Philadelphia, PA – Hurricane Irene rapidly approaches the northeastern United States, and in the interest of keeping the porn-watching public of the tri-state area alive, has released an important list of hurricane safety tips.

  1. Bottled water for drinking – lots of it in large containers – you could be without water or power for days or even weeks.
  2. Food – canned goods and other non-perishable items that don’t have to be cooked.
  3. Stay away from windows during the storm.
  4. Insurance information – trying to find contact numbers after a disaster can be disastrous – get a packet together.
  5. Light – having rechargeable or crank powered flashlights is more recommended then candles due to fire hazard.
  6. Evacuation routes – be aware of possible congestion spots, flooding tables. Your local library should have a plethora of information.
  7. The National Hurricane Center is a good place to find more information-

“People in the American Northeast are not used to hurricanes. It may be tempting to run outside and make a video for YouTube, but we highly recommend staying indoors for the duration of the extreme weather,” said James Cybert, Director of Business Development and amateur disaster expert. “Find something to fill your time. We recommend sitting safely at your computer, masturbating furiously.”

“Remember, if internet service is disrupted, residents aren’t going to be able to stream our vast library of over 150k adult videos. Make sure you take advantage of our rental and download-to-own options before the storm hits,” warned Cybert.

In all seriousness, James Cybert and understands the destruction Hurricane Irene has already caused, and is likely to cause in the next few days. “It is, in fact, a depressing reality. It can be hard to handle emotionally. We recommend porn for that, too.”

It’s important that people in the affected areas are adequately supplied with water, food, bottle caps, and any necessary supplies. Residents who are toughing out the storm indoors should be adequately supplied with porn. Titles like Homegrown 647: Cock You Like a Hurricane and Storm Squirters 7 with Samantha Sin should provide hours of entertainment while mother nature destroys your community.