Signs 1000th Studio; Search On For The Next!
21st Century Entertainment Site Calls For Submissions From All features the world’s most exciting and innovative adult entertainment, and now the cutting-edge website is searching for even more frontiers to conquer. On the eve of signing their 1000th studio, is asking all studios and producers to consider submitting their content. is looking for free-spirited, fresh, and fully erotic work that maintains the premier standards of their already impressive catalogue. With an ever growing fan-base, the popular site has sent a call out to movie makers to open the floodgates for films.

“This is a big milestone for us,” explained Brian Sokel, Director of Marketing for TLA Entertainment Group. “ is an ever growing component under the TLA Entertainment umbrella. Our customers, while still consistently shopping for physical goods, have been taking advantage of digital delivery more than ever. That’s why we’ve put the call out. We need more content, more studios, more movies. The demand is here and we’re prepared to make it available.” features the world’s best in downloadable entertainment. From thrilling horror flicks, to experimental and avant garde titles, and old-fashioned exploitation and erotica, offers a unique and satisfying selection of unappreciated masterpieces and mainstream fare.

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