Thanks to poor educational standards, an uncommunicative family, and a fairly sheltered adolescence, being the newbie at Hot Movies started out…shall we say…awkward. Luckily, my obsession with social media came to my rescue: amongst my research for interesting sex and porn news, I stumbled across something that has quite literally changed my life. From being close-minded about discussing either topic and thoroughly inhibited, I have embraced sexual freedom and open expression of personal desires; the ideology of sex positivity has had a profound impact upon me.

Please do not take this as a conversion attempt. I simply think it is important to share the following information because sexual repression is a bitch.

The following are the significant concepts* as they are the antitheses of Western culture’s dominant philosophies:

  • Sexuality is a potentially positive force in life
  • Sexual expression is good and healthy
  • Acceptance of any and all sexual orientations
  • No moral or ethical distinctions for personal sexual preferences
  • Comprehensive and accurate sex education

*All fundamentally based on consent.

“Being sex positive is all about embracing that sexuality is a very important part of who you are, irrespective of your age and irrespective of the social construct. It means maintaining a healthy attitude towards sex — or lack thereof — and valuing it given your individual needs.” -Dr. Michael Krychman, sexual counselor and sexual-medicine gynecologist

I’ve come to understand this as a personally adaptable attitude, which translates to my takeaway as: whatever makes you feel good, you should be comfortable with and be able to discuss. Somewhat of a warning: there’s little information of the movement outside of its feminist sect and basic history. However, for those interested I recommend the following for an initial introduction: Sex Positive Movement and What Does Sex Positive Mean, combating the ideas of antisexualism/sex-negativity. (Yes, these include Wikipedia articles, but check out the References before dismissing them.)

Finally, I think it is crucial to assess this movement given the current cultural attitudes towards sex and porn, as well as their associated industries. My twitter has some infuriating illustrations of sexual shaming—like a guy that died from a sex toy because he was afraid to get it removed after it got stuck, or how women are labeled as hypersexual and criticized for watching porn.

tl;dr: #downwithinhibitions


The Princess Has Come of Age box coverIn a far away galaxy a princess, as soon as she comes of age has to choose a husband. Five princes coming from nearby planets have gathered together to the princess castle, but only he who will be able to satisfy all her sexual desires will marry her. Five nights of pleasure and lust are awaiting the princess…The challenge begins.

The above quote is the leader that opens surprise porn smash hit The Princess Has Come Of Age. With that in mind, you get the picture, except that at least two of the princes look like princesses, but that’s really not important. Following on from my recent post about the virtues of pixel sex, somebody, I shall mention no names though they could be described as being rather “deviant,” somebody thought it would be fun if I were to review one of the most popular movies on the site, that just happens to be animated! With princesses, horny aliens, and robots and stuff, at first glance The Princess  could appear a bit weird. Ok, it is weird, but it’s “good weird,” trust me!

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Either he’s extremely pale, or that’s a banana?


Fellatio – From the latin ‘fellare’, to suck. Say it slowly, and out aloud with the emphasis on the ‘ell’. Felllllatio. Now that is a word that sounds almost as good as it feels; it’s almost onomatopoeic. Ask most guys and they will say that pretty much nothing could ever match the way good fellatio feels. That may be, but is it a two-way street? Do guys relish the prospect of giving oral as much as we are eager to receive?

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Some things in the world are just made to have a counterpart. Think chocolate and peanut butter, steak and eggs, bonfires and sing-a-longs, Batman and Robin, and countless other famous pairs. Well one more that you can add to that list is rock ‘n’ roll and sex. Rockers have always lived a glamorous lifestyle filled with lots and lots of women. Although, it seems that in recent years, that over the top lifestyle has diminished compared to the way things were back in the 80’s. That is until punk band, Get Shot!, came along.

Get Shot!

You see, this punk band is on a mission to bring sex back into the world of rock ‘n’ roll. One instance took place when bassist, Laura Lush, decided to masturbate on the lawn of the Westboro Baptist Church. Now there have been some great anti-WBC protest signs over the years, but this demonstration takes the cake.

But it’s not just the bass player that’s helping out the cause. The entire band has been working on putting together their own porn site. This is from the about section of the band’s new venture,

“Get Shot Girls! was founded in 2013 by J.P. Hunter & the ridiculously sleazy punk band, Get Shot! from Sacramento, CA . Our goal is to overwhelm the world with ridiculousness, super sexy, pussy drippin’ rock n roll and hot naked girls in all their natural beauty.”

That is one hell of a mission statement they have there. If you’re anything like me, then you must now be wondering what this magnificent band sounds like. Well, it’s equally as awesome as all of the stuff they do. Take a listen to one of their tracks, “She Loves My Cock”. The lyrics are just so…what’s the word? Elegant. Yeah, that’s definitely the word I would use to describe this.

I, for one, am happy to see a good old sleazy rock band back in the limelight. There are far too many goody goody bands out there these days. Rock and punk need to get back to their crude and dirty roots.

When you’re watching porn, sex seems like such an easy thing to do. It’s no problem to pick up your girl and start banging or to do any number of other difficult sex positions. Meanwhile if you tried that in real life, there’s a good chance that you both end up on the floor with a few bumps and bruises. But that’s what happens when you can edit out all of the awkward moments and weird noises that happen during real sex. Because as I’m sure you all know, that stuff is almost guaranteed during actual sex. It’s impossible to avoid. Shit just happens. So here’s a list of some things that I absolutely hate about sex.

Fear Of A Broken Penis

broken penis

The thing I hate more than anything in sex is when a girl is on top riding you, and she just pays no regard to the safety of your dick. Ladies, you have to be careful up there! Things slip out easily. I’d prefer that if that were to happen, that my penis not be crushed and bent because you’re just bouncing around like a damn lunatic.



Cramps! Nothing is worse than when things are starting to get really heavy, and BOOM, now you have an incredibly painful leg cramp. So now you’re left with 2 options. One, you stop the sex completely, let your partner know that you’re in pain, and in doing so, ruin the entire moment. Two, you try to sneakily stretch out your leg without your partner knowing while continuing the sex. Yeah, good luck with that one. Either way, both options suck.


hair in mouth

So you think the girl you’re hooking up with having long, flowing hair is really hot? Sure, I bet it looks awesome. Well just wait until she gets on top of you and you guys start going at it. Because all of that beautiful, luscious hair that you adore so much is about to fall right on your face and most likely end up in your mouth.

Random Body Noises

fart during sex

Some noises during sex are great. For instance, moaning and shouting are both good indications that things are going well. However, the body is a strange thing. And hearing skin slapping against other skin or that suction sound that happens sometimes when you’re sweaty and bodies are sticking together is just awful. You have to really be close to the person you’re having sex with to not let these make the situation awkward. God forbid you let out a fart with someone you’re with for the first time. Have fun trying to get back in the mood of things after that.

Overall, sex is obviously fantastic and a great time. But let’s not act like it’s the most perfect thing out there. There are definitely some flaws and uncomfortable moments. And these are just a few of the things that I really hate about sex.

It’s a rarely a question whether or not you should play music during sex, but instead, what music you should play during sex. Maybe your style is to light some candles, break out the satin sheets, and put on some smooth jams to get your partner in the mood. Or perhaps you and your partner just got back from partying so you put on something a bit more aggressive and dancey. Whatever the mood and whoever the people are involved, playing tunes during boning seems to be a pretty widely accepted thing.

naked girl records

Nowadays, though, people don’t use CDs or vinyl records. Hell, people aren’t even downloading mp3s as much anymore. Why? Because of Internet (streaming) radio. We all use them. Grooveshark, Pandora,, and Spotify are just a few of the many out there. Normally, these services are incredibly useful and save countless amounts of money or time downloading. However, there is one major problem with using these programs that is particularly troublesome when one is having sex…THE ADS!

spotify ad

Nothing kills the mood faster than switching from some sweet Barry White to some shitty advertisement for who knows what. Like I really don’t want to be in the middle of getting a lap dance or something from a girl and then suddenly hear an ad for Viagra. Thanks, Spotify. I wasn’t having trouble getting an erection, but now I am. Guess I’ll just go ahead and get that Viagra after all. It’ll be like a penis ad block. No matter how many commercials play, you still keep your erection.

So what can you do about this problem, you ask? Well, luckily for you, I’ve done some research. There are couple programs that you can download (find below) if you are a Spotify user specifically. These downloads will mute the ads each time they come on. While it may not be perfect, as you still get a gap in your music, it is certainly better than hearing that annoying guy on the Trojan commercials yell “TROJAN MAAAN!”

Windows users –

Mac users –

I’m not trying to get too down on Internet radio here. It’s an amazing service that is incredibly convenient. But this is a serious epidemic. So the next time you’re planning on having sex, make sure to prepare before hand. I know it might take a little longer, but take the time and make a damn playlist! You’ll thank me later on when you’re enjoying some nice uninterrupted sex.

Ania Lisewska wants to have sex with 100K men. And you could be one of them.

ania lisewska

Okay, so I’m not really sure why you would want to have sex with this woman. But hey, whatever floats your boat, right?

Here’s the deal. Ania Lisewska is a 21-year-old gal from Warsaw, Poland. And she’s made it her goal to have sex with 100K gentlemen all around the world. It can be any range of sexual preferences. Regular, oral, anal. She’s open to it all!

Now, a lot of us set goals for ourselves in life. Especially at the youthful age of 21. Maybe we’re deciding that we want to be a doctor. Or perhaps we’re meeting the love of our life that we will eventually start a family with. Goals are great ways to keep ourselves focused and motivated. However, I’m not sure that this project Ania is working on can be put in the same category as most peoples’ ordinary dreams. But who am I to judge?! You know what, Ania? Do whatever makes you happy. If that means getting 100K different dicks stuck in some orifice of your body, then more power to you.

If I may make suggestion, though, she should probably try working some gang bangs  into the mix. It’s just the smart thing to do. Much more efficient than banging each guy one by one. It boils down to simple math really. Say she’s having sex with 20 dudes a day (which seems like a solid amount if you’re sole purpose in life is to have sex with people). At 20 a day, Ania Lisewska would need to do this every single day for a over 13 years. I don’t know how committed she is to this project, but that’s a damn long time. Something in her system clearly has to change.

ania lisewska

Regardless if she ever makes it to 100K or not, you certainly have to admire her desire. She’s got a website and twitter set up and everything.



As of now there isn’t any information up on her site that gives any future locations. But I’ll be on the look out. I really hope she plans on coming to the US. Not that I have any desire to be part of the 100,000, but I would very much like to interview people after they meet with her to see what the whole experience was like. Whatever you think of it, it’s certainly an interesting idea.

Reddit can be a lot of different things. Funny, stupid, helpful, intelligent, immature. For example, r/sex is a very welcoming community that gives out great advice for whatever questions you may have regarding sex. Then there are the posts like the one I stumbled across today in r/AskReddit. This post was titled, What is the most embarrassing thing someone has walked in on you doing? NSFW. Naturally, most of the stories in the thread were sexual but also quite hilarious. Here are some of my favorites:


Brushing the inside of my butthole with a toothbrush. I was 9. I had no idea what was going on.

Edit: Dammit reddit how did I know you’d like this


16y/o me is getting bj. Me standing, gf sitting on bed. Mom walks in without knocking. 2 feet away. Immediately backs out, then knocks again. I zip my pants, she walks in and asks what we want from the Chinese restaurant.


Didn’t happen to me but my friend told me this happened to him. Well his stepmom was supposed to be asleep or doing something. One of the two. And so being the only person around, he decides it’d be nice to pleasure himself. He’s getting into it, and suddenly, he hears footsteps getting close to his room. To save himself, he tries to reach and pull the power cord from the computer to turn it off. But in reaching, he violently slammed his head on the computer desk and knocks himself unconscious. Stepmom walks in to find him knocked out cold with a hand around his knob, out cold, with porn in the back ground.


Last summer my boyfriend went to Australia with his dad for the summer and I stayed at my moms in my old room because I didn’t want to be alone for a month and a half. We would talk on webcam every night before he went to bed, it was like a 17hr time difference so it was night there and morning here. One morning one thing led to another and Skype sex started to happen. He said he missed watching me ride him and asked me to ride my pillow for him. Now this was going on at like 9am and normally my mom left for work by 7ish so I wasn’t concerned about keeping quiet. So I’m completely naked, riding a pillow, throwing my head back, moaning, and putting on a show, when my door flies open. My poor mom all wide-eyed and terrified quickly closes the door and knocks. “I’m leaving for work, love you bye!”. I guess she didn’t have to go into work till later that day, but we never spoke of it and hopefully never will.


Drank too much gin one night, and apparently decided to go into the bathroom, bust open my laptop, and have a good wank.

Apparently I didn’t lock the door, and passed out in the middle of pleasuring myself. So my roommate walks in and finds me in the fetal position, dick in hand and completely naked, slumbering soundly.

It was pretty incriminating. I still worry that he took a picture of it.


Trying to orally pleasure myself.


Spinning my boner like a helicopter.


I was peeing into the stall at my high school restroom last year from about 3-4 feet away and a dude walks in and just says “naw”, and walks out.


I’ve been walked in on giving head, drinking my own cum out of a glass, with a giant fist dildo in my ass. I need to get a lock.

I think the one thing to take away from this is that you should always make sure your door is locked. It seems like that will solve pretty much all of the problems here. Of course, if we go by what porn tells us, then I’m surprised more of the moms walking in on these situations didn’t just join in and have sex with the boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you’ve ever slept on a memory foam mattress before you know that they are pretty fantastic. It’s like you’re being hugged by your bed all night. I’m not here to dispute the awesomeness of this great invention as far as sleeping goes. But what about sex? Obviously sex generally takes place on the bed, right? So today we’re going to settle if going to the bone zone on a memory foam bed is better or worse than your typical spring mattress.

Let’s talk about noise level first. It can be really annoying if you live with other people to bring someone back to your place to have sex with only to end up making a ton of noise on your old spring mattress. (Here are some tips to silence the squeaking.) With every thrust you send a wave of squeaks through the house that will awaken everyone you live with and let them know that you are, right now at this very moment, having sex. If you’re looking to have some stealth sex or you just don’t want to listen to some squeaky springs, then memory foam is definitely something to look in to.

Another pro of the memory foam is the comfort level. Sex can be an incredibly active process. So you don’t want to be on some hard, uncomfortable mattress. The memory foam will take away any type of back pain that may develop from a lesser type. Let’s just hope your mattress doesn’t actually have feelings…

memory foam sex cartoon

Now for the cons. So while memory foam may be more comfortable overall, it can create some unpleasant soreness. Because it’s designed to wrap around you and let you be absorbed into the mattress, the memory foam can make it incredibly difficult for whichever partner is on top during sex. Say you’re in the missionary position. It can become increasingly harder for the guy to hold himself up as his arms sink lower and lower into that foamy bliss.

memory foam mattress

Another downside of the memory foam is that there is no rebound to speak of. While the spring mattress can be loud and possibly uncomfortable, it does do a good job to aid in bouncing when doing positions like the cowgirl. And a little bounce is always good when going at it.

So which is better? For purely sex, I think I’d have to go with the traditional spring mattress. I mean, even if the thing does make a lot of noise, is it really that bad if someone hears that you’re having sex? They’ll get over it.

However, as someone who owns a memory foam mattress I can tell you that the fact I get to sleep on what feels like an angel’s bosom every night more than makes up for any minor inconveniences that may come up during sex.

7.  No Foreplay

C’mon guys and gals. Just put in a little effort. It makes the sex a million times better and can be just as fun itself. The quickest way to become complacent in your sex life is a lack of foreplay. Check out this how-to video if you need help in this department! Or maybe sit down with your partner and watch Foreplay to get the juices flowing.

6.  Answer the Phone

Some new studies show that surprisingly high number of people are using their phones during sex. This is just absurd people. Disconnect for a minute, dammit! Set aside your technology and distractions and just get lost in the intimacy of the moment with your partner.

5.  Forget Your Partner’s Name

It’s bad enough to forget someone’s name in a normal social situation. However, it’s even worse when you do it while you’re having sex with them. Do you just come out and say, “Oh hey, this is funny, I totally don’t remember your name”? Or do you try to be sneaky and just use generic phrases and pet names? It’s a tough call. I recommend getting it out of the way and going with honesty. The awkwardness will only compound otherwise.

4.  The Starfish

Starfish in this case refers to when a female just lies there during sex and forces the male to do all of the work. Ladies, please, a little effort would be nice. While missionary is a fine position, and one that pretty much every sexual encounter utilizes, that doesn’t mean you have to just lay there and do nothing. Help us guys help you. Get involved!

3.  Look Bored

Nothing should be more exciting than your partner coming on to you. If you’re getting distracted by other things or look bored while having sex, something is not right. It’s really difficult to maintain the ambiance when one partner is completely disinterested. Try this instructional flick for some ideas to spice things up.

2.  Shout Out the Wrong Name

saying wrong name in bed

Forgetting your partner’s name is one thing. Especially if it’s a one night stand type situation. But saying the wrong name to a significant other or spouse is a whole new level of terrible. Maybe it’s your ex’s…or even worse your mom or dad’s, yikes. Whatever it is, if you shout out the wrong name during sex, there’s no coming back.

 1.  Ask Too Many Questions

is it in yet meme

Nothing destroys a man’s confidence more than when a girl asks, “Is it in yet”? And please don’t ask every 2 seconds if your partner is okay. Be confident! Sure, there are times when asking questions during sex can be appropriate and necessary, but keep it to a minimum! It’s a sure-fire way to kill the mood.