I just happened to be staggering around the internet looking for porn stars on Facebook when I found this video of Sir Nik and his sub Gwen taken at our booth during the Toronto 2013 Everything To Do With Sex Show. Sir Nik is a highly engaging and accurate whip artist, not to mention a delightful powerhouse of debauchery. While I shot plenty of stills at the show, I didn’t have any video to share. Nonetheless, a member of the audience captured this video of Sir Nik in action.

Now that you know what the man is capable of, go check out Sir Nik’s profile on HotMovies.com to see more. I recommend The Whip Master’s Assistant and Spanking Big E 12.

Katie St. Ives and Steven St. Croix have a hot step-daughter and step-father fuck scene in All In The Family. Check out Scene 3.

The latest release from Digital Sin‘s Tabu Tales series, All In The Family sees the popular studio returning with another slick dose of intrafamilial hook-ups and teasing trysts between loosely related horny folk. We at HotMovies.com have All In The Family exclusively for 30 days, and want you to know just what you’re getting when it comes to getting off with this flick. Read on!

Scene 1

Split into four different scenarios, the collection opens with the lovely Aidra Fox playing step-daughter to a somewhat browbeaten Otto Bauer, who married for money and is now paying the consequences of having to deal with a bossy wife and a bratty step-kid. Those are some consequences when you see how things pan out!

But before things get a little heated, we witness Aidra shooting pool in her daddy’s man cave with her touchy-feely boyfriend, who clearly took every opportunity he had to cop a generous feel before being cast aside by his girl in favour of a little incestuous lovin’. You kind of feel for him a little, merely playing warm up for the main act, but I guess everybody has to start somewhere and he still had his hands full of Aidra, so life can’t be that bad.

The sight of his rather foxy step-daughter flagrantly throwing her sex in her step-daddy’s face irks Bauer, and he sets about turning things his way for a change. Later, in the man cave, the scene sets up with Aidra shooting pool, clad in a tight mini skirt and crop top, seductively leaning over the table giving Daddy clear sight of her pert teenage titties. Daddy antagonises her a little, telling her that those kind of moves don’t impress real men, to which she responds old men can’t keep up with her. You can see which way this is going! Bauer retorts that he could out-fuck his daughter’s boyfriend any day - and so the challenge is made, and is accepted hastily by a clearly horny Aidra Fox.

In the blink of an eye, daddy takes his little girl’s top off and starts sucking on her breasts – and very nice they are too. I’ve never been one for huge breasts, and Aidra’s perfectly formed, small tits are, in my eyes, much more beautiful. A little foreplay keeps the scene ticking over, a nice shot of Bauer lifting up Aidra’s skirt and pulling off her panties allows us to fully enjoy her heavenly little ass for a brief moment while he pats and plays with it, before directing her to unleash his straining beast!

The movie started with a quirky little backing track, but all the music has stopped now in favour of the occasional dialogue between the players and the sounds of them in the act. Aidra quickly wraps her lips around his cock, telling her daddy of how long she’s waited to do this, sucking him off and deep-throating him ’til she gags. Hair grabbed and throat fucked, daddy’s little girl is very keen to impress. He then lifts her onto the table and returns the favour, giving her pussy a lick (a little half-heartedly in this viewer’s humble opinion) before they move into 69, and more deep throat gagging action. There will be lots of this to come.

Those gloriously well-worn words ‘I want you to fuck me, Daddy’ lead us into the next scene where we finally see Bauer pushing his dick into his step daughter’s pristine little pussy. Good lighting, if a little unnatural, and some nice camera work allow for us to see some great penetration shots as he moves her around the table, fucking her in a couple of different positions. If I have one complaint about this entire scene so far it’s that it’s a little disjointed. Because no sooner is he fucking her, then he’s telling her to suck on his dick until she gags again. Deep throat is great but in this instance, the insistence to include it what seems like every three minutes breaks up the scene just as it seems to be gathering some momentum.

He then bends her over the table again and takes her from behind, seemingly now things are beginning to crank up a little as he spanks her lush little ass and starts fucking her hard in an anvil type position. But alas, just as things are really kicking off with some nice self stimulation and some beautiful bouncing titties – and more deep throat! Luckily it’s not for long this time, she’s mounting his dick and riding him like a cowgirl in a jiffy, showing off her pale green shoes and jiggling ass cheeks in all their cock riding glory. I didn’t think I was a shoe guy, but I love the fact they let Aidra keep hers on in this scene because she looks super fucking hot!

Things do now crank up a little, and it almost sounds to me as if Bauer blows his load amidst a nice reverse choke hold session, but it’s just a false dawn because he quickly jumps off the table, eats her briefly and then fucks her ’til he cums, pulling out his throbbing cock to shoot all over her pretty little pussy. The scene winds up with a little interplay between them later in the day and we move on to the next.

An enjoyable scene, especially in the shape of Aidra Fox, it suffers slightly from the fact that no one position is held for a very long time. However that particular issue may be subjective. We all love deep throat but the seeming desire to include it at every given opportunity in my opinion, renders the whole piece slightly disjointed and without flow. Regardless, Aidra Fox is always worthy of anybody’s investment!

Scene 2

Scene 2 features Veruca James and Michael Vegas, and it is the tale of an awkward, straight laced guy and his bad girl step-sister. The story unfolds as Veruca (named after a foot wart – nice) has just met a badass DJ who, to her excitement, likes to engage in a little BDSM. After she teases her step-brother about living too much by the rules, she sets up a meet with her new guy, the DJ, whereby he is to come to her house, let himself in the unlocked door and have his devious way with the blindfolded beauty any way he sees fit. However Michael Vegas, the brother, overhears the telephone conversation and decides it’s high time to change his ways and become a little bit bad himself. Locking the door, he sets about seducing his blindfolded sister who, blissfully unaware that it’s her brother climbing all over her, gets right into it.

Straight off the bat I have to say that this is a man after my own heart, as he instantly gets down to business by tying up her wrists, and removing her panties, giving her some nice oral before finger fucking her naturally kempt little pussy while sucking on her dainty little toes. It’s not too long before she’s writhing around with climax and he feels it only right to unveil himself to her. Naturally, as the blindfold is removed she is shocked to see her brother. The shock doesn’t last too long and the idea of what could be considered something close to being the ultimate taboo, that’s a debate for later, actually is pretty fucking hot! She is a bad girl after all!

She is straight on his dick like a bee on a honey pot, sucking him off with alacrity and taking him down her tight little throat until her gag reflex kicks in. The scene gradually unfolds with him fucking her all over the bed, on her back, from behind, with choke holds and foot jobs and even some rather delicious analingus action – I really like this guy’s style! Things chill briefly, but it is very brief, and because before too long she is wearing a neck tie like a leash and bouncing on his cock with abandon. Some nice camera work catches all the deep penetration action while her tits bounce around like puppies leaping from a sack. He then spoons her, squeezing his hand around her neck and cutting off her airway while pounding her pussy into a sticky, creamy mess. More toe sucking and deeper, hard penetration finally see this scene come to an end, when he shoots his fairly ample load (for a porn star) all over her ass. The scene winds up at a later date, where we see Vegas tying up his sister again, about to endorse his newly discovered bad boy image with another hot fuck session.

Of the two scenes so far, I preferred this one. It just seemed to flow better than the first, the way the scene played out was much more natural and there was absolutely no question they had a great time making it. Plus, the slight nod towards BDSM managed to add just a little extra spice to the overall recipe.

Scene 3

Scene 3 sees the story of a young girl, Katie St.Ives, who has a crush on her hunky step-father, the highly acclaimed porn veteran, Steven St. Croix. It opens with a young looking Katie, working the high school look, always a winner, standing outside her parents’ bedroom while they are inside making love. The sounds she hears coming from the bedroom, particularly the ones her father makes (her mother is noticeably silent, which offends Katie somewhat) have Katie fantasising about what might be if maybe, just maybe she could engineer events in order to be the one bouncing on the end of her step-father’s cock.

She sets about putting a plan into action, leaving suggestive notes for her father to find, ‘think about me when you fuck her’ and ‘fuck her against the door, I’ll be on the other side listening’. The dynamic quickly changes between the two, as you might expect, but the whole situation gets flipped on its head when one morning St. Croix leaves a note for his daughter, telling her to be ‘wet and ready’ when he gets home! And cue sex scene!

The next thing we see is Katie, semi naked, pink vibrator in hand, pleasuring her neatly trimmed pussy as her daddy gets home and pushes his cock into her mouth. Things escalate quickly, from wrapping her plump, pink, blow job lips around his cock to some nice deep throat action with great gurgling sounds as she slobbers and slathers all over his muscle. Slipping into 69, St.Croix buries his face in pussy while he pushes her face down on his bone. Let gagging commence!

Soon she gets flipped over, legs parted, knees up by her shoulders as he fucks her nice and slow, grabbing her by the throat and alternating between fucking her sweet little pussy and eating it. Nice! Things change around again soon after and Katie is back on top, dropping down on his cock in a reverse ride, giving us a nice chance to watch the way her pert little breasts move as she’s sliding up and down her daddy’s cock. Unfortunately, daddy’s dick keeps falling out of her pussy, so she sucks him nice and hard again before turning around and riding him the conventional way. This is nice because daddy grabs his little girl by the ass, his huge hands on her nicely shaped, if relatively small, posterior, make a nice contrast – somehow highlighting the difference in age and size between them. A nice neat little pucker is gloriously exposed as he man handles her buns, slamming her down on his cock. And then mysteriously, everything seems to grind to a bit of halt. Flipping her back onto her knees he fucks her doggy style, which is fine for a while, but the scene loses pace for a minute or two before eventually picking up again when he finally hits his climax and shoots his hot, creamy seed all over her pretty young face. Sharing a pinky swear not to tell mama, the scene closes, leaving this viewer, I’m afraid to admit, ever so slightly underwhelmed. It was a scene that started well and had good potential, but kind of petered out a bit towards the end. Fans of Katie St. Ives will enjoy it however, she plays a great little minx who finally gets her prey, and she looks pretty fucking hot in the process.

Scene 4 

Last, but by no means least, in the sequence comes the formidable Daria Crane, playing step-mother and strict tutor to Tyler Nixon, who finds his mother’s tutoring skills somewhat unique. Tired with answering his mother’s ridiculously tough questions, his stops trying altogether, calling her out for being a less than adequate tutor. Uh oh! To his surprise she agrees with him, hands him a paddle and asks to be punished! Somewhat reluctantly he does so, and before too long she’s on her knees sucking on his cock. We get some nice deep throat action, followed by some doggy as the young student lifts his mama’s dress, bends her over the desk and takes her from behind. As previously mentioned, I’m not a big titty man, but if you like your porn stars with ample charms, Daria is something that your dreams will be made of. Swinging like church bells on a Sunday morning as she gets slammed from behind by her young stud, things take a nice turn when she offers up her busty beauties for a nice, albeit a little too brief, titty fuck. It’s ok though because Tyler soon has her on her back, spread wide and impaled with cock in a nice penetration scene. With the camera angle looking straight down from above, we get to see all the action, with your eyes caught between her bouncing titties and watching her shaven pussy get speared with meat. There’s no doubt that Daria still loves her work, is the most accomplished actress of the four in the series, and she plays the most convincing female part of all four scenes. Sex aside, Daria is a talented actress. Her enthusiasm is effusive too, with her young co-star seemingly loving every second of it. Frankly why wouldn’t he love it?

The scene moves on and Daria’s ass really does look great as they drop to the floor where she mounts him. Her signature butt long locks flailing as she bucks on his bone, some more nice camera work has us spying her as she rubs her clit, while he paws at her ample bosom. Things begin to wind up, literally, with Nixon taking her from behind sidewinder style, bending her this way and that, until he can fight the need no longer and pulls out to blow his load over her majestic mammaries. And there, so it ends.

When the scene started, I wasn’t sure what to expect. A slightly older female character compared to the others, I didn’t expect to get too much from a young guy/older woman scene. How wrong I was! With a longer focus on individual positions and the youthful enthusiasm that Ms Crane brings to anything she does, scene 4 of the collection found its way somewhere near the top of my ‘will watch again list’, nestling in behind my overall favourite, scene 2.

In Summary

In summary, All In The Family is a nice collection of short stories of forbidden fantasies. With some heavyweight players involved, along with some skilled up and comers, it all comes together to make a good mixture of experience and enthusiasm. Add in some fairly basic but nonetheless fun story lines and you have yourself a very watchable collection of taboo tales. With the added focus on some yummy cunnilingus, and the slight nod towards BDSM, scene 2 was by far my favourite of the four. With that said, you could do worse than to invest your hard earned cash into any of these scenes.

Score 3/5

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*This is actually Jack Benny.

Please allow me to introduce myself (you can get back to the category list in just a second, just hear me out awhile). My name is Si, and I’m very pleased to be making your acquaintance. Truth be told, when I got the gig here with HotMovies.com I thought about it and did flirt with the idea of adopting a spiffy new porn name. You see them around, and some can be quite clever. The likes of Si Nner, or Exta Si were possibilities, but crap and too stripper! I then considered going South American (cos everything is a little more racy down there!) and was gonna use Juan Huppa DaBumBum, but thought that a little too ridiculous to ever expect anything I write to be taken seriously (it did become a twitter account though, and why I ever expect to be taken seriously is a mystery in itself). So anyway I played it safe, abandoned clever, and went with what my parents christened me!

Don’t ask me how I got here, I don’t even know myself. The phrase “more luck than judgment” springs to mind. You know those trips you have when you go away with the boys (or the girls), maybe on a stag or a long weekender, and you end up in Amsterdam or Vegas or somewhere equally “salubrious?” You hit the town on the first night convincing yourself you’re gonna pace yourself and before you know it you wake up face down in a park three days later, in a different city altogether, head thumping and wearing underwear that isn’t your own, with the faint scent of sex and melon-scented body spray wafting from various parts of your anatomy. You know you had a good time, but you just don’t know anything about the sequence of events that got you there. Well, that’s kinda similar to how I got here. I have absolutely no idea of what happened when and where or between whom, but here I am. Most would call it the dream job. I used to work in a law firm and yeah, there’s really no comparison – though both jobs involved lots of cocks and people being screwed, so I guess there are similarities in the most unlikely of things. I am, of course, very pleased to be here.

So my purpose here? Well, I’m not entirely sure (just kidding – I am totally sure, really now). I shall be sharing my thoughts about this, that, and a bit of the other, reviewing new movies, old classics, as well as discussing hot topics and hot movies (haha, see what I did there? That was possibly a little bit clever. A very little bit. Gimme a break. It’s my first post already!). Plus, I’ll be reviewing HotMovies.com exclusives and generally talking about all things that fall under the huge banner that is sex. I come from the same point of view as you; I am a consumer and a fan who likes to watch people fuck. Let’s face it, if you can’t find what you like on HotMovies.com to quench your pornographic thirst, then frankly you better give up trying! Have you seen the category list? There’s stuff on there Hef never even heard of! And they’ve created a way for you to get it, all rather brilliantly, on your very own terms! I mean holy load blower, is this not the best damn click your mouse ever made? I think it is!

So that’s my little introduction. Hello again, and goodbye for now, we shall meet again, probably very soon or possibly never at all when they read this and think, “That new guy, huh?”

See ya!

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Reconciling With Porn

Well any reader, my brief respite from porn has come to an abrupt end over the weekend.  The loneliness of a timid introvert was a key ingredient in eliciting such a change of heart.  My short-lived guilt-free eyes are no longer such as I lie watching bouncing bazookas and lust stiffened-members collide unabashedly in orgy infested rooms.   I cannot tell a lie – the traces of shame that linger after watching adult movies is no match for the glee that accompanies this titillating viewing experience.  A poem commemorating this fateful day follows:

Oh wanton, neglected love knife!

Where is thy succulent tulip?

Vibrant, pulsing night dreams

in a crowded, lonely city-

Guide your inquisitive essence.

Hi, any reader!  To introduce myself, I am the Sensitive Pornographer, a once avid fan of the medium now jaded by working for an adult VOD company. What once was a passion has now become a job – who would have thought one could tire of porn? To commemorate this parting of ways, I think a letter is warranted.

Dear Porno,

My heart is leaden with sorrow to mention that our time as companions must now come to an end.  It pains the very core of my being that you and I will never again be known as such, you and I.  You were there for me, in the waning hours of blackest night, always lending me a helping hand in times of need.  Your “oh yeahs” and “baby harder, that’s right” will not be forgotten, I assure you.  When you proclaimed with urgent immediacy, “Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow!” I crumbled inside, knowing in the most knowing of manners that your sincerity was indeed real.  Alas there will be no such tomorrow, for your fidelity, or lack thereof, has driven us apart.  I saw it coming, my newly departed beloved, when I walked in on you and name has been deleted engaged in a position I thought reserved for only us.  The remembrance of this occasion has become unbearable and I fear that it would only make matters worse, should we continue to see one another.  I leave you with happy tidings and the wish of bountiful rosy tomorrows in your future life.  Goodbye Porno, goodbye.


Kudos to those studios whose graphics departments design sleek yet understated box covers that serve to entice potential customers to their products. One such alluring example is Elegant Angel’s feature entitled The Bombshells 5 and is depicted below:

What I particularly like about the above image is the functional use of negative space. In other words, the cover is not crowded with too many illustrations nor is it too busy like certain other, lesser designs. The simplicity piques the viewer’s interest and makes them want to examine the content included in the movie. Elegant Angel is a good primer to consider in the course I’ve designated as Box Cover Aesthetics 101. Pay attention, apt students of pornography!

Another fine example to heed is titles from the New Sensations Romance  line. Take, for instance, the cover for The Laws Of Love shown below:

By having the performers shot fully clothed on the front cover, the studio lends something to the imagination of the viewer. While other studios may feature more graphic covers with all sorts of sexual activities emblazoned on the front, the New Sensations Romance line invites the user to explore the content to see what lurks inside. It also adds the romance aspect to porn and shows that sex isn’t always just fucking!

That’s all for this edition of Box Cover Aesthetics 101, folks. More to cum later!

Mike Adriano and Jonni Darkko are both huge names in the porn industry. Anytime one of these guys releases new material it’s a must see. Well, it just so has it that both of them each happened to release a blowjob-centric video in the past couple of days. After giving them both a watch, it’s hard to say which one I like more. They’re pretty different considering they both feature primarily blowjobs, but both films are great in their own right. Let’s break down each one, and you can decide for yourself which one you like more. And hey, if you’re like me and can’t decide, the good thing is you can just enjoy watching both for even more blowjob fun.

Slurpy Throatsluts #2

Watch Full Movie

First of all, ‘Slurpy Throatsluts’ is probably the single greatest title for a movie ever. It’s just so fun to say. Aside from the masterful title, though, the movie is solid through and through. My favorite scenes in this one are scene 4 with the Asian beauty Alina Li, and scene 1 which features Allie Haze. The clip above is from Allie’s scene, and as you can see, she’s doing work. She actually reminded me a lot of Tori Black in this scene. And I’d say that’s a pretty good thing considering Tori Black is one of the hottest porn stars ever.

She Swallows Sperm

Watch Full Movie

While She Swallows Sperm doesn’t have quite the comedic value in title as our other film, it more than makes up for it in quality of content. This movie has 4 scenes each lasting a little over a half hour. What’s impressive to me is that each scene only has one girl in it. The fact they manage to produce great material for over a half hour when they’re limited to just giving head says a lot about the quality of the blowjobs being given by these starlets. Vicki Chase and Bonnie Rotten absolutely kill it in this video.

In case you live under a rock and missed it, season 4 of Game of Thrones started up last night. Sadly, I was unable to see the new episode because HBO Go is a gigantic piece of crap and all their servers went down. I mean seriously HBO, how do you not plan for this? It’s one of, if not the biggest shows on all of television. Bunch of idiots. Anyway, as much as I’d like to bash them some more, that’s not the point of this post. Even though I wasn’t able to catch the newest episode last night, it got me thinking about the show. And naturally what I started thinking about is all of the hot women the show has had over time. So I thought I’d compile a list of the 8 hottest ladies in Game of Thrones.

8.  Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner

I don’t know if I just don’t find Sophie Turner as attractive as some or if it’s just me projecting my hatred of Sansa Stark onto her appearance. Either way, she makes the list but is behind many of her GoT lady companions.

7.  Michelle Fairley

Michelle Fairley

When I make my lists, I like to think of others and not just myself. And I get that some people are into MILFs. Well Michelle Fairley or as I like to call her, mama Stark, is definitely the MILF of the show.

6.  Carice van Houten

Carice van Houten

 One of the hotter but creepier characters in the show is Melisandre. She’s a fire priestess. But hey if you’re in to chicks having demon babies for the purpose of assassinating people, then maybe Carice van Houten is the girl for you on this list.

5.  Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer

Joffrey definitely upgraded by going from Sansa to Margaery Tyrell. Natalie Dormer is a babe. And between her time acting in The Tudors and Game of Thrones, I feel I’ve seen her naked more times than not.

4.  Oona Chaplin

Oona Chaplin

Like Sansa, my feelings towards the character Oona Chaplin plays in the show, Talisa,  greatly impacts where she fells on this list. She’s awesome. Definitely one of the coolest people in the show. Add that to her pretty good looks and it’s a recipe for success in my book. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good personality.

3.  Esme Bianco

Esme Bianco

Esme plays a prostitute named Ros in GoT. And man is she great at it. I think she might just be the most criminally underrated hottie in the show. When Esme isn’t acting in Game of Thrones, she also works as a model and burlesque performer.

2.  Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

Personally I think Emilia Clarke is way hotter as a brunette than a blonde. Yeah sure, as Daenerys Targaryen she’s the ‘Mother of Dragons’ or whatever. But just because you kill a bunch of people with dragons doesn’t make you sexy. It’s kind of frightening actually. Like, just chill out once in a while and we’ll be good.

1.  Lena Headey

Lena Headey

We’ve reached the end. And the hottest lady in GoT is…Lena Headey! Like Emilia Clarke, Lena is a lot sexier looking when she’s not in her Game of Thrones getup. I mean, it’s not that she’s not hot as Cersei Lannnister. But her character is kind of a super bitch most of the time. Which is definitely a major turn off.

Although the ’90s feel like just yesterday, it’s actually been close to a decade and a half now since they passed. Every time I stumble across a porn star in my research and see that they were born after the year 1990, my mind is momentarily blown. For a quick second I forget that it’s possible to have been born in the ’90s and currently be in your early to mid 20s. So just for fun, I thought I’d compile a list of some of our favorite porn stars that we jerk off to all the time who were born in the ’90s. You know, just to remind you how old you’re all getting. Lucky for us, though, even as we get older, the girls stay the same age.

 Riley Reid – July 9, 1991

Riley Reid

Stevie Shae – October 23, 1992

Stevie Shae

Maddy O’Reilly – May 3, 1990

Maddy O'Reilly

Casey Calvert – March 17, 1990

Casey Calvert

Aiden Ashley – February 28, 1990

Aiden Ashley

Ariana Marie – April 13, 1993

Ariana Marie

Jayden Lee – April 5, 1993

Jayden Lee

Christy Mack – May 9, 1991

Christy Mack

Jynx Maze – October 6, 1990

Jynx Maze