Cover for Barbarella-An Axel Braun ParodyBarbarella – An Axel Braun Parody takes all of the campy sci-fi elements of the original 1968 Jane Fonda cult classic and spins the same plot into a hilarious, psychedelic, sexy porno! With an all-star cast featuring Riley Steele, Asa Akira, Alec Knight, Evan Stone, Chanell Heart, and Kurt Lockwood, the quality of this movie’s sex and script are parody-perfect. Absolutely everything about this movie sets the tone for a successful spoof-great costumes, awesome sets, a groovy soundtrack, and pretty decent acting from the entire cast. It’s worth mentioning that I’m pretty sure I enjoyed Riley Steele’s portrayal of Barbarella even more than Jane Fonda’s. Steele displays really excellent comedic timing in this movie, which, in my opinion, is almost as important as the actual sex in a porn parody. Speaking of sex, we finally get to see Barbarella fuck on-camera, whereas in the original we only saw her in her afterglow. Hooray! Read the rest of this entry »

Andy-Dick-and-Charlie-Sheen 2011 AVN Awards

News from the runway at the 2011 AVN Awards this past weekend in Las Vegas, brings us a gem of a drunken Dick story.

It seems that “wasted list” comedian, Andy Dick, was thrown out of the Awards before they even had a chance to begin. In true blackout fashion, Andy allegedly wandered into an AVN Awards dressing room at the Palms Casino while slurring words and spilling his cup of beer at random.

The New York Post gossip column quoted a source as saying, “You couldn’t understand what he was saying, but you could hear Chi Chi saying, ‘Leave me alone!’ Tera grabbed Chi Chi and went into another dressing room, but boom, there he was again. This happened three or four more times. He had a cup of beer, which kept spilling. Finally, this huge security guy came over, snatched the beer out of his hand, and said, ‘That’s it, we’re going!’”

This would come as a surprise if Dick hadn’t recently both flashed his cock inside of a coffee shop, and been picked up for randomly walking into a L.A. residence during the middle of the night. It may also help that my last video memory of Andy Dick is of him blowing a carrot while wearing an altar boy wig.

Come on Andy Dick! Get your shit together. It’s not like you were the only drunk haggard comedian in Vegas. Charlie Sheen was easily as fucked up as you were, and he managed to keep his booze, his strippers, his hookers, Bree Olsen, and Michelle “Bombshell” McGee in his room the whole night. In fact, that should be your party rule.

“I will NOT be worse than Charlie Sheen tonight.”

Tera Patrick FHM

Allegations made by Evan Seinfeld state that Tera Patrick is generally not a fan of sex.

Tera Patrick’s ex-husband, Evan Seinfeld, is striking back at her claim that he chose continuing to do porn over his marriage to her. (…)”While it was great that we were the ‘First Couple’ of porn, the fact is Tera hates the industry. She’s not a sexual person. We barely had sex in our own marriage. “

These allegations will undeniably turn heads in the mainstream market, but will be generally ignored by those who understand the Adult Industry. Although many adult stars join the naked ranks for their inherent sexuality, shooting porn is just as much of a job as any other. Stars spend hours on set to create even the shortest scenes we know and love. Tera could very well have enjoyed sex, but had gotten her fill on her work hours. It is also a possibility that Tera just did not enjoy sex with Evan any longer.

Regardless of the hypothetical circumstances, there are just too many variables in the life of a Pornstar like Tera Patrick’s to take Evan’s story at face value. I’m sorry for the readers who may be shocked that their favorite horny screen ladies may not be as honest on camera as they originally conceived. I assure you that not every scene is a fake, but acting is still a large part of any film production. Yes, even in the sex industry.

You can feel it in the air. Fall is here. The leaves have turned, the air is noticeably cooler and that means that Halloween is just around the corner. Beyond that, the long cold winter awaits. Have no fear, Tera Patrick is ready to add some heat to the increasingly nippy season.

Tera is set to return to Las Vegas Nevada where she will host the gala Taolloween party at Tao inside the Venetian Hotel. This marks the third time Tera has posted the hottest Halloween party in the city of sin and she is looking forward to making it bigger and better than ever.

“Tao is the perfect place to have a major party like this,” Tera says. “Taolloween is the place to be and the place to be seen every Halloween. It is where the hottest people come to dance, drink and have a blast. Huge celebrities from Taye Diggs to Paris Hilton have come to celebrate with models, strippers, porn stars and the hottest people from all walks of life.”

Tera is the Mistress of Ceremonies for Taolloween and will perform a special DJ set at the number one grossing nightclub in the world, Tao Las Vegas. DJ Reach and DJ Hideo will also be on hand to entertain the party-goers.

Join Tera Patrick and a host of the hottest people in Las Vegas for Taolloween 2008.

DATE: October 31, 2008

LOCATION: TAO Nightclub at The Venetian Las Vegas

TIME: Doors open at 10pm

“School of Sex” gives me an opportunity to share my sex secrets with viewers, from swinger etiquette to intimate details on how to please your partner- and I don’t expect any complaints about doing homework,” said Tera Patrick. “Playboy TV played a huge role in helping me cross over to a mainstream audience, and I look forward to continued success with them.”

Well that certainly sounds interesting, doesn’t it? I really fucking hated school which is probably why I’m putting off going back as long as possible, but with a teacher like Tera Patrick and the subject being fucking- I’d have straight fuckin’ A’s.

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Women’s Entertainment Television debuted a new series called ‘The Secret Lives of Women’ and each week they delve into a new subject. Airing tonight is the Porn edition featuring stars like Tera Patrick, Savanna Samson, Kelly Holland from Penthouse and Vivid Entertainment to name a few.

If you want to check out some of Kelly Hollands work for Penthouse, you can see Dirty Little Secrets. You might also want to check out Tera Patrick in one of my favorite movies of her, Teradise Island 2

The video is a 9 minute preview of ‘The Secret Lives of Women’ Porn edition that is scheduled to air tonight at 10pm/9c on Women’s Entertainment Television.

I certainly wish I had cable so I could watch the rest of it.

Source: The Insider Online

It has become apparent that Men aren’t the only ones who get boners for Tera Patrick.