Have you heard? Actress Alyssa Milano released a sex tape! If you’re like me, then that sentence probably got you pretty excited. However, prepare to be disappointed. The “sex tape” is actually a spoof done for comedy site Funny or Die.

The video stars Milano with a typical stud looking guy. But right when they’re about to get it on, the camera is kicked and focuses on a television news broadcast about the current conflict in Syria. How disappointing. As much I care about what’s going on in Syria, and although I wholeheartedly promote people keeping up with current events, this is just not cool Alyssa!

I really want to know the actresses’ motivation behind this video. Is it poking fun at the fascination we have with celebrity status in today’s world? Or is it using sex as a tool to promote awareness of the problems going on in Syria? If it’s either of those two things then I don’t really have a problem with it. While I’d rather see her in an actual sex tape, this video would still be rather amusing.

However, if this video is simply mocking sex tapes or just using Syria to gain viewership for Alyssa Milano’s personal gain then I have an issue with the whole thing. Because let’s be real. Alyssa Milano hasn’t been relevant in probably 7 years now. So to make a video poking fun at stars and celebrities who use sex tapes as a way to gain fame is rather ironic. She’s doing the same thing. Milano’s career is not where it used to be. So to gain back some sort of relevance she makes a video like this. It’s just one way of crying out for attention as a last grasp at stardom. Which is no different than what someone like Paris Hilton did when she made a sex tape. Just let your careers die in peace and move on!

So Alyssa, I hope that you just made this video because you were bored and had nothing better to do in your spare time. In which case, this is a decent attempt at humor. However, it’s pretty uncool to try and promote your political ideals or rehash your fame through a Funny or Die video.

A short while ago, January to be exact, we posted a short story on some douchebaggery that took place backstage at the 2011 AVN Awards. Andy Dick was belligerently drunk and harassing stars in their dressing rooms before the show even took place.

Well, if it’s news…it is usually caught on camera somewhere in the modern age of video devices. This video turned up of Andy Dick in the middle of his alcohol induced tangent.

Fuck that East Coast/West Coast business, the new rapping battle is all about pussy vs. man ass.  Who knows what the real fucking story is, but the rumor mill is going on about beef between rapper 50 Cent and Rick Ross, which I could give a shit about, except Ross put out a track mentioning our boy Brian Pumper doing gay porn.  And when you mess with the pornstars, you mess with us. 

It looks like Brian Pumper isn’t too happy about the accusation either.  In his new video “Cut It Out Ricky,” he tells Rick Ross exactly where he can go fuck off to.

And good thing Pumper has all those bitches surrounding him in the video – we wouldn’t want him to protest those gay porn charges too much…

If you’re looking for more Brian Pumper rapping and covered in sexy chicks, check out these hot videos: 


Rapping and fucking… does it get any better?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Joanna Angel is our favorite Jewish Porn Star.


Buck Angel was once a young lady who starred in a music video for Porno for Pyros.

This video is about a womens experience when dating a porn star in the ’80s. It’s really funny and clever and apparently it’s a book. I’m seriously thinking about buying it.

It seems like the older generations can’t appreciate Britney Spears, even with her new album hitting the tops of the Billboard charts. Talk around the office is, her music sucks, but everyone wants to fuck her.

I suggested that they only fuck her when she’s in her video get ups because in her normal, everyday attire she’s rather busted. Anyway, James forwarded us all this video parody of ‘Womanizer’ and it’s pretty fucking funny.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I definitely like my men to have some size to their equipment. Maybe that’s why I find this video about Huge Cocks so appealing.

Of course, make sure you don’t get Don Holmes confused with the well endowed John Holmes.

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Shane’s World launches College Invasion YouTube contest

Chatsworth, Calif – Shane’s Worldhas launched a YouTube contest for its award winning series College Invasion. “Every College Invasion party is so epic that everyone on campus will be talking about it for years to come,” said Megan Stokes, VP of Sales. “But then we are hit up by lots of fans begging us to come to their college. Since we can’t go to them all we decided to have a contest so our fans would have the chance to show us why their college is perfect for the next Invasion.”

The company has launched a YouTube channel at Youtube.com where college kids across America can upload a 1-2 minute video showing why their college should be the next location. “Almost everyone has started a YouTube account so that they can watch Chocolate Rain and Chad Vader videos, but now you can use that account to get Delilah Strong to your college,” said Nate Glass, Marketing Guy.

Shane’s World has requested that, in addition to no RickRolls, people adhere to the rules of YouTube and not show any nudity in the videos, “There will be plenty of time for nudity when we roll up to your college with a bunch of hot girls in tow,” stated Valerie See, VP of Operations.

YouTube users can send their video via message to Shane’s World at Youtube.com.

Alright, so that’s sorta false advertising because I know you’re hoping that I’m actually giving away REAL Handjobs, buuuut these videos are almost as good as the real thing. Actually, for some of you, watching these videos might be better than the real thing because some girls just don’t have that hand-eye coordination that is required in a good Handjob.

Take a gander at these champs:

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