I bet when Julian Assange created he hadn’t thought of his platform being used in the Adult Industry. Personally, neither did I. None the less, it seems someone has taken it upon his/her self to publish is a database of porn star stage names being linked, to what is rumored to be, each actor/actress’ personal information. I suppose in an electronic era where sites such as and paid consumer background checks exist, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“PornWikiLeaks has combined high-end security technologies with journalism and ethical principles. Like other media outlets conducting investigative journalism, we accept (but do not solicit) anonymous sources of information. Unlike other outlets, we provide a high security anonymous message board fortified by cutting-edge cryptographic information technologies. This provides maximum protection to our sources. We are fearless in our efforts to get the unvarnished truth out to the public. When information comes in, our journalists analyze the material, verify it and write a news piece about it describing its significance to society. We then publish both the news story and the original material in order to enable readers to analyze the story in the context of the original source material themselves.” – PornWikiLeaks About

Just as other free personal information indexes have begun to rub mainstream internet users the wrong way, is sure to meet opposition from adult industry actors, actresses and the agencies who manage them. If a cease and desist letter has not already been sent, I’m sure it’s in final draft on someone’s desk this morning.