Wetwork from Vivid PremiumIn porn, we often keep track of a porn star’s productivity by how many scenes they’ve shot. However, someone needs to start keeping track of how many films they’ve been in-real, scripted films that also feature hardcore sex. Wetwork is packed with spectacular sex scenes, and it’s genuinely an interesting movie wherein Penny Pax and Steven St. Croix play top tier contract killers. However, considering that Wetwork is a Vivid Premium film and was directed by AVN award-winner Eli Cross, known for a variety of rich, plot-oriented XXX flicks, including Corruption and Upload, no one should be surprised to hear that this movie is worth watching from beginning to end.

Anthony (St. Croix) is a hitman who is on his way out of the business. Katherine Mox (Penny Pax) is an artist who fucks and then kills her patrons. Richie Calhoun plays one of her blowhard patrons while Claire Robbins is glorious to watch as Katherine’s bitchy roommate Jessica. It’s fun to watch grade A performers play characters you love to dislike. And if you want to skip to the sex scenes, there’s plenty of scorching action to occupy your, er, mind. I’d not get too attached to anyone in this movie because most of them die along the way to the sounds of the omnipresent sinister soundtrack.

Overall, the fucking in Wetwork is frenzied and dark. It’s terribly hot, but sex is secret and strategic. It’s like the sex is everyone’s reprieve from the dark world of wetwork. It’s fitting. I don’t dislike any of the 5 sex scenes, but both of St. Croix’s stand out as the hottest for me.

The first sex scene in the movie features St. Croix and sultry, long-legged Eva Karera. She plays a French prostitute (with a Belgian accent, but whatever) who hears that Anthony is rough-and looks forward to her encounter with him. I know both performers are vets of the porn industry, but damn, it looks like they are enjoying the sex. The highlight of the scene, during which Karera keeps her stocking and garter belt on (a win), is her pleasure at St. Croix’s pop shot on her chest. She looks like she has a real smile on her face, and it sounds like they both laugh a little at 27:37. I might be the only who notices it, but those “real” moments in porn cause their own wet works for me.

St. Croix’s second sex scene is with Penny Pax, and occurs once the two killers have earned each other’s trust. However, before St. Croix disrobes, he grips Pax and feels her over for weaponry as he strips her down. His character is clearly fearful and aroused, and it’s only clear that the pat down is over when he removes Pax’s pants, and then swiftly bends her over and voraciously eats her ass. It’s sweaty stress and anxiety fucking here, folks. St. Croix skullfucks an eager-to-please Pax, her eyes wide in enthusiasm at having that jawbreaker of a cock in her mouth. Then she rides his cock with her foot on his chest, and you know that the trust isn’t there because they’re fucking like one of them is about to die and they don’t know which one of them it will be.

Overall, watching villains fuck is motherfucking sexy, and Wetwork is an impressive porn movie. If you watch it for the whole story, be prepared to be on the edge of your seat at the very end. And if you aren’t watching it for the story, rest assured you’ll find something in the above-noted sex scenes, or in the ones between Pax and Calhoun, Claire Robbins and Derrick Pierce, or the threesome with Pax, Kimberly Kane, and Danny Wylde.

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Christy Canyon was a porn legend in the 80’s and 90’s. So much so that she’s even in the porn hall of fame. She’s also kind of like the Michael Jordan of porn as she retired numerous times only to end up coming back to the industry after a hiatus. Back in the day, Christy was a total bombshell. Her huge, natural boobs are just something you don’t get the privilege of seeing too much of in porn anymore. It’s really a shame. While I enjoy many of today’s stars, and there’s certainly an influx of quality talent right now, the likes of women like Christy Canyon are yet to be seen again in the adult industry.

Christy Canyon

But lucky for us, Christy is back! No, she’s not back starring in films, sadly. However, she is the host of a brand new radio show on Vivid Radio. The station started back in November, and today marks the first day of Christy’s show.

All this talk of Christy Canyon has made me really nostalgic, though. So I’ve compiled some clips from some of her top movie to relive the glory days!

This first clip is from Big Tit Legends – Christy Canyon. It’s such a great one, too. Porn just seemed to have a more authentic feel back then. We need more stuff like this nowadays.

This snippet comes from The Return Of Teenage Christy CanyonIt’s hard to believe that this was the young version of Christy. For being so young and just starting out in the industry, she sure knew what she was doing.

It’s a shame that the industry no longer has someone like Christy Canyon making films anymore. But the fact that she’s now involved with this radio show still makes the adult entertainment world a better place just by having her in it in some capacity.

Pippa Middleton Porn

The following is an article published by The New York Daily News.

Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa is very xxx-citing to some people.

After racy photos surfaced last week of a half-naked Pippa dancing with an equally un-dressed male, porn company Vivid Entertainment has offered Prince William’s sister-in-law $5 million to shoot one “explicit” scene.

Vivid president Steven Hirsh has sent the 27-year-old a letter, which TMZ obtained, telling her that she was the real star of the royal wedding and that her “beauty and attitude” would make her a huge adult star.

“After seeing photos of you having a great time at a party, I decided to offer you a role in one of our upcoming movies,” Hirsch wrote…


Steven Hirsch,
(Yes, I apparently can spell your name better than the NY Daily News)

I can fully understand how much fun it must be gaining immediate press coverage over writing empty casting offers with lots of zeros to international mainstream celebrities, but the gimmick is becoming trite very quickly. Everyone knows Pippa Middleton is not going to accept this letter, and would not be allowed to do so whether she wanted to or not. If having fun with the opposite sex, in your underwear, at 27 years old is grounds to be casted in a porn film, I’m fairly certain you’d be writing me letters daily.

Not to mention, 5 million American dollars is almost a slap in the face of Pippa Middleton. Remember, her sister is Her Royal Highness Princess William Arthur Philip Louis, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus. I sincerely doubt 5 million American, 3,498,095 Euros, could buy her anything her own family wouldn’t on a whim. If you really thought you had a chance at casting Pippa, you would at least offer her a nice high, round number in her own country’s currency.

Quit crying wolf, and put your money where your mouth is.

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The seemingly untouchable blockbuster pop star, Usher, has allegedly been offered a saintly deal by CEO of Vivid Entertainment, Steven Hirsch.

This past Decemeber, Usher Raymond IV had his vehicle robbed of a cool million dollars worth of goods. Included within the stolen property were two laptops, where a sex tape was found of Usher and ex-wife Tameka Foster. Of course, the tape has been shopped around the Adult Industry…and Steven Hirsch receives every celebrity sex tape possible. Although, it seems that Mr. Hirsch has found another avenue in dealing with such situations.

Vivid has offered Usher their services in the opposite of selling his sex tape. One must wonder why a giant Adult Entertainment label, which has made millions marketing other celebrities’ poorly produced video sex romps, would suddenly have a change of heart and decide to stop another release. None the less, the offer is on the table.

“We’ve learned that a sex video of you and your ex-wife is making its way around the adult industry,” reads the letter. “As a result of this being an intimate and very personal tape we can certainly understand why you would want to stop its distribution. We may therefore be able [to] assist you in stopping your own video from any type of circulation.” – Steven Hirsch to Usher

Sources: PopEater.com

Scream XXX: A Porn Parody stars Lily LaBeau, Jessie Andrews, Zoe Voss, James Deen, Rocco Reed, Jack Lawrence, Ron Jeremy, Evan Stone, Danny Wylde and The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody‘s Peter O’Tool, among others.

SCREAM XXX is scheduled to release in April along side of Wes Craven’s new horror film, Scream 4.

“Given the comedic tone of the original, the movie-within-a-movie elements of the sequels, and the upcoming release of the fourth installment, Scream seemed like a natural project to put under the parody spotlight,”
– Axel Braun

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Demi Lovato, star of Disney’s “Sonny With A Chance”, continues to get help at an undisclosed treatment facility since being admitted for treatment for emotional and physical issues. Lovato has been in rehab since October, after the actress physically harmed a dancer during the South American segment of the Jonas Brothers’s world tour.

In photos obtained by The Superficial, the actress-singer is seen putting her cleavage on display as a friend snaps a picture.

In the first image, Demi Lovato is pulling down her top, almost exposing her breasts, as female friends – one of which appears to be back-up dancer Alex Welch, whom Lovato punched.

Lovato, 18, struck a similar pose in a second photo, with her hand pulling down her top and her tongue to her gal pal’s cheek.

The site also posted a series of images of the singer posing in a lacy bra.

Demi Lovato abruptly left an international tour with the Jonas Brothers after her altercation with the 21-year-old Welch. According to Welch, Lovato wrongly believed the dancer had tattled on her for a late night of partying.

recently reported a source’s claim that Demi Lovato had also “videotaped herself getting it on with a young man over the summer,” while her uncle, Francisco Lovato, allegedly prevented anyone from entering her tour bus.

Lovato‘s rep countered that “the sourcing on this report is so spotty that it is hard to fully respond.”

“Francisco Lovato is the brother of Demi‘s estranged father. He never traveled on the tour, and certainly didn’t serve as some sort of chaperone,” the rep explained.

Steven Hirsch, CEO of Vivid Entertainment, tells TMZ, “After everything that Demi Lovato has been through, we would never consider distributing a sex tape with her. In fact, we would purchase it and either give it back to her or destroy it.”

Hirsch is a recovering addict and even owns Hollywood Recovery Services, an outpatient recovery center. His personal connection to the addiction and recovery process is being credited for his uncharacteristic handling of such a celebrity sex tape.

NY Daily News – Demi Lovato Racy Pictures

NY Daily News – Demi Lovato Sex Tape Unfounded

Demi Lovato Sex Tape 1

Demi Lovato Sex Tape 2

Erica Langston, star of “The Bad Girls Club“, has reportedly sold one of her two shopped celebrity sex tapes to Vivid Entertainment.

Celebrity sex tape aficionado Steven Hirsch has struck again with this purchase. The Bad Girls Club is a reality television program that has been on the Oxygen Network since December 2006. The show was created by Jonathan Murray and is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions (the same company that produces the reality series The Real World). The show’s premise follows seven women with a number of personal, behavioral, and psychological problems — deemed “bad girls” — as they live together for four months. Cameras record their relationships and their attempts to accomplish specific goals.

Erica Langston was recently a contestant on Season 5 of “The Bad Girls Club” in Miami, Florida. She made it all the way both on the show, and on video with her boyfriend. Two reported sex tapes have been shopped around by this blonde reality TV bombshell. One, involving Erica, Erica’s boyfriend Adrian, and a third undisclosed participant, failed to receive an offer due to the third party requesting too much money. The second celebrity sex tape is a simple erotic event between just Erica and her boy toy. So simple in fact, that it made getting paid a six figure sum look pretty easy.

The Erica Langston sex tape is set to be released just in time for Christmas 2010.

Who could forget Kanye West making his biggest “gay fish” appearance to date at the 2009 MTV VMA Awards? Stepping on stage unannounced during Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech, and stealing her microphone to give his two cents about Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video, was the iconic rap artist’s idea of a necessary drunken Public Service Announcement. Since that fateful day, a slew of commentary has been thrown back and forth between the two music stars in public media. One moment they are apologizing to each other, and then they take extended shots in retribution the next.

It seems now that Vivid Entertainment has deemed the pop-culture feud big enough to make a porn parody of it. RadarOnline.com collected quotes from Steven Hirsch, CEO of Vivid Entertainment, confirming their interest in making the parody.

“Vivid is definitely considering the situation between Taylor and Kanye for a movie. We’ve only just begun to think of who would be right for the lead roles. We’re not concerned about backlash because both are public figures but, let’s be clear, what we’re producing is a parody. We also love the fact that Taylor has such a wholesome image.” – Steven Hirsch
– Quotes mashed from RadarOnline.com

Hirsch also alluded to possibly using their creative licenses in a parody to explore a possible relationship between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. The parody would use the previous relationship to put Vivid’s spin on what motivations Kanye could have had to create such a spectacle at the VMA’s. Regardless, the sheer star power involved in this media battle would almost certainly create an instant top porn parody seller. I cannot wait to hear who gets casted as both Kanye and Taylor.

Anonymous Porn performer tests positive for HIVFiremen are asked if they are afraid of being trapped in a burning building. Police Officers are asked if they fear being shot and killed on duty. Porn stars may be working in a business of pleasure, but the level of risk is still just as real if not properly managed.

Tuesday October 12th, AIM (The Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation) notified the adult industry that an anonymous adult performer had tested positive for HIV. AIM has since taken proper action via contacting and quarantining all adult performers who could have possibly contracted the virus through the unnamed star.

The last industry HIV scare occurred last year when a female performer was found to be infected, but fortunately no reports surfaced of any collateral spreading. Before that incident was the famous Darren James case of 2004 where others were not as fortunate. In respect of these past events, major players in the porn world have decided to play it safe until more information becomes available.

Leading the charge of responsible adult business strategy, Vivid Entertainment and Wicked Pictures were the first two big boys to halt all production until further notice. Being a major company in the limelight for it’s high profile celebrity sex tape collection, Vivid’s choice seemed to be a no-brainer. Wicked Pictures, on the other hand, is a porn studio which requires mandatory use of condoms. Theirs was a decision of pure respect for the gravity of the situation.

“Even though Wicked is condoms-mandatory, we have postponed our upcoming productions to give AIM a chance to create a comprehensive quarantine list,” stated a Wicked Official. “Thanks to the continued efforts of AIM, the entire industry was all made aware of this possible threat on the same day.” – AVN

Since AIM broke the harrowing news, many other major adult video production companies have followed Vivid and Wicked in their responsible actions. Hustler Video, Digital Playground, Jennaration X Studios, Girlfriends Films and Kick Ass Pictures have all halted production until an accurate assessment of the situation is acquired.

HotMovies.com wishes all those involved great strength through this ordeal. Two gigantic thumbs up go out to AIM for it’s amazing response efforts within the Adult Industry, and to all of the studios who have taken precautions for their performers.


I think it may be official that Tiger Woods gets more shit than the President of the United States. The PGA superstar loses his marriage, almost gets beaten with a golf club, returns to one of the most up-tight professional sports as a known adulterous man hoe, and still becomes named to the Ryder Cup team to represent our country on the flowing green fairways. Now Tiger’s infamous mistresses are going for his jugular again, just when he seems to be putting his problems behind him.

Devon James is claiming to have an astonishing 62 minute “recording” of her sexual encounters with Tiger Woods. Apparently, she is so confident that her “recording” will be a hit, she is asking for a minimum of $392,900 for it. “We are flying to Los Angeles today to meet with Vivid about selling the tape. If they won’t get involved, we will self-release it. It’s going to be the bomb,” said Devon James on her Tiger Woods sex tape.

Now, let’s be realistic. Steven Hirsch, CEO of Vivid Entertainment, has refused to comment on the matter. Not only that, but Devon James‘ own mother has commented on her daughter’s untrustworthy history. “My daughter is nothing but a pathological liar. There was no relationship with Tiger Woods,” says Devon’s mother Sandra Brinling. Devon is also claiming that she was working with a Christian Charity project in Hawaii when she met Tiger Woods at the ripe age of 19. Don’t get me wrong, I have known plenty of porn stars in my time here that have had religious backgrounds. It’s just a hard pill to swallow that the same woman who worked at the Bunny Ranch and claimed to have had a child by Tiger Woods only to lose in court, would be participating in a Christian Charity project.

If this Tiger Woods Sex Tape turns out to be real, I promise to post a full retraction and apologize to Devon James for false speculation, but I don’t think I will have to do so. To reference another fake ass publicity stunt that happened recently, I think Devon James has a Tiger Woods Sex Tape like Jenna Jameson got smacked down by Tito Ortiz.