The other night at NYU there was a debate on the ethics of porn. On the pro porn side of the talk was the famous adult film star, Ron Jeremy. On the anti porn side of the discussion was Craig Gross. While I’m sure you are all aware of who Ron Jeremy is; you may not be as aware of who Mr. Gross is. Craig Gross is a pastor for the website

What exactly is Well, it’s a site for porn addiction recovery. Now, I think it’s important that people are careful with pornography. Obviously it’s never good to become addicted to something to the point where it’s harming your everyday life. However, this site doesn’t talk about just being careful and moderate when using porn. They’d prefer that the porn industry shut down completely.

pro porn woman

So now that we know the two parties involved, let’s go over some of the debate.

As is generally the argument against the adult industry, Craig Gross talked about how porn creates unrealistic expectations of sex for people. So Ron Jeremy responded with about as good a response as you could ask for in defense of the industry.

“These fantasies are not ever going to be reality. What you’re looking at on a screen is never going to happen, or should happen, in your sex life,” he told the audience. Jeremy argued that porn is just another form of escapism, like Star Trek conventions, and should be considered as just another form of entertainment.

 Ron says what I’ve been saying for months now. Porn is just another for of entertainment. If you go to the movies and see an action star jump out of a 10-story building, shoot a helicopter down, and then land on his feet, you don’t go out and try it with your buddies the next day. Well the same goes (or should go) for porn. Just because you see a video about gang bangs doesn’t mean every girl you sleep with is going to want to have an orgy with you and you’re friends.

But although the two men come from very different worlds, Ron actually discussed how they were alike.

“We’re actually very similar,” Jeremy opined. “I do it with a few thousand women, he’s done it with his wife a few thousand times. It’s the same thing.”

Although I disagree with the stance of, I think it’s important and a good move that Ron and other supporters of the adult industry respond like this. These people are certainly entitled to their opinions and don’t deserve any harsh reactions or to be yelled at. Using humor and logic is the best chance the adult industry has in defending itself. What’s important is for people to be careful and realistic and accept that some will enjoy pornography and others will not. As is the case with most things in life, moderation is key.

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