Box cover for Not Jersey Boys XXXThere is no way to put this delicately: I loved Not Jersey Boys XXX: A Porn Musical so much that I called my mom to tell her about it. I warned her that she might not want to watch the whole movie and that was ok, but she’d really love the script and songs. I know she didn’t believe me, but she did ask about the song parodies. I felt sheepish telling her about “Big Tits Don’t Lie” and “Oh, She Was Tight,” but I got a good laugh from her anyway. Too bad she won’t watch the whole movie because it’s really a fun film. Even without the sex, this porn movie is worth watching. It’s perfectly cast and fucking hilarious.

and director are not new to the porn parody game, and Not Jersey Boys XXX is the pinnacle of their achievements to date. From the start of the movie, you’re thrust (pun) into the world of a few dime-a-dozen 60′s singers looking for a their big break. It’s not until smarmy Tommy DeVito, played by , gives a naive and awkward Franki Valli, brilliantly played by , a pair of nut-cinching pants that give him the band’s much-sought signature sound. It’s called falsetto to most of us, but “false dental” to Tommy.

All of the sex scenes in Not Jersey Boys are fun and really sexy. I wouldn’t discourage you from watching any of them. It’s just that the comedy in the film is so good that I want to make sure you don’t fast forward through those parts just to get to the sex. I truly love how awkwardly uncomfortable ‘s character, Three Finger Martha From Da Bowling Alley, made me feel. Between the gum chewing and arm flap dancing, I can’t look away. Seeing someone so cute act so weird is a fast way to my heart. Just watch:

The oddest side effect of watching Not Jersey Boys was having the songs stuck in my head for weeks after hearing them. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons had some  really catchy songs, so it’s no surprise that one might get stuck in your head. Seriously, how can you not hear “I’ll fuck you, baby/I’ll even eat you out/And if you blow me/I won’t come in your mouth” in place of the real lyrics after this?

I’ll be really honest about Not Jersey Boys. When I first heard that a porn parody of the Jersey Boys was in the works, I was just baffled why anyone would parody that. After viewing Not Jersey Boys numerous times, I get it. I totally get it, and I admit I was wrong for having doubts. I need other people to watch this XXX movie so I can have someone else with whom to sing the songs. All in all, Not Jersey Boys far exceeded my expectations. I’ve recommended it to multiple friends and keep working the movie into conversations. I watch A LOT of porn, and it’s easy to become blase about XXX movies. Way to go X-Play and everyone involved for shaking up my brain in the best way.

Full cast list:

Frank Valli and The Four Seasons: , , , , and

The Ladies: , , and

Non-sex performers:  (dancer), (cheerleader)

Watch Not Jersey Boys XXX: A Porn Musical now and then tell me what you think on Twitter.

We can discuss net neutrality and its importance for days. However, the brilliant folks over at made a video that really hammers home the point: will we still be able to watch porn on the internet?

Porn Stars Explain Net Neutrality

Mother-Son Secrets IV features a Desi Dalton and Levi Cash in a passionate blackmail scenario.

In more exciting VOD news, Forbidden Fruits Films has released their latest taboo XXX movie, Mother-Son Secrets IV, on Forbidden Fruits Films consistently ranks in the Top 10 most popular studios each month on our site, and they don’t show a sign of slowing down either. You won’t want to miss these fiery hot MILFs  as they slickly seduce their own sons. And until November 1st, we’re the only online site that has Mother-Son Secrets IV.

Watch the trailer now and tell me this doesn’t pique your interest (and maybe more than that):

The sex scenes are believable constructions are very popular taboo family fantasies. It’s not easy to decide who to watch first- openers , head MILF in charge at Forbidden Fruits, and ?  Latina MILF and ? Maybe it’s the poolside scene with beautifully freckled and  ? Then again you might prefer the blackmail fuck between and .

Make your viewing choice right now and watch Mother-Son Secrets IV on

Treacherous from Severe Society Films is now live on HotMovies! We, along with our sister sites, are the only ones to have this epic fetish film available online for the next 30 days. Check out the trailer now (give it a few seconds to load):

Mistress Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway, the owners of Severe Society Films, have been working on this 4 hour long film for over a year, along with co-director Aiden Starr. While the main players in this film include Aiden, Tim Woodman, Caroline Pierce, Slut Bottom Chris, Nikki Darling, Jessie Parker, Mickey Mod, Charli Piper, Ruckus, Dana DeArmond, Kiki D’Aire, Jay Taylor, Maia Davis, Marcelo, Anna Valentina, and Megan Cox, along with both Mistress Dee and Jimmy, there are approximately 50 people who appear in Treacherous.

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The Squad, a new comedy by porn director Carter StevensIf you know your classic porn, then you know director and performer Carter Stevens and his funny, tongue-in-cheek XXX movies. It’s been a while since Stevens has directed a film, and hot damn and hell yeah to his return! Carter Stevens is back with The Squad, a new comedy about porn, the police, and the golden age of dirty movies. There are only a handful more days to contribute to its Indiegogo campaign.

I was fortunate enough to speak with Stevens about this life in the porn industry, as well as The Squad.

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Thanks to poor educational standards, an uncommunicative family, and a fairly sheltered adolescence, being the newbie at Hot Movies started out…shall we say…awkward. Luckily, my obsession with social media came to my rescue: amongst my research for interesting sex and porn news, I stumbled across something that has quite literally changed my life. From being close-minded about discussing either topic and thoroughly inhibited, I have embraced sexual freedom and open expression of personal desires; the ideology of sex positivity has had a profound impact upon me.

Please do not take this as a conversion attempt. I simply think it is important to share the following information because sexual repression is a bitch.

The following are the significant concepts* as they are the antitheses of Western culture’s dominant philosophies:

  • Sexuality is a potentially positive force in life
  • Sexual expression is good and healthy
  • Acceptance of any and all sexual orientations
  • No moral or ethical distinctions for personal sexual preferences
  • Comprehensive and accurate sex education

*All fundamentally based on consent.

“Being sex positive is all about embracing that sexuality is a very important part of who you are, irrespective of your age and irrespective of the social construct. It means maintaining a healthy attitude towards sex — or lack thereof — and valuing it given your individual needs.” -Dr. Michael Krychman, sexual counselor and sexual-medicine gynecologist

I’ve come to understand this as a personally adaptable attitude, which translates to my takeaway as: whatever makes you feel good, you should be comfortable with and be able to discuss. Somewhat of a warning: there’s little information of the movement outside of its feminist sect and basic history. However, for those interested I recommend the following for an initial introduction: Sex Positive Movement and What Does Sex Positive Mean, combating the ideas of antisexualism/sex-negativity. (Yes, these include Wikipedia articles, but check out the References before dismissing them.)

Finally, I think it is crucial to assess this movement given the current cultural attitudes towards sex and porn, as well as their associated industries. My twitter has some infuriating illustrations of sexual shaming—like a guy that died from a sex toy because he was afraid to get it removed after it got stuck, or how women are labeled as hypersexual and criticized for watching porn.

tl;dr: #downwithinhibitions


Cartoon Sex – Does it make you tingle?

I’d seen it around, and it was something I’d often wondered, can animated porn really get you off? This is how I kind of unwittingly discovered the answer.

A little while back I found myself in a very strange world. It was in an online game, one of the first, and something which I was unfamiliar with at the time. It was a game where people could basically be any character they wanted to be, from human to animal to mythical being to anything in-between or even otherworldly; your imagination was the only thing limiting your options. The large majority chose to be a human-like avatar, they could portray themselves however they wanted, from clothing to appearance to personality. It was a bespoke alter-ego if you will, like a cyber doll roaming the diverse and rambling world that is known in this case as Second Life. You may have heard of it? I hadn’t, but I saw it on an episode of CSI one evening and it had sparked my curiosity enough for me to go take a look.

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It’s been done a million times and everybody has their own opinion but with Comic Con everywhere you look at the moment I thought I’d do it again! I’m no cartoon nerd, and it took a relocation to the States for me to realise just how huge the whole comic book superhero thing is, but one thing is for sure, you don’t need to be a ‘toon nerd to recognise a hot chick in tight spandex! So here goes my own personal top ten of Hollywood Heroine Hotties going from number ten to number one counting down in order of yumminess!


10. Barbarella – Jane Fonda

I know it’s a bit of an oldie but any Super Heroine who’s main super power is her sex appeal frankly deserves to be on anybody’s list of sexy heroines. And it’s Jane Fonda so duh!


Marquis Media has a sci-fi fetish fantasy film that incorporates Barbarella, as well as Bettie Page and O. The Story of Barbarella, Bettie, & O is no straight take on any of those sexy legends, but it’s not like any other film you’ve watched either.

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Either he’s extremely pale, or that’s a banana?


Fellatio – From the latin ‘fellare’, to suck. Say it slowly, and out aloud with the emphasis on the ‘ell’. Felllllatio. Now that is a word that sounds almost as good as it feels; it’s almost onomatopoeic. Ask most guys and they will say that pretty much nothing could ever match the way good fellatio feels. That may be, but is it a two-way street? Do guys relish the prospect of giving oral as much as we are eager to receive?

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Update: Unfortunately, this video fell outside of YouTube’s Terms of Service and was removed a week after this blog post.

I just happened to be staggering around the internet looking for porn stars on Facebook when I found this video of Sir Nik and his sub Gwen taken at our booth during the Toronto 2013 Everything To Do With Sex Show. Sir Nik is a highly engaging and accurate whip artist, not to mention a delightful powerhouse of debauchery. While I shot plenty of stills at the show, I didn’t have any video to share. Nonetheless, a member of the audience captured this video of Sir Nik in action.

Now that you know what the man is capable of, go check out Sir Nik’s profile on to see more. I recommend The Whip Master’s Assistant and Spanking Big E 12.