Tupac Sex TapeFree porn tube giant, YouPorn, has allegedly offered $150,000 as a bid for the newest hot celebrity sex tape. An anonymous adult company has also offered to pay much more for the Tupac sex tape, but only under the condition that they be able to view the celebrity sex tape first. The video is said to feature deceased West Coast rap legend, Tupac Shakur, receiving oral sex from an unidentified woman while drinking a cocktail and smoking a joint. The Tupac sex tape is also reported to feature Digital Underground member, Money B, wrapping his arm over Shakur’s shoulder in celebration of his ongoing blowjob.

Viewers of the Tupac Shakur sex tape have also expressed there may be another video connected. Many of them commenting on Tupac’s motion to continue the night’s affairs at the end of the current sex tape in question. Of course, this information has leaked very curiously. Considering a large anonymous adult company wishes to purchase the Tupac sex tape, but has not viewed it, it is difficult to understand how others have laid eyes on the footage so easily.

We’ll keep an ear to the ground and continue to update you on this story.

420 Marijuana Glass Pipe Dildos

Yes. What you are seeing is absolutely real. These are fine hand made glass smoking pipes that also double as glass dildos. Made in Portland by Gremlin from Momentum Glass, these pieces are pretty rare. I had to do a lot of searching to find these after watching Scarlett Pain use one during her scene in Bong Load Girls.

If you’re a fun-loving hippie girl who can’t seem to find enough time between smoking weed and masturbating, this is the bowl piece for you! Of course, if you’re really a wild child, we invite you to take the “Bowldo Challenge.” Light your Marijuana, take a rip and start masturbating. The challenge is to not let the cherry go out between fucking yourself and hitting the bowl.

One speed, GO!