Wetwork from Vivid PremiumIn porn, we often keep track of a porn star’s productivity by how many scenes they’ve shot. However, someone needs to start keeping track of how many films they’ve been in-real, scripted films that also feature hardcore sex. Wetwork is packed with spectacular sex scenes, and it’s genuinely an interesting movie wherein Penny Pax and Steven St. Croix play top tier contract killers. However, considering that Wetwork is a Vivid Premium film and was directed by AVN award-winer Eli Cross, known for a variety of rich, plot-oriented XXX flicks, including Corruption and Upload, no one should be surprised to hear that this movie is worth watching from beginning to end.

Anthony (St. Croix) is a hitman who is on his way out of the business. Katherine Mox (Penny Pax) is an artist who fucks and then kills her patrons. Richie Calhoun plays one of her blowhard patrons while Claire Robbins is glorious to watch as Katherine’s bitchy roommate Jessica. It’s fun to watch grade A performers play characters you love to dislike. And if you want to skip to the sex scenes, there’s plenty of scorching action to occupy your, er, mind. I’d not get too attached to anyone in this movie because most of them die along the way to the sounds of the omnipresent sinister soundtrack.

Overall, the fucking in Wetwork is frenzied and dark. It’s terribly hot, but sex is secret and strategic. It’s like the sex is everyone’s reprieve from the dark world of wetwork. It’s fitting. I don’t dislike any of the 5 sex scenes, but both of St. Croix’s stand out as the hottest for me.

The first sex scene in the movie features St. Croix and sultry, long-legged Eva Karera. She plays a French prostitute (with a Belgian accent, but whatever) who hears that Anthony is rough-and looks forward to her encounter with him. I know both performers are vets of the porn industry, but damn, it looks like they are enjoying the sex. The highlight of the scene, during which Karera keeps her stocking and garter belt on (a win), is her pleasure at St. Croix’s pop shot on her chest. She looks like she has a real smile on her face, and it sounds like they both laugh a little at 27:37. I might be the only who notices it, but those “real” moments in porn cause their own wet works for me.

St. Croix’s second sex scene is with Penny Pax, and occurs once the two killers have earned each other’s trust. However, before St. Croix disrobes, he grips Pax and feels her over for weaponry as he strips her down. His character is clearly fearful and aroused, and it’s only clear that the pat down is over when he removes Pax’s pants, and then swiftly bends her over and voraciously eats her ass. It’s sweaty stress and anxiety fucking here, folks. St. Croix skullfucks an eager-to-please Pax, her eyes wide in enthusiasm at having that jawbreaker of a cock in her mouth. Then she rides his cock with her foot on his chest, and you know that the trust isn’t there because they’re fucking like one of them is about to die and they don’t know which one of them it will be.

Overall, watching villains fuck is motherfucking sexy, and Wetwork is an impressive porn movie. If you watch it for the whole story, be prepared to be on the edge of your seat at the very end. And if you aren’t watching it for the story, rest assured you’ll find something in the above-noted sex scenes, or in the ones between Pax and Calhoun, Claire Robbins and Derrick Pierce, or the threesome with Pax, Kimberly Kane, and Danny Wylde.

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Father's Forbidden Fantasies 2 box coverDirector and porn star Levi Cash and his new studio Manipulative Media bring you Father’s Forbidden Fantasies 2. And while it really ends up being the naughty step-daughters that seduce their step-dads in three out of four scenes, it still manages to live up to the “forbidden” part of the title. Porn has been playing with the taboo theme for years, but it seems like it’s taken a leap in popularity lately. With plenty of people out there that fantasize about diddling their step-whatevers, it’s no wonder this deviant dalliance is getting so much attention.

I’m not a big fan of family fun-themed movies, but I can definitely see the appeal in taboo tableaus. I am, however, a big fan of sex, and you’ll get plenty of that in Father’s Forbidden Fantasies 2. The horny and much too hot for real life step-dads are played by Tony De Sergio and Tony D, each of whom gets two encounters with step-daughters.  Both Tonys won our hearts in the original Father’s Forbidden Fantasies, so it’s no wonder they showed up in the sequel. The naughty step-sluts are played by Rahyndee James, Kimber Woods, Giaoni Whiley, and Maddy Rose – sexy girls who either seduce or consent to seduction by their beloved father figures. Read the rest of this entry »

Couples Seeking Teens 16 box coverI just watched Couples Seeking Teens 16 and it certainly didn’t fail to get me hot! There’s no lack of sweaty, writhing bodies and rock and roll fun! But the premise of couples seeking teens is a bit thin in this edition of the popular series, only playing out that way in two out of the four scenes. Nonetheless, each scene delivers smokin’ hot action.

The scenes are scripted, so you’ll get a new scenario for each one. And the acting isn’t bad, but it’s not what you’re really here for, and knowing that, they get to the action pretty quickly after a short plot setup. It’s a beautiful movie, shot in HD and full of all the close-ups and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from director Mike Quasar. Also on par with Quasar’s previous work is the soundtrack; the movie is augmented with nondescript music that perfectly fits into the background without getting in the way of the dialogue. Read the rest of this entry »

Fucking Mystic starring Chelsea PoeFucking Mystic is fucking hot! I’d like to qualify it by saying “Finally, a sexy, highly erotic queer film,” but there have obviously been other noteworthy contributions to the filmography of the queer community. However, there is no doubt that director Courtney Trouble, lead actress Chelsea Poe, and a number of others involved in Fucking Mystic have brought the queer community to their collective knees with this one.

The premise is simple–small town girl Chelsea Poe moves to Oakland, toting around a magical necklace that incites uncontrollable lust in all those who encounter it. Chelsea’s power to lure in lovers gets stronger and stronger as the film progresses, leading to a feisty fetish scene with Courtney Trouble, a randy threesome, and culminating in an orgy that is the perfect way to end the movie. The mysticism of the necklace is only referred to once, so not exactly a strong storyline, but the erotic prowess of Chelsea Poe that grows into something amazing by the end of the film is highlighted perfectly.

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To The Core directed by Bonnie RottenTalk about a way to start your directing career off with a bang! Bonnie Rotten‘s directorial debut, To The Core, is a contender for both AVN’s Best BDSM Movie of the Year and XBIZ’s Best Fetish Release Of The Year. This first production from Rotten’s own Mental Beauty Productions sees a string of innocent young beauties broken, destroyed, and dominated by some of porn’s biggest stars. Let’s take a look at how it delivers the deviance.

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Boss Fantasies from New SensationsI just watched the New Sensations’ film Boss Fantasies, a movie that portrays illicit office sex from award-winning writer and director Jacky St. James. It’s the second title  in the Tales from the Edge series, a series meant to explore sexual ideas and situations that are often taken to the extreme-like the boss/employee relationship, for example. It’s a fantasy that many possess, but few follow through with. James shows us what can happen when you allow yourself to be bad.

“There’s something inherently exciting about the forbidden territory of sex with one’s boss,” Jacky St. James said. “There’s all this baggage that comes with that…what your coworkers might say if they find out, if you’ll get fired, promoted, etc. The risks are what make it exciting. If a sexual attraction already exists, it can be dangerous and explosive. This movie captures the very essence of sex with one’s boss and the different dynamics at play within it.”

The movie features four individually themed scenes that manage to fit together nicely into one sordid tale of office politics and underhanded tactics. From cheating executives with sexy assistants to a power hungry boss that uses her employee’s job to lure him into bed, this movie depicts the extreme end of sexual office adventures. Appearing in the movie for your viewing pleasure are Skin Diamond, Chanel Preston, A.J. Applegate, and rising star Karla Kush.

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Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex: Plus Sizejessica drake and Wicked Pictures return with a plus size edition to the Guide To Wicked Sex series. In jessica drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex: Plus Size, jessica is joined by award-winning adult star Kelly Shibari to educate us on how to brush up on our plus size loving skills. With over half of all American women considered to be plus size by BMI standards, this edition was a natural addition to the collection. A little different from your average adult movie, this episode comes primarily from an educational viewpoint and Scene 1 begins by discussing all aspects, positive and negative, of what it means to be in a plus size relationship. We meet real-life couples in these relationships and discover a manner of ways to improve the confidence of larger partners through a series of exercises that focus on communication.

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Christian XXXWelcome to another edition of Man Crush Monday where we interview the top male porn performers in the XXX industry. No doubt that if you’ve watched porn in the last 15 years, you’ve seen Christian XXX in action. Between performing, running his own production company, handling his social media accounts, and blogging, this guy is always at work. He’s also one of the most versatile performers in the industry working today.Read on to meet the XXX one man band:

1. Please introduce yourself and tell everyone what you do.
Hello, my name is Christian and I am a performer/blogger/affiliate/producer/onemanband in the adult industry.

2. How did your career in adult begin and what did it take to evolve to where you are now?
In 1999, I met a famous porn star named Lovette. We started dating and she opened up my eyes to the magical world of fucking on camera and getting paid for it. Since then I have performed in over 2,500 scenes, produced and directed about 600 scenes for Naughty America, and performed all over the world (England, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Germany, France, Thailand, and Canada).

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Tony D and Zoey Foxx

So once we interviewed Levi Cash here at HotMovies.com, we decided that the guys in porn just don’t get the credit they deserve. I know both men and women watch porn for the girls, but if you haven’t noticed lately, there are a hell of a lot of awesome guys in XXX movies. So, enough with this “stunt cock” business. Let’s meet the men who deliver the goods again and again for your entertainment. I’m happy to present once of the most enthusiastic dudes in adult today, the charming DILF Tony D.

You’ve been nice all year, and you know you can always be naughty at HotMovies.com! We’ve plenty of XXXmas movies for you to enjoy. So relax and get comfortable because you’ll want to unwrap every package on this list:

9. The first movie that I think of when it comes to Christmas porn is This Isn’t Christmas Vacation-The XXX Parody. It’s not the best parody I’ve seen, but Cousin Eddie’s trailer sex scene is the too memorable to forget. I don’t always notice the set design in porn, but the contents of the trailer kitchen cabinet are perfect. Yellow plastic bowls and cooking oil. Why expect anything else? I just hope hope her shitter wasn’t full.

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