

Ron Jeremy and the girls will all be signing autographs throughout the event at the booth in hall 20. For information and tickets for the event, please visit Producers interested in VOD are encouraged to contact the studio team at:

(800) 611-MOVIE

Last week I posted about the Backseat Film Festival and apparently it was a huge hit on Saturday. They had a special tribute to Adam Rifkin who is a pretty big director and was responsible for the movie Homo Erectus. Ron Jeremy was in the movie Homo Erectus which was screened Saturday night and the Hedgehog was a special surprise guest at the show.

Ron Jeremy hosted Strip For Pain sponsored by at the after party.

Now here’s a little gossip between you and me:

Supposedly, when getting distribution (and after being bought by National Lampoon franchise), Walmart wouldn’t accept a movie called “Homo Erectus” (even though it’s an anthropological term), so they changed the name to National Lampoon’s the Stoned Aged. So Walmart is against possible gay innuendo but totally fine with drug innuendo.

Something to think about next time you’re trying to buy paper towels at Walmart because they’re a whopping 20 cents cheaper than the grocery store.

IN the pics are Ron Jeremy, Doug Sakmann, and Adam Rifkin.

Apparently there was a short porn shot in the Howard Stern studios and our favorite porn star Ron Jeremy was there of course.


The Crazy Cabbie from the Howard Stern Show is apparently the blame for this. He was given permission to film a porn in the studio, and I don’t know why. Who wants to see this dude fuck? NOT ME!

Below is an exclusive interview was able to get with the one and only hedgehog girls would/could legally bang: Mr. Ron Jeremy

oh, and yes, that’s Ron Jeremy with T-Pain.

Joanna Angel and Ron Jeremy were signing at the HotMovies Booth at the 2009 AEE Las Vegas Show a few weeks ago. They were a huge hit and at any given time there was atleast a 10 minute wait to see them.

Fans also got extremely lucky with Joanna Angel Protege, Jessie Lee arrived and hung out for a bit. She even gave us a little taste of that sexy body of hers. Oh, and she demonstrated her love for tits too. Grrr!