Featured movies on Hotmovies.com are a great way to surf some of the best movies available on video on demand. Hard core fanatics usually have their preferred niches where they find the movies that whet their wicks. However, everyone, no matter how devoted to a star or a fetish, could use a little variety from time to time to make his porn viewing that much more exciting.

So the point of this post is to show everyone how easy it is to find a change of pace to add some fresh content to his porn viewing experience. And it really is easy to do if someone is willing to do a little surfing on the front page of Hotmovies.com to check out the featured movies.

Have a look at these four samples to get an idea of the variety of movies that you can find to watch:

Goddess is a movie that features one of the sexiest stars today, Sunny Leone, in some sexy solo scenes and performing oral sex that will drive you crazy. Sometimes, just straight up sexy stars doing sexy things is an excellent break from the hard core sex in other movies. Take a moment to soak up this beauty, and you’ll be exploding afterward.

Girls Get Fiery is an option for those people who are wondering what the lesbian craze is all about. Seriously, some porn watchers haven’t given a good lesbian movie a try. If you are one of them, now is a great time to branch out and catch one of the featured movies that features women making love in the hottest of ways.

Black Attack Gangbang 4 is a great interracial movie. Watch these studs give Allura Bond and Emma Starr enough cock and cum to fill up five women. It’s a penetrating affair for these hotties, and whether it’s in the mouth, pussy, or ass, these women love them some dick. You’ll love watching them get it.

Finally, try branching out with Full Bush Amateurs 2. The going can get hairy, but for those porn lovers who can remember the days when not every snatch was clean shaven, this movie will bring back good memories. Big, hairy bushes are just the cure for the fans who want something a little more natural, and sexy.

These are only a few of the featured movies that you can find at Hotmovies.com right now. Take a browse through the entire featured lineup, and we think you’ll agree that there really is something for everyone there!

coming soon: Cecil Howard's October Silk

The original movie poster

PHILADELPHIA – HotMovies.com announced today the release of its eighth exclusive classic from the famed but nearly impossible to find Command Cinema library. October Silk will premiere on the popular VOD site just in time for the month for which it was named.

Once again, legendary Producer/Director Cecil Howard agreed with HotMovies to screen the film in Pay-Per-Minute and streaming rental formats for an exclusive one-month run. Like most of Howard’s highly regarded movies from the 1980s, Silk has never seen a DVD release so those without a rare VHS or Beta copy will finally have the chance to view it, but only during the month of October.

“Howard’s movies are all special,” said HotMovies director of business development James Cybert. “They all have the right mix of plotting and eroticism, just enough lead-in to get the audience invested for the good stuff. What we really liked about this one is the amazing lineup of ten golden age starlets at their absolute hottest.”

Featuring a gorgeous cast of ’80s talent headlined by Abigail Clayton, Candida Royale, Howard favorite Samantha Fox, and redhead bombshell Lisa DeLeuew, the movie took home Hustler’s prize for Film of the Year in 1981 and was also voted as the top movie of the year by the magazine’s fans and the NY Critics Group.

Gloria Leonard, Arcadia Lake, Merle Michaels, Christine de Schaeffer, Christie Ford and Tara Smith round out the gorgeous cast of workers and guests at the naughty boutique that serves as the main setting in the film, which was produced by Howard and directed by late porn legend Henri Pachard.

Premiering originally in 1981, Silk shows off the duo’s eye for the naughty niche. Secretary sex? Check. Naughty nurse? Check. Dominatrix? Check. Cheerleaders? You bet. Not to mention a climax worthy of the term as one man gets all he can handle for the trio of voluptuous vixens.

The movie, said Howard, came about because of the success of another movie you will find exclusively on HotMovies.com. “I was having lunch with Henri Pachard one day and we decided for kicks to team up and make a movie together. The result was the famous, award-winning Babylon Pink. Because of the humongous success we had with that, we decided to go at it one more time.”

Additional HotMovies exclusives from Command Cinema include Dangerous Stuff, Neon Nights, Platinum Paradise, Scoundrels, Star Angel, The Last X-Rated Movie and Foxtrot.

HotMovies Signs S.I.R. Productions

PHILADELPHIA — National A-1 Internet, parent company to HotMovies.com and HotMoviesForHer.com, has announced an exclusive content deal with lesbian porn pioneers S.I.R. Productions.

HotMovies and HotMoviesForHer are the first video-on-demand websites to offer S.I.R.’s classic movies to the masses for their pay-per-minute pleasure. HotMovies.com boasts the world’s biggest library of porn, with more than 145,000 movies available in streaming and downloadable formats.

According to the company, S.I.R. Productions was the first independent, lesbian-owned production company to have its films widely recognized and lauded by the adult industry — and its movies have continued to influence successive generations of adult producers.

“S.I.R. Productions blew my young mind with their authentic lesbian movies that managed to be both erotic and hardcore,” James Cybert, director of business development for HotMovies, said. “I was obsessed with these films when they came out and love them even more today.”

“We take a lot of pride in the amazing collection of lesbian movies available on our network of sites and adding these classics makes for a banner day in our offices,” Cybert added.

Founded in the late 1990s by Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano, S.I.R. Productions quickly made a splash in the adult industry. Filling a previously overlooked niche with hot, high quality movies, it offers an educated undertone and movies that include real orgasms, intense chemistry between partners and diverse, sexy casts.

“At a time when most studios only used low-quality sex toys, S.I.R. always used the best,” a spokesperson stated. “Audiences learned how to use strap-ons correctly, whether watching Shar fuck all her girlfriends (yes, in high heels) or learning to bend over their own boyfriends.”

“We are so pleased to partner with HotMoviesforHer.com,” Rednour says. “We had purposely held our hand of high-quality content close to our hearts, examining many offers of pay-per-view sites and refusing them all year after year.”

The first movie from S.I.R. Productions is now available on HotMovies and HotMoviesforHer.com.

“HotMoviesforHer is the perfect marriage for us because they understand how to present movies for the female audience in a fun, entertaining, informative and easy to navigate site,” Rednour added. “We’re happy to be with a site that has some heart and brains behind it!”

Source: XBiz.com