Sandra Romain

Our top 10 Most Prolific Porn Stars on list ups the exotic factor with the induction of Sandra Romain.

No. 3 – Sandra Romain (744 scenes): The first European on our countdown, but not the last. Hint, hint at the top spot slot: It’s her fellow traveler and sister in crime…. Anyway, let’s just say Sandra Romain has known what it takes to please a man for years and she romains (sorry) a go-to girl for porn shooters the world over to this very day. There might be a little Kelly Wells-style cray cray in there, or there might not. What we do see for sure is a definite willingness to go the extra mile on set. She’s a brunette endurance specialist who started in eastern Europe and rode her nasty streak and work ethic — and a shitload of cocks — to global stardom.