The image above is used as the headline banner for an AOL News article on how wants to know what porn titles were in Osama Bin Laden’s “huge stash” of porn. Does this look like a great picture of Joanna Angel?

Why would you want Adult Industry Studios, Directors and Stars to be referenced with one of the deadliest terrorists in world history?

Does this sound like a great marketing plan?

Are you going to try cashing in on the fact that your studio made the “Taliban Tops” list?

Is there going to be an “Osama Bin Laden Meets His 72 Virgins” XXX parody?

This is absurd. The only thing that will come of this, is the strengthening of the Bible Belt’s political influence. If I were a major player in the Adult Industry, I would be trying to sweep this under the rug faster than Clinton’s blow job. When you give conservative America any decent reason to get rid of something they do not agree with morally, you are hurting the Adult Industry as a whole.

Granted, making sex more “taboo” in our culture has produced increased revenue in the past. Although, that was at a time when pornography was still very wild and untamed. Now that the government has had time to create plenty of policies concerning the Adult Industry, and almost every dark corner of sexuality has been put on free tube sites, “taboo” will not have the same effect.

If you are an Adult Entertainment professional, and have a real interest in what lie in Osama Bin Laden’s “huge stash” of porn, you can do yourself a big favor. Take a big cymbal in each hand, and repeatedly clap your head between them until you no longer have this urge. Why don’t you make yourself useful and write the Arnold Schwarzenegger Love Child parody?

– T.J. HotMovies