As you can see from the video above, police raided the “Mood Pictures” BDSM porn set in north Budapest mid-shoot, where women were being beaten.

As it happened, a mother of seven desperate for money answered an ad in a newspaper two weeks ago for a non-sex role in a BDSM film where everything was supposed to be imitated and not real, reports. Later, when to her horror she realized it was very quite real, the producers ignored her repeated use of the “safe words” and kept filming, with the producer jumping in after the woman originally assigned to hit her refused to continue. After the incident, the woman wrote an anonymous letter to the police, who then took commandos to the location and raided the set Tuesday night during filming.

Police seized 14 terabytes worth of video on a server and even discovered a first aid room where a licensed EMT sat should his services be required (how thoughtful). Police arrested 14 people at the scene and have charged three of them. According to a police captain, Hungarian law states that a person cannot consent to be harmed, meaning that any contracts signed by the victims are invalid. Five victims have so far come forward, and police believe there are even more, some of whom are male, albeit he added that all were over the age of eighteen.

According to, even the police were disturbed by what they saw on the videos, meaning that if these producers wind up in prison, we won’t shed a tear if they find themselves in a similar position to the people they assaulted. –

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