A porn star teacher is becoming the source of a big debate in Oxnard, California. No, this isn’t someone providing Master’s of Fine Arts level courses in cinematography. This is 31 year-old Stacie Halas, who was named in a Smoking Gun report before the school district decided to “protect her privacy.” She’s also, apparently, a successful middle school science teacher who happened to be an actor in several adult movies before her current career.

What happened?

According to several published reports, including the previously mentioned Smoking Gun, which you can read here, several students found some of her work on the internet and reported it to the school. It wasn’t parents who found it, it was students, and the school district immediately pointed out that the students should not have been surfing for porn on the internet and immediately informed parents of all of the ways that they can filter internet content so that pre-teens can’t access things that their parents find objectionable, suspended the teacher. Yes, they suspended a teacher for engaging in a completely legal activity that ocurred prior to her teaching career.

And then the school district got preachy about it. No kidding, a 21st Century educator had this response to the situation:

“‘Maybe it’s not a crime as far as the penal code is concerned, but we feel it’s a crime as far as moral turpitude [sic] is concerned,’ said Jeff Chancer, superintendent of the Oxnard school district.” [Emphasis Added]

The Teacher

Naughty Teachers Are More Fun Anyway

For an educator, Mr. Chancer has a bad grip on the meaning of crime. Crime involves prohibited acts. As far as anyone with a laptop can tell, humping in front of a camera in California isn’t a crime, it’s a lucrative industry. Further, people from all walks of life do it in professional and amateur settings (see also: amateur swinger porn).

Stunning though it may seem, a place exists where judgments about “moral terpitude” are perfectly acceptable. It’s called a church. If Mr. Chancer wants to preach morals, that’s a great place to do it, not at the public school where he works, in a state where adult movies are legal, and contribute significant tax revenues that likely support a part of his salary.

What didn’t happen?

The porn star teacher is causing a stir, but not among the primary stake-holders in this story. The parents didn’t even protest her being there when the story broke. To the contrary, according to CBS Los Angeles, NO parents of the students in question showed up to protest. Only one parent, who lodged a protest on behalf of his 11 year-old daughter, who is not identified as one of the students involved in the controversy, complained about the situation at all, and his was… wait for it… a moral protest.

This is where it all gets really stupid. According to one source, another missing element is a troublesome teacher. This is the true “smoking gun:”

“The district has not had problems with this teacher in the past, officials said.

The allegations do not involve any students in the Oxnard School District.”

And the “moral” of this story? Anything you’ve ever done can and will be held against you, if Mr. Chancer has problems with it.

What should have happened?

If someone’s kids ever encounter a porn star teacher, this is a quick list of good ideas to try:

  • Immediately filter the internet connection so that adult material isn’t readily available to minors.
  • Perhaps spend a moment or two in one’s busy day to explain to the kids that it’s called “adult” content for a reason, and then make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  • Find out if the content was located using a school computer, and if so, let them know that it happened there.

One last note on this controversy, leave the teacher alone. She was engaged in a LEGAL activity PRIOR to her education career. End of sermon.