Nightmoves Awards 2012

Autumn’s closing in…and that must mean (if you’ll excuse another Bob Segar reference) it’s time for the NightMoves…Awards Weekend!

That’s right, boys and girls, Oct. 4th through the 7th, one of porn’s gala events celebrates a ginormous milestone as NightMoves® Magazine hosts its annual Awards Weekend for the 20th time. Speaking of ginormous, once again spokesperson and legendarily endowed icon of the adult world Ron Jeremy will appear to co-host the awards show with industry heavyweight emcee Tony Batman and the lovely and talented Prinzzess Felicity Jade–a HotMovies booth favorite from many an expo–on Sunday October 7th at THE DALLAS BULL in Tampa.

This year, the “Golden Globes of Porn” will feature more than 40 XXX stars, including the legendary Stormy Daniels, HotMovies cohorts Joanna Angel and Vicky Vette and the absolutely scrumptous Lexi Belle (who just shot her first anal scene for Elegant Angel’s “Lexi” — coming very soon to HotMovies).

Batman wrote to us to say he’s amped, as always, to work with Mr. Jeremy.

“I get to co-host with Ron at around a half dozen big events every year around the country and I have to say it’s the greatest. I have been co-hosting this one for a mere eleven years but Ron has NEVER missed a Nightmoves Awards show in 20 years. It’s a pleasure working with Ron Jeremy on stage, but there is one thing that will always be the same, I will always be number two. I will always be behind Ron Jeremy…wait, that part sounded bad….

Seriously, though, one thing for sure, if you are going to be number two, then it is always good to be number two to the best, to a legend. It’s not so bad being behind Ron Jeremy. And you can tell him I said so.”

So, who wants to attend one of the premiere events in all of adult? Who wants to meet Ron–or get behind him, in front of him or underneath him–or get some steamy pictures with Prinzzess Felicity Jade or Lexi Belle? Get your asses down to Tampa for the 20th Annual NightMoves® Awards Weekend!

If you’re lucky, you might even get to be IN a movie, as Hall of Fame director Erica McLean (“The Flying Pink Pig“, “Alice“, “Barely Legal“) will be producing a documentary based on the weekend’s events and shennanigans.

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“If #ned Netherlands wins the #worldcup worldcup WORLD CUP: HOLLAND REACHES WORLD CUP FINAL I will give a BJ to all my followers,together with @vickyvette @misshybrid @gabbyquinteros” – Bobbi Eden

This is the tweet that the Futbol world and Adult Industry have been going crazy over since the Netherlands defeated Uruguay in the World Cup semi-finals and clinched their spot in the final game. The three other porn actresses mentioned are Vicky Vette, Miss Hybrid, and Gabby Quinteros. At the time of the comment, the porn star had about 5,000 followers. Bobbi Eden currently has over 68,000 followers on Twitter, picking up an astonishing 63,000 since making the offer. We’ll keep the numbers round for ease of use at the moment. Taking 68,000 followers and assuming that this tweet reads as offering 1 blowjob per follower between the four girls, would equate to 17,000 individual cocks per porn star.

Considering porn star Candy Apples, who attempted to reach 2000 sex acts in 1999, was broken up by LA police after a record 743, this would be the most ambitious sexual endeavor known to date. The criteria for this event would most definitely need to be hashed out before hand. Does one suck count? Is every act required to end in a male climax? There are many questions that need to be answered for world record keeping.

If the Netherlands happens to lose the World Cup final to Spain, don’t let disappointment set in too far. Regardless of who wins, we will all receive a fairly humorous and sexy consolation prize. Larissa Riquelme, a popular Paraguayan lingerie model, promised to run through the streets of Asuncion naked if Paraguay were to win the World Cup. Although Paraguay has now lost to Spain, Larissa has promised to do it anyway.

“It will be a present to all of the players, and for all the people in Paraguay to enjoy,” she said. “They tried as hard as possible and gave it their all on the field.” – Larissa Riquelme

Vicky Vette Age: 43
Born: 1965-06-12
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: European
Origin: Norway

Happy Birthday to European import Vicky Vette. A nudist since birth, nude model and swinger, Vicky is comfortable in her own skin and going into the porn industry was a natural progression.

Open with her fluid sexuality, Vicky answered a few question for Hotmovies and here are a few of her very candid answers. Enjoy!


I love men the most, don’t get me wrong, pink snapper is one of my favorite dishes, lol…. I can eat pussy like a trooper! I love girl/girl sex, but I notice that afterwards I’m still craving more, like I haven’t been totally satisfied. I still need a cock to finish it off right……..


I love to be on top, I cum the best that way, cause I can control the angle and the rhythm, how deep, how fast or slow, etc… I can lean my body in such a way that the tip of my guys dick just tickles my g-spot until I erupt! I can cum really well from anal as well (in any position), but I like to play with my clit at the same time. The combination of the two sensations brings me over the top. Read the rest of this entry »