Just like it’s social networking competitor Facebook did back in 2012, Twitter has now decided to go public. There are many reasons that a private company may decide to go the route of an IPO (initial public offering). A couple would be access to a wider range of investors and being open to more advertisement possibilities. Both of these reasons make it a sensible choice for the guys at Twitter to want to go public. Twitter has struggled in the past at finding ways to monetize the success that they’ve had with their site. But all of this stuff is on the business end of things, which isn’t particularly important as far as us users are concerned.

What I’m worried about with Twitter’s decision to go public is the potential restriction on free speech. One thing Twitter has always had an advantage in over all of the other social media sites is the allowance of uncensored content. This is what makes Twitter great and helps it stand apart from its competitors. With more investors and more eyes looking in at the company after going public, there are bound to be tough decisions to be made regarding this matter.

Now, considering I work in the world of pornography, I would prefer that Twitter not be censored. In a censored Twitter world, I would not get to see near the amount of boobs and butts on a daily basis. And I happen to enjoy the current rate of naked ladies I see in my feed every day very much. Take Riley Reid for instance. Her Twitter account is a haven for debaucherous content. Sure I can go watch her get a facial really easily. And that’s great and all. But sometimes I don’t have time for that. Sometimes I just want to see a quick little nip slip in my Twitter browsing.

While images like this are surely adorable, I want MORE!

I much prefer seeing Vine videos of her boobs and butt like the ones below.



Hopefully the future public investors of Twitter realize that what makes it such a great and different platform than other social media sites is its free speech and unrestricted content guidelines. As much garbage and nonsense as you’ll find in the Twitterverse, it would still be a sad day to see it go the way of restricted and censored content.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you know that Instagram (owned by Facebook) just released a video function on the app. While this has been in development for a while, it’s pretty clear that the main reason for the new feature is to compete with Twitter’s video app, Vine.

With the news of Instagram Video, a lot of people took to the internet saying that Vine is dead and there will be no point to it now that Instagram has created a similar product. But I disagree. While these two apps may appear to be the same concept at first, there are a lot of differences that I believe make them entirely different experiences.

Ok, so let’s take a look at some of the functions of each app. The biggest difference between the two would have to be the allowed recording time. Vine allows you to creat a 6 second video, while Instagram leaves time for up to 15 second recordings. So right off the bat it seems like Instagram would be better, right? Well not really, no. It’s a complete matter of preference. If you’re looking for just a regular recorded video, then yes, 15 seconds is better, and I would recommend Instagram. However, I think it’s important to look at Vine not like a normal video. It’s more of a GIF creator really. When you reach the end of a Vine video, it starts playing right back at the beginning, just like a GIF. So maybe it’s not as good for recording a specific event that’s happening, but it certainly has it’s benefits. Just as GIFs are sometimes better than watching entire videos online. But really, this whole time difference is symbolic of what Facebook and Twitter represent in their original forms. Facebook is a much lengthier and personal way of communicating, while Twitter is meant to be short and limited in the amount you can say.

Another reason I believe these two can not only exist together, but thrive, is the outlook of the companies backing them. Twitter has always held a stance of free speech and letting the users generate whatever content they like even if sometimes things are said or posted that probably shouldn’t be. This has definitely come in handy for people like porn stars. They’re able to post nude pictures, and now videos thanks to Vine, without fear of the post being taken down due to some sort of policy infringement. For example, take a look at this Vine from Kristina Rose.

Facebook, and Instagram by association, on the other hand have not had nearly as lenient of a policy when it comes to such matters. While it is certainly possible to find nudity on Facebook and Instagram, it is against their policy. I doubt you’re going to be seeing too much of the above on Instagram Video.

If there’s one thing you can be sure of when you’re on the Internet, it’s that there will always be nudity. You can find pretty much anything if you search enough. There are too many industries and markets for it to disappear. So I believe the fact that these two apps have differing policies when it comes to this topic may in fact help both of them. Instagram Video and Vine are still obviously competitors and will compete for a lot of the same users. But I do also believe that there is enough differentiating the two that they can both exist and be successful, just as Twitter and Facebook have each thrived over the past several years.

So that being said, which do you prefer? I’m a Vine man, myself.

 A lot of people use Twitter to follow actors, singers, or athletes. For me, though, the best people you can follow are porn stars. They often provide you with fun NSFW tweets that help make the day just a little bit better. So down below, you’ll find a Twitter Showdown between two of my favorite ladies of porn, Bree Olson and Asa Akira.

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Porn star Bibi JonesBibi Jones, aka Britney Beth, is a lovely young newcomer to the adult industry talent list, and she certainly seems to know how to get her name out there. Having admitted her love for sports on Howard Stern earlier this year, Bibi has dipped her toes into three of the four major professional sporting organizations. She has reportedly been involved with Paul Bissonette (NHL Left Wing, Phoenix Coyotes) and some MLB players in the past. Not to mention her most recent affiliation with NFL Tight-End Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots.

Gronkowski has been building a fine reputation amongst both the NFL and fans both on and off the gridiron. Fantasy football fanatics have been singing his praises for this season’s 29 receptions with 5 touchdowns, and he has gathered a strong social media following through his comedic twitter feed. Bibi Jones recently posted photos of herself with Gronkowski to her own Twitter feed after their rendezvous over the Patriots’ by-week. The buxom blonde porn star is pictured wearing Gronskowski’s official Patriots jersey, very close together in what looks to be someone’s bedroom. Bibi, are there clothes under that jersey? We sure hope not.

Bibi Jones and Rob GronkowskiPorn star Bibi Jones with NFL Patriots Tight end Rob Gronkowski
Click to Enlarge

Bibi Jones has most recently been featured in one of our favorite lesbian studio releases, Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger 35. Girlfriends Films has always contracted high quality talent for their adult video series, and we think Bibi is a great fit for their younger participants. Check out the video at the link below, and keep an eye on this teen dream. She is sure to start making much bigger waves in the near future.

Watch Bibi Jones Videos HERE

Pearce Delphin - Twitter "onMouseover" Hacker

Since Web Marketing gurus have been able to track the event activity on Twitter.com, no one has disputed the power of instant micro-blogging. Although, popular online marketing tools never seem to last long without becoming an equally popular target for hackers.

It seems Australia can now boast another Web Star besides WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. 17 year old Pearce Delphin has been named as the starting point of this week’s international Twitter incident. Pearce has gained his 15 minutes of global E-Fame by tweeting a fairly common Javascript Code called an “onMouseover“. The “onMouseoverJavascript command causes a link to trigger an event when the pointer moves over it. Pearce Delphin claims he created the tweet only to see if it was possible, but other hackers took advantage of his curious ingenuity. Web tyrants used the “onMouseover” to cause Japanese porn site pop ups and to launch worm viruses, which automatically replicate the tweet. This ball of reprehensible web crap found it’s way to the accounts of such high-profile figures as White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Sarah Brown, wife of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

“The vast majority of exploits related to this incident fell under the prank or promotional categories. Users may still see strange retweets in their timelines caused by the exploit. However, we are not aware of any issues related to it that would cause harm to computers or their accounts. And, there is no need to change passwords because user account information was not compromised through this exploit.”Twitter.com

Twitter has decided not to press charges against Pearce Delphin for his simple curiosities and understanding of Web Code. The 17 year old from Melbourne is enjoying every millisecond of his media coverage. His Twitter profile reads, “An almost legal teen (XVII), social media whore & politics lover. Good at being angry on Twitter. Also good at drinking vodka. & looking hot.” Oh to be seventeen and baptized by electronics.

Pornstar TweetUp Changes to Bigger New Venue

LOS ANGELES, CA – The highly anticipated 2nd Annual PornStar TweetUp has met with an overwhelming response – so much so, that King Ryan Events, Inc and The Naughty Tweet Network have decided to move the event to a larger venue to accommodate the unprecedented demand.

“King Ryan, Lexi Love and I were getting concerned at the size of the original venue as RSVPs continued to roll in,” said Naughty Network CEO Pete Housley. “We were faced with the dilemma of limiting the guest list or changing venue; at the end of the day, how could we possibly choose who could and couldn’t come – so we selected a larger venue. The R Lounge was very excited to host the party!”

The R Lounge in Studio City will be the new host of the pornstar-studded event, which will be hosted by a bevy of Twitter-addicted pornstars, lead by “The Hardcore Hottie” herself, Lexi Love herself. Sponsors for the event include Exotic Interludes: The Swingers Board Game, Desire Street Productions and Panty Droppers Wine.

Prize giveaways from all three sponsors will be offered all night long; NaughtyTweet and NaughtyPR will also officially announce the details of a giant Twitter-based giveaway in conjunction with the upcoming AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in January 2011 in Las Vegas.

The 2nd Annual PornStar TweetUp will be held on Thursday, September 9, at R Lounge, located at 11608 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604, with a red carpet reception at 9pm.

To be placed on the ever-growing guest list, email Events@NaughtyTweet.com or ryan@kingryanevents.com

Pornstar Tweetup Party!

LOS ANGELES, CA – Desire Street Productions partners Damali “XXXplosive” Dares and Nick Swagger have announced their co-sponsorship of the 2nd Annual Pornstar TweetUp, to be held on Thursday, Sept 9, at the Kiss Lounge at Eva Longoria’s Beso nightclub.

“We’re delighted to sponsor one of the HOTTEST Adult Star parties of the year, PornStarTweet’s Tweet Up!” said Dares. “What’s hotter than porn stars and Twitter? Nothing!”

The event, produced by TheNaughtyTweetNetwork, King Ryan Events, Inc and NaughtyPR, will be hosted by Lexi Love. The Naughty Tweet Network, parent company of PornStarTweet.com and 10 other niche sites, has plenty to celebrate this year, having surpassing 120,000 followers and following more than 1,000 verified porn stars on Twitter.

The event will feature giveaways throughout the evening, including DVDs and posters of Desire Street Production’s current UrbanX Award-nominated offering, “Maneater: The Prelude”. “Maneater” earmarks Damali “XXXplosive” Dares’ directorial debut and return to the adult industry after a several-year hiatus. A trailer and images from the multiple-award-nominated project can be viewed at www.maneatersxxx.com.

Desire Street Productions, a subsidiary of Desire Street Media, is already in production of its second release, “House of Swagger”. The all-oral DVD release with a feast of beautiful women and featuring Nick Swagger is slated for a Halloween release.

The TweetUp will be held at the world renowned “Kiss Lounge” inside Eva Longoria’s Beso (6350 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, California 90028), with a red carpet reception at 10pm.

For interview and media requests, please contact sales@desirestreetmedia.com.

For guest list and table reservations, contact ryan@kingryanevents.com or phousley@naughtytweet.com.

Pornstar Tweet UP! - Twitter Porn Party

I, like many other disappointed Twitter males, watched the World Cup final match on Sunday between Netherlands and Spain in the stiffest of positions.

I’m not sure there has ever been a more sexually motivating sporting event that has ever taken place. Bobbi Eden successfully raised her Twitter fan base from a modest 5,000 followers at the day of the tantalizing offer, to a whopping 107,000+ followers now one day after the final match. To this, I am speechless.

The sheer offer of oral pleasure sparked a fanatical electronic movement and drummed up legendary support for the Netherlands team as well. The aftermath of this interesting marketing risk has raised my personal curiosity on what we could possibly use sex to accomplish in the future.

Say the Adult Industry chose breast cancer research as a primary benefactor, and posted an insane monetary goal. In return for the possible acquisition of this goal, promise the chance to obtain a manageable sex act from an adult star. Five dollars from each of the followers Bobbi Eden managed to put together would raise over $500,000 for breast cancer research. Considering that most men spend more than five bucks on an everyday lap dance from their local sexy stripper, I believe the shot at better service and an All-American sex professional may be just enough to make an impact.

Although the 2010 World Cup has finally reached it’s end, it seems Bobbi Eden may feel some remorse concerning the disappointed of her new found fans. Bobbi recently tweeted, “still may have a nice surprise in store for #teamBJ followers.” We’re not sure what this surprise might be, but a free hot blowjob scene has my vote. At least let these guys get rid of the epidemic wave of blue balls that took place when Spain scored in overtime.

John McCain on Gay Porn site

Former presidential candidate John McCain has decided to get “hip” and start posting Iphone photos to his Twitter feed.

John "Kissy Face" Mccain

Unfortunately, it’s a rough world for a major public figure and a newbie to the social networking scene. Like any freshman guy attempting to join the high school football team, McCain is getting his fair share of hazing.

Shortly after testing this “new fangled cell phone camera tweeter thinger”, John’s Twit-Pic was found on GuysWithiPhones.com. If you are not familiar with this site, the name sounds fairly innocent. That is until you search for it and find out it’s gay porn. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. From the party that brought you “Hollywood Bondage Dinner” and “Republican National Call for Sex”, please throw your hands together for “Kissy Face McCain”.

John McCain’s next Twit-Pic will be taken in his bathroom mirror. Maybe he’ll take a clue from Ms. Palin and get one of his own nipple zipper, faux-biker leather jackets.

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