I have to say that I really enjoy seeing Amy Smart in the nude- she’s totally fucking hot and I don’t think she gets naked enough in movies.

In her new movie, Mirrors, she gets naked and wet.. and wet and naked and torn apart- you get the idea.

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Aubrey O’Day from Danity Kane is always showing off her assets, so it’s about time she gets paid for it.

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Gemma Mengual is a synchronized swimmer from Spain who won silver at this year’s games and she definitely would have won gold if the judges saw these pictures. They should get rid of bathing suits in synchronized swimming.

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Kelly Monaco is some daytime actress and is pretty much a nobody. I guess the easiest and quickest way to get your name circulating is to take your clothes off.

Another reason to not watch soaps: you can just see the stars and their tits online without wasting your time with dialog.

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If topless bike riding was an event I’d watch the olympics…until then I’m going to stick to this movie. Check out this Free Gallery.


The current Miss Universe has a little dirty past and I guess we really shouldn’t be that surprised. The past isn’t even that bad to begin with- she posed topless for an Ad, but was completely covering her boobs.

I’m not really sure what the big fuss is about, but I certainly don’t mind looking at the picture.

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‘Espresso Gone Wild’ employees are pretty unique- they work topless. I would think this would be a big hit, but apparently it’s not. People in the town are considering the topless employees Erotic Entertainers and said their location is not zoned for that sort of entertainment. The owners now have the option of covering their employees up, or closing down.

I don’t understand why people have to be such fuddy duddies- if ‘Espresso Gone Wild’ opened in Europe it would be a huge success, but stuffy Americans have to ruin everything fun.

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Melissa Theuriau is a French actress and she’s pretty damn hot. Unfortunately, she’s preggers now and even though she’s still hot- I figured it would leave a better taste in your mouth to start with the pre-preggers topless pictures so you can slowly work your way into the big belly pics.

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There is a god, and he brought us Topless pictures of Heidi Klum looking super fucking hot on a boat with an awesome hat on.

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Awww yeahh! Check out her nipples! Seriously she has perfect boobs.

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