Taryn Thomas is super cute and sweet- she even believes in monogamy! Not that that really matters considering she can still fuck mad dudes when she’s in relationship, and get paid for it!:

1. How’d you pick your stage name?
A lady named Rose helped me pick out my name. Basically bc I tear it up lol

2. First film?
The first film I ever shot was for Hustler in Hawaii. I think it was Peter Romaro’s Beach House. But the first box cover I ever got was Double Cum Cocktails 2 by Lethal Hardcore.

3. Gonzo or Big Budget?
I like them both. Couldn’t choose even if I had to. I like gonzo bc it’s quick and simple. But I also enjoy features bc you really get to know your co workers working with them for more than 5 hours a day.

4. If you could make a porn with anyone in history, male or female, who would it be and why?
That’s a rather hard one. But if I was to fuck someone I’d go with Sarah Palin & John McCain they seems to be pretty hot right now, and they’re making history.

5. Would you DATE this same character from history? If you saw him/her in a bar, would you take them home casually?
Oh No.

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