Emanuele box cover

If you missed it, HotMovies made some breaking news this weekend. Remember that video of Justin Bieber sleeping that was posted by Tati Neves and popped up all over the internet? Well, guess what? It turns out Tati Neves used to go by another name. See, before there was Bieber, Neves was known by the name, Emanuele. And she wasn’t just hooking up with famous pop stars back then. She was doing porn.

Here’s a sneak peak.

 The full video is only thirteen and a half minutes long. But for someone who’s not a full time porn star, she shows a lot of promise. I would not be upset if due to this news that Neves decided to make a return to porn. She should embrace her past and just run with it. I mean, she’s better than a lot of stars out there today already.

 Watch the full video here!