Strip For Pain – TV Pilot Official Trailer is sponsoring the Strip For Pain show at Exxxotica again this year. Be sure to catch at least one of the three shows:

– Friday at 9:30
– Saturday at 4:45
– Sunday at 5:30

In the game Strip For Pain, Male contestants pit their libido against their pain threshold as they are subjugated by three vivacious dancers who “make with the stripping”. As the contestants take more pain, the girls, beautiful strippers and adult film performers, take off their clothes. It’s a wonderland for sado-masochists as well as voyeurs!

Strip for Pain has been developed as a nightclub act for the past six years, as a staple of Burning Angel live promotions. It has whipped, beaten and electrocuted contestants and audience members alike in bars and nightclubs from New York to LA.

Hosted by Burning Angel’s Joanna Angel and Doug Sakmann and featuring live music from Hick, Nick and a Jew and 1/2 (of the dead)! Read the rest of this entry »

Last week I posted about the Backseat Film Festival and apparently it was a huge hit on Saturday. They had a special tribute to Adam Rifkin who is a pretty big director and was responsible for the movie Homo Erectus. Ron Jeremy was in the movie Homo Erectus which was screened Saturday night and the Hedgehog was a special surprise guest at the show.

Ron Jeremy hosted Strip For Pain sponsored by at the after party.

Now here’s a little gossip between you and me:

Supposedly, when getting distribution (and after being bought by National Lampoon franchise), Walmart wouldn’t accept a movie called “Homo Erectus” (even though it’s an anthropological term), so they changed the name to National Lampoon’s the Stoned Aged. So Walmart is against possible gay innuendo but totally fine with drug innuendo.

Something to think about next time you’re trying to buy paper towels at Walmart because they’re a whopping 20 cents cheaper than the grocery store.

IN the pics are Ron Jeremy, Doug Sakmann, and Adam Rifkin.

Doug Sakmann, the host of Burning Angel’s Strip For Pain has been on a whirlwind press tour of Philly to promote the 7th annual Backseat Film Festival! Sakmann attacked the Preston and Steve (93.3 WMMR Philly) show last Monday and Danny Bonaduce show (94.1 WYSP Philly) on Thursday with Bam Margera, Joe Frantz and the Girls of Burning Angel.

The segments featured rounds of Strip For Pain; America’s Most Dangerous Gameshow with Burning Angel’s Nicole, Azreal Arden and Morgan Mae dishing out the stripping and pain with speaker wire whipping, duct tape bondage, car jumper nipple clamping, electrocution and the occasional boat oar splintered over contestant’s heads. Danny Bonaduce even got in on the action and took the electrocution all the way to level 10, winning the game!” – Doug Sakmann.

As you can see from the video, Strip For Pain is literally the Worlds Most Dangerous Game Show, and they are damn proud of it. I’ve seen Strip For Pain perform a time or two (they performed at HotMovies 100 Grand Gala & my friend Vic Vile won!) and they are rough. It takes a special kind of person to be able to tolerate that stuff.

This whole thing is to promote the Backseat Film Festival that kicked off on Friday, March 6th and runs through Sunday March 15th, with 14 Philadelphia Feature Film premieres and over 50 shorts and music videos spanning over 21 screening blocks in nine days. It all takes place at Sakmann’s new 941 Theater in Philadelphia (941 N. Front St, Philadelphia PA 19123,

I’ll probably be there taking pictures, so you should come say Hello! OH, and one last thing, the winner gets FREE PORN FOR LIFE courtesy of

Back Seat Conceptions participated in World Zombie Day on October 26th in New York City. To spice things up and turn cold bodies into warm ones, the girls from Burning Angel were invited to perform a Strip for Pain show:

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Saturday, October 25th – 941 Theater (941 N. Front St, Phila PA 19123) $12 with Free Beer!

Philadelphia Premiere of ‘Slumber Party Slaughterhouse’ & ‘Isle of the Damned’
The show will also feature a LIVE preview performance by the Living Dead Girlz (Zombie Dance Troupe from San Francisco) between films before their big NYC show on Oct 26th!

The Living Dead Girlz are technically “dance splatter theater,” incorporating complex choreography created to display a moral story within their shows. The LDG uses tongue n’ cheek attitude, specializing in commercial jazz, sock hop, cha cha, chairdancing, and tango/waltz.

Presented by the 941 Theater, Backseat Conceptions, and

Also in attendance are the girls from Burning Angel doing their ‘Most Dangerous Game Show’ Strip for Pain

OH and don’t forget that of course, will be there supporting the girls [emotionally, and financially] of Strip for Pain

You never really know what to expect when Joanna Angel is in the room & I’ve recently discovered that you never know what to expect when you ask her for an interview also:

1. How’d you pick your stage name?
Well Joanna is actually my real name so that was pretty easy- and Burning Angel is the name of my website and we’re like, kind of married to each other so I took its last name.

2. First film?
My first movie was The Movie – it was also the first movie my production company- Burning Angel Entertainment put out. The whole thing was all so um… cute. Seriously! It was really cute. It was also Tommy Pistol‘s first scene too and we had amazing first time on camera sex on a roof-top in Brooklyn.

3. Gonzo or Big Budget?
Are you asking if my first movie was a Gonzo or a big budget? Or if I like gonzo movies or big budget movies better. Well, what if I told you that I liked big budget Gonzo movies! That would throw you off now wouldn’t it…. Uhhh… yeah.

4. If you could make a porn with anyone in history, male or female, who would it be and why?
Travis Barker- because he is fucking beautiful and talented, and I would still do him even in the critical condition he is in now. If he could do half of what he does on the drums on my BEEP well then he’d be the best porn star ever.

Read more if you want to find out what Joanna Angel wants to do to Travis in a Bathroom:
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More pictures of Exxxotica NY provided by Backseat Conceptions. We love those Burning Angel Girls and you should too:

Morgan Mae, Draven Star and Jaye Mayhem will appear and sign at the booth with Doug Sakmann on Saturday and Sunday to promote Strip for Pain as well as ‘Post Mortem Pinups‘, a post-mortem photo series of ‘Femme Fatales in Fatal Postions’ shot by Sakmann.

The bloody photo series, featuring the deaths of Joanna Angel, Gia Paloma, Melodie Gore, Riley Mason, Page Morgan, Chapel Waste as well as Morgan Mae and Draven Star are currently available in a limited number of prints., Backseat Conceptions and Burning Angels all work pretty closely and the Post Mortem Pinups prints will be available at the booth and on the brand new website, Post Mortem Pinups.

Marisa DiMattia works at a Tattoo shop in Belgium and knows a few things about tattoos. She wanted to know more about the role that tattoos have in sex lives so she started a poll. The poll revealed a lot of interesting points, especially 8 people claimed to have orgasmed while getting tattooed.

Anyway, Suicide Girls had her write several Columns about her experience while investigating tattoos and the two articles that have been posted so far are really good… and interesting.

Hotmovies has already figured out (without research because you don’t really need it) that tattoos play an important role in sex and porn which is why we’re sponsoring Strip for Pain at Exxxotica NY this weekend. What you might not know is that the Burning Angel girls have already dipped into the tattoo pool and released Cum on My Tattoo, it’s definitely worth checking out.

See the Burning Angel girls in person this weekend at Exxxotica NY:
Strip for Pain will be performing:

Friday,September 12th: 3p-11p
Saturday,September 13th: 1p-11p
Sunday,September 14th:noon-7p

And see Morgan Mae and Mayhem from Burning Angels at our HotMovies Booth #207 on Saturday between 5-7pm.

EXXXotica NY is happening this weekend in Edison, NJ and we’re all very excited for it. Not only are we having really awesome people signing at our booth (which will be sure to keep everyone entertained), we get to see Joanna Angel and the Strip for Pain show again. As you know they performed at our 100 Grand Gala a few months ago and it was an amazing show- and I know they won’t let anyone down this time around (or any time for that matter).

HotMovies has a booth at the show and we feel very special having two Burning Angel girls signing with us:

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