7.  No Foreplay

C’mon guys and gals. Just put in a little effort. It makes the sex a million times better and can be just as fun itself. The quickest way to become complacent in your sex life is a lack of foreplay. Check out this how-to video if you need help in this department! Or maybe sit down with your partner and watch Foreplay to get the juices flowing.

6.  Answer the Phone

Some new studies show that surprisingly high number of people are using their phones during sex. This is just absurd people. Disconnect for a minute, dammit! Set aside your technology and distractions and just get lost in the intimacy of the moment with your partner.

5.  Forget Your Partner’s Name

It’s bad enough to forget someone’s name in a normal social situation. However, it’s even worse when you do it while you’re having sex with them. Do you just come out and say, “Oh hey, this is funny, I totally don’t remember your name”? Or do you try to be sneaky and just use generic phrases and pet names? It’s a tough call. I recommend getting it out of the way and going with honesty. The awkwardness will only compound otherwise.

4.  The Starfish

Starfish in this case refers to when a female just lies there during sex and forces the male to do all of the work. Ladies, please, a little effort would be nice. While missionary is a fine position, and one that pretty much every sexual encounter utilizes, that doesn’t mean you have to just lay there and do nothing. Help us guys help you. Get involved!

3.  Look Bored

Nothing should be more exciting than your partner coming on to you. If you’re getting distracted by other things or look bored while having sex, something is not right. It’s really difficult to maintain the ambiance when one partner is completely disinterested. Try this instructional flick for some ideas to spice things up.

2.  Shout Out the Wrong Name

saying wrong name in bed

Forgetting your partner’s name is one thing. Especially if it’s a one night stand type situation. But saying the wrong name to a significant other or spouse is a whole new level of terrible. Maybe it’s your ex’s…or even worse your mom or dad’s, yikes. Whatever it is, if you shout out the wrong name during sex, there’s no coming back.

 1.  Ask Too Many Questions

is it in yet meme

Nothing destroys a man’s confidence more than when a girl asks, “Is it in yet”? And please don’t ask every 2 seconds if your partner is okay. Be confident! Sure, there are times when asking questions during sex can be appropriate and necessary, but keep it to a minimum! It’s a sure-fire way to kill the mood.

One Response to “The 7 Worst Things You Can Do During Sex”

  1. Morris Dixon says:

    Double the sex: Say this: “And then I’m gonna feed you kale from Whole Foods and pay off your student loans. Oh, yeah. And then you know what I’m gonna do to you next? I’m going to pay off your sexy credit card debt and buy you a freaking sexy ass apartment!” Seriously if someone said this to me during sex, I would cum, like, 8000 times.