Philadelphia, PA – Third World Media and have teamed up to announce an exclusive one month engagement of their newest, ground breaking title SheMale Shoguns.

SheMale Shoguns unearths and closely examines these modern day Japanese warriors adorned in lipstick, fashionable clothing and designer bags. Traditional Shoguns were warriors who wore Kabuto (helmet face masks) and yielded Katana (swords) as they ruled Japan at that point in history. Wielding swords capable of handling modern day bedroom warfare, these ancient warriors are prepared for anything between the sheets.

SheMale Shoguns features talent that’s near impossible for a foreigner to obtain access to, despite the burgeoning shemale community in Japan. With a worldwide demographic in mind HotMovies expects a strong response from the international adult community. doesn’t shy away from ground breaking content,” boasts James Cybert, HotMovies’ Marketing Director. “We embrace it and find an audience.”

Third World Media and concentrate on style, fashion and fetish to bring customers SheMale Shoguns exclusively through the Month of November.