If you have been making plans for CyberNet Expo 2011, but all you hear about around the Webmaster watering hole is the YNOT Summit, please do not be alarmed. The YNOT Group LLC, which has been the parent company for the late CyberNet Expo, has simply changed the moniker of the evolved tech gathering. HotMovies.com is sponsoring the YNOT Summit 2011 in San Francisco, CA as a Gold partner. The event is scheduled to take place June 23rd – June 25th in the downtown area of America’s bustling technology hub.

“The Cybernet Expo name was established in 1997, and it was the perfect name at the time. We feel it is the right time to make a clearer connection between the summer show and the YNOT brand. Also, while the show actually started as an ‘expo,’ it really has evolved over the years into a ‘summit,’ adapting to the preferences of the industry and our supporters.” YNOT President and Chief Technology Officer, Connor Young

The YNOT Group has promised a full set of informational sessions along with some brand new creative networking options and entertainment opportunities for the refurbished Expo this year. “In addition to its usual industry leading classes, seminars and hands-on workshops, the first summit will be enhanced with new activities designed to facilitate business networking in entertaining and innovative ways,” says YNOT contributing writer, Sue Denim.

A full event guide for the first YNOT Summit can be downloaded below in PDF format:
Full YNOT Summit 2011 Digital Event Schedule

Tickets to the YNOT Summit 2011 can be purchased at the link below:

YNOT Summit 2011 Official Registration

It’s not often that you can involve things like whips, chains, and ball-gags with the wholesome majority’s ideal of “community”, but Kink.com is attempting to do just that.

Peter Acworth, owner of Kink.com, purchased the abandoned National Guard Armory in the Mission District of San Francisco in 2006 in order to convert it into his successful fetish studio. Needless to say, he was met with heated opposition from the surrounding public. Since then, Mr. Acworth and Kink.com have performed the miracle of winning public support with kindness. Since obtaining the massive structure, and continuing with Kink.com’s line of successful fetish videos, Acworth has donated tens of thousands of dollars to nonprofits working to help Mission youth. As if this wasn’t enough, now he also wants to use a large section of his complex to host community gatherings.

The 38,000 square foot “Drill Center” portion of the original National Guard Armory has been used for parking during the last 5 years, but had been used to host sporting events and community gatherings during it’s hay-day. Acworth has expressed ideas for the space such as community banquets, film festivals, farmers markets and youth sports events, but intends to let the surrounding family community have input before solidifying plans for the space.

“We want to resurrect this space as a place of assembly,” said Acworth.

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Maybe some of our readers can help us solve this mystery of mysteries. How do a man, an adult video and a private booth create a screaming ball of flame? Well, we certainly don’t know, but apparently one man in San Francisco has figured out the equation.

At one of your every day adult video stores in San Francisco, California, a very unfortunate man has seemingly spontaneously combusted while watching adult videos. Reports of the incident describe the man as having run through the store completely engulfed in flames, and out to the front sidewalk where the police were visually alerted. First to third degree burns covered over 90% of his body, and parts of his clothing needed to be cut from him when the ambulance arrived. Thankfully, authorities managed to transport him to St Francis Memorial Hospital’s Bothin Burn Center. He is reported to still be in very critical condition.

Exotic Erotic Ball

Perry Mann founded the Exotic Erotic Ball in 1979 as a freakout fundraising event for his friend Louis Abolafia, who was the Nudist Party’s nominee for president.

“I have nothing to hide,” Abolafia (who died in 1995), said. Abolafia also coined the slogan “Make Love Not War,” and that is the guiding principle of the event.

The Ball has grown each year. In addition to the Human Petting Zoo, sex clinics, bondage demonstrations, erotic art exhibits, live bands, and the Blue Room (for discerning couples), the Ball and its accompanying Expo has for the last several years been held at the massive, State of California-owned Cow Palace, which says a lot about the grooviness of the Bay Area.

In advance of my journey to San Francisco Friday, I talked with EEB executive producer Howard Mauskopf, who works with Perry Mann and a staff of 30 to organize the 2-day event.

Gram: San Francisco might have rainbow flags in every window, but it seems just as often a polarized town, wherein one fetish or orientation can get very militant about itself in relation to others.

Mauskopf: It’s a wild party but it’s also laid-back, almost hippie-ish. A lot of the people who will be there have attended this for the past 30 years. With that comes kind of an attitudinal throwback to the Peace and Love years. There’s no threat. Whether or not you’re a participant in that lifestyle, you won’t be threatened, you’ll be amused. You’ll experience sensory overload. Everybody is peacefully coexisting. That’s the thing that I’m most proud of.

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