Allanah Starr is a huge party girl and we love her, even when she’s all drugged up talking about her new implants, but I assure you she’s in much better form here:

1. How’d you pick your stage name?
I actually borrowed both my names from mutual friends. Allanah came from my friend Nina Poon, the artist and model, who for a while called herself Allanah. I just loved the name and how it sounds. Starr was inspired by my friend Elizabeth Starr. I was without a last name as a performer for a little bit, and one day I was thinking of Elizabeth and just put the two names together and liked how they sounded together. And voila, that is how Allanah Starr was born. Allanah is apparently a modern English, Irish name that has been influenced by the Irish term of endearment a leanbh meaning “O child”. And my friend Amy Sohn told me that Starr is a Jewish last name. I am not Jewish nor Irish, just a little Cuban girl from Havana.

2. First film?
My first film ever shot was for Shemale Yum but was released later in my career. It’s called Mixed Nuts & A Chocolate Chip and well, my performance was less than notable as I recall. I’ve never watched it, but then again, I hardly watch any of my work after the fact.

3. Gonzo or Big Budget?
Gonzo. A P.O.V really with a second camera man. I don’t think anyone is making big budget ts films these days, which is sad in many ways.

4. If you could make a porn with anyone in history, male or female, who would it be and why?
The person I most wanted to make a porn with I already did, and that was Buck Angel. I really wanted to do the first ever filmed sex scene between a chick with a dick and a man with a pussy and I did. It’s great because it’s so unconventional and pretty much challenges everything that society accepts in regards to gender roles and sex. It was and is a true mind fuck to watch. I like things that challenge people’s ideas and we certainly did.

Allanah Starr knows better than to be a home wrecker, or does she? Keep reading to find out if she’d want to date Mr. Buck Angel:
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