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This Week’s Picks
The Angel and the Devil
“Upon looking at my creamy white and feeling my soft lips you would think I am an angel.”

How To Approach A Dominant Woman

“Wrong way: Perhaps you know me from my blog….”

“Lying back so the full aura from the lamp lights the area in question, I spread my legs and let him see.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself

Sugar Bank

Editor’s Choice
How does one trust?

More Sugasm

Join the Sugasm

Thoughts on Sex and Relationships
The busiest day so far
I can hardly describe the addiction

Insane Bitch
Lindsay Lohan: Total L.U.G.
Stripper with benefits, part 2
What Counts As Sex? –NEW POLL!!!

Sex News, Reviews & Interviews
Amber Rayne In Predicament Bondage On Sex And Submission
Catalina loves Interviews

Check out Mz. Berlin’s Blog
Eyes More Important Than Body In Attraction
New LELO Vibrators
Sex Toys Are Fun!
So Very Shallow

Sex Advice
Can being overweight lead to lack of orgasm?

NSFW Pics, Videos & Audio

Fetish Model Satine Phoenix is a *VERY* Pretty Pony Girl
Field Of Dreams
Free Bubble butt webcam clip on CamWithHer
Half-Nekkid in Alaska
My second SUMMER of Love
The one with the hard body
Pornsaint Zahra Divine
A Pussy Corset Piercing – A Painful Form of Forced Chastity
Rose Petals -HNT

Video: Good Morning Blowjob

Sex & Politics
Fuck the Schoolboard, Too
Sex, Politics and Videotape: Young People Fucking and Canadian Censorship

Erotic Writing and Experiences
Bed, breakfast and more tasty cock
Grils and Playtoys
Period Piece

Skinny Dipping
Spooning Leads To Forking
When Life Gets in the Way

Sex Work
Getting spanked in the office
Reality Check: Superstar Clients
What About The Johns? (An Audio Plea)

Sex Humor
What the heck is happenin’ to my genitals?

BDSM & Fetish
Cinderella’s Big Score – A Fairy Tale
Fun with Shoes and Bondage
Kinky Email from Mr. Kink
Mmmmm, Pantyhose….
Political Maneuvers
Princess in wonderland.

r’s naughty thoughts on wheelchair bondage, strap-on sex, and enemas
Setting the stage…
Wet Panties

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